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Lafayette, Indiana

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Extracted Article Text (OCR)

16 Thursday Evening September 19 1946 OURIER bj RIPLEY OTHER LISTINGS PURDUE CHIE 9 PaMUJtyrt 8yMuj MMB5 hOY THAf MAGGIE ft 12 CDpfi46Ki4g cmuo SymfacMt Vri4 MHnil In Trn They pg PLEE ZING WORRY OIJR UNN RIENDS WAS OWNED BY A GOURMET 33 i A Oi 'r jco QP Crossword Puzzle I vwrttuiuui 8 I 0 WMCEET POLICE MPT IL 19 2L 28 24 25 THEY MUST BS TAKING THE itttis! YEP THE COAST 15 CLEAH7 lei Hv SPEAKING HORSES DECIDED TO RIDEOUT YOUR UE TOMORROW! 50 YOU CAN MARRY THAT SOLID CITIZEN WITHOUT URTHER DELAY! I OKAY CHIE' We'll check i OUT NOW ANO be right over I I1 Nv ISI hi CLARENCE HAILING Seattle HIS £MRK HAIR ELL O0TINW44 rTG4ME IN SNOW WHITE I IN 1945 AMP 15 BLACK AMW IN (946 GOSH WONT THATCALL EVER COMEI WONDER I THE PHONE IS WORKING Dry Ireland Distant Im poll Harm 'v Riches Biblical king Location Competent Likely Male deer African worm Masculine name City In Vermont i Vague ships WilKes MRS WILLIAMS £fj SHELLS PEAS IN HER CLOTHES WRINGER AND THIS LITTLE BUTTON SHE POES NOT PERORM AT ALL in THAT'S RIGHT SO YOU'LL HAVE TO LEAVE HERB OH THE Ji 05' Night Club Kiss COLUMBUS Thoijias Riley of Columbus knows that a kiss" costs $6 He em braced a girl he jnet at a night club When he arrived home he found she had taken from his pocketbook he told police ascriptions Dur Specialty it Quality irst Al way a DOWN AN' EAT SOME OP THAT CQRNED THAT I'VE HIDDEN IM BACK THE RERIGERATOR AMELIAYOU WElrt LAT ON 'SOMEDAY YOU AN SKCl' THERE ITISW Upholstery Wfebbing Burlap BARGAIN CENTER THATSALL THEY ARE5 OOTBALL WEATHER BUT THIS IS ONNY TWENTY TIMES I PULL ON THE LIGHT JivInlkYw IMnCJ His Pride Injured ALBUQUERQUE Thieves who looted Howard car struck at the 3pot best calculated to injure his pride Grant told police that while he was staying ata local suit was from On the suit was' his badge He then identified himself as the chief of detectives at ort Worth RIDAY ATERNOON Smile 'Tima 2:00 Jefferson at Tech Indpla 8:00 Rural Rhythm 4:15 Army Call OR SHIPS TO PREVENT COLLISIONS A TRAIC LIGHT INSTALLED WHERE THE MISSISSIPPI MAKES A 30 DEGREE TURN IN NSW ORLEANS HARBOR 3 Save Every Day Shop at Nii'Way NU WAY SUPER SAVE 2TRIC TRAVEL IRON Complete With Cord SPECIAL! RIDAY MORNING Moraine ReTielie Bill Warren' News 7:45 Sacred Heart Program Victor Llndlahr i 11:00 George Putnam News 11:15 Songs by Morton Downey WHAT A NOTS 3 SEE HEQE YOUNG MM! SATISIED MDUVE CAUSED ME TRIP ON A RAI 'NOW ME WANTS TO TRY OUR OA OOSt I WONDEU? PERHAPS WHEN PAPA SAID "PULL ON THE LIGHT HE MEANT I SHOULD ACTUALLY ULL UPON THIS DISTRICT ATTORNEY'S OICE? is the WAITER AT YOUR HOTEL? I HATgi TO TELL VOU THIS THAT RENCH GIRL IN YOUR ROOM SHE'S GONE STAND BYAND5LE YOU LYNCHED! YK SMBKI A DRAWING ROOM ANDALCWTK BERTH GN THE JOURNAL AND 45 46 49 The American steel industry alone at any time hr the war could abundantly outproduce the steel plants of the' combined en emies of the A I IS I I (AD Programs Listed on Daylight Saving Time) 24 87 Bottoms of OH3N JUMBO PEANUT BUTTER if ZMi I rsr IZ ZM st UM Lt 1 1 1 io oirun utLiciuus Wilson a graduate of Little Jeff received hia bachelor of science? degree from the University of Texas in August He is now an instructor in the School of Art in the i same university He served overseas 40 months in the radio intelligence spending one year in England He was in the invasion of rance and when the war ended he was in Germany where he painted many scenes of the mountains agricul tural life and what was left of retreat at Berchtesgaden after the British had bombed it reshman and sophom*ore classes of Little Jeff are planning a trip to Washington DC in the spring of 1949 They are begin ning to plan he finances of that trip now and early 'October they will give a chicken supper at the school building 5PEAKINSO HOWES CHIP D0E5 YOURS 'TANDEM SADDLE Solution of Puzzle 1 Relieve Sheep Urlals DOWN Warren Tax Rates Set for Next Year WILLIAMSPORT Sept The following are the tax rates Uo be levied on each $100 of taxable property for 1947 in the different townships and towns of Warren county in a comparison with the 1946 rates: EABY' NOW AB vmi cubs WM1 Mlr CAM AT TNJUN NAS UNGUS VALLEY ALMOST STOPHXt IN TIME ANP SET OT during Mrs vacation PASTOR RETURNS Rev and Mrs Douglas Dickey returned to Williamsport after vis iting his mother at Gqry and oth er relatives He resumed the pas torate of the Williamsport Chris tian "Church Sunday after'rhaving served ths forcesfor sevte'ral yearslfX Lute and family "hfive moved to their new home on Washington street The Lute fam ily have been living in the Kis ling property on Midway Mr and Mrs Preston Billing left for a two vacation in Canada Mr and Mrs Ott Davis who have resided at Cal' the past few years" returned to Williamsport and are at the home of Mrs Mrs Claude Cole They have sold their home in California and 1 will probably reside in Williamsport MAS H0Z6 across' Coaraa hominy 8 Soak up 8 Pallid 12 Russian mountalna It Top card 15 17 18 20 22 23 24 26 27 Kem Tone Miracle QO Wall inish gaL WfcivO THE RUG SHOP 611 Main St The Rev Eiler will go to Swan ington and Gilboa the coming year He and his family will live at ow ler They will move just as soon as the parsonage at owler is va cated The new minister for the Jefferson armer Chapel circuit is Rev Highley who will move into tjie parsonage in Jefferson just as soon as Rev Eller can move Rev Highley has two children in high school a sdn in the senior class and a daughter in the freshman class Rev Highley preached his first sermon here Mr and Mrs A 'Harbin Miami la visited Mr and Mrs rr THU BSD AX KIGHT wnnuv Jlnimr Blade Plante tiarmonv Harvest Jack Bareli Show Manor House Party Mr Kean Trarai ZXe4 cl*tton Utley News! WQN Ibvidv ot Hporte Aldrich amily' WLS Lum and Abner BI tn Peace end War' Chrletlan' Science Monitor George Burna and Grade Allen Dick Haytnes Show Musio HaU Gabriel Heatter The Village or Crime Photographer West Point ootball Hally Vaughn Monroe Sing America sing 9:30 WMAQ Speech Archbishop of Canterbury Crime iles of lamond aiana oy ror Adventure lowih rnomae Pleasure Parade Autumn Symphonetts Jack ultdn Bob Bison on ths Centner It Gaelic toho St i John J' 39 8o Americas Indian tribes 40 Language of the Scotch Highlanders 4L inish 42 Morbid respiratory sound 43 Large bell vry Suspend again? Ancient Greek 1 iudtra 52 Scandinavian measurer length 3' 53 The herb 'OVSi 59 55 Grafted: heraldry 61 56 Metal 57 Negative sw 1 58 Pack I 28 28 Klnd of gum 29 Russian craft society SO Aquatlc birds 32 Pronoun 33 Large receptacle 35 Polish 36 Crazy 'E 41 Locomotive 42 Niche iu 44 Along lai Short for' man's name Tear down 47 oen i name 48 Domestic fowls 49 Appointment 6CL Greek portico 5L Works harif Scotch 54 Solemn promise I KNEW rr WA6 LOCKING i HE BARN ATER THE ILLY WAS ILCHED BUT I DID PROVE TO MYSEL I WA5 A MAN NOT A SPONGE! RIDAY MORNING' arm News News 7:15 News WLS Newa Ervin Lewis Chuck Aeree Musical Clock WLS Morning Devotions Dr Holland The Sage Riders Two Ton Baker 8:45 Wishing Well 0:00 Names in the News News Melody Memos I Breakfast Club WMAQ Roadot Ufe Charm "School red Warlag Barrv Cameron Hymns of All Churches Kate Smith Speaks tn Hollywood Robert Hurleigh News Gil Martyn and Marvin Miller Musical MUkwacon Trent RIDAY ATERNOON1 OO WLS Martha and Helen Big Sister WGN Let's Have un 12:15 WMAQ Reveille Roundup 12:30 WLS Livestock Poultry Mars kets Road of Life News WMAQ Guiding Light The second Mrs Burton WLS Dinner Bell Time Today's Children 1:30 Queen for a Day WLS Newt Charles Sebastian News Life Can Be Beautiful i Rounding Up the World 2:15 WLS Songs to Remember irst Love Right to Happiness House Party WLS The Peabodye 3:30 WMAQ Lorenzo Jones Give and Take 1 4:00 Paul Glbeon WMAQ When a Girl Marries wbnh uiamour Manor Just Plain Bill Gold Coaet S' WMAQ ront Pago arrell News The 'American Story Song Terry and the Pirates wlwk uarry wooa snow WMAQ Echoes rom the pics WGN Superman 5:30 WENR Jack Armstrong News WGN Captain Midnight Robert Trout: News WGN Tom Mix and his Straight Shooters News TH UMSDA NIGHT Prayer Minute) Dinner Hour: Victorious Lirins Allen Roth i 7:30 Remodel for Veterans 7:45 History tn the Making A A sieHe 3 8 Made from fresh No 1 fancy peanuts maiden toasted! No other peanut 3 4utter gives you a more natural pea cut butter flavor With all the natural CO lef' all the at ural flavor unchanged Spreads easier Blends better Write for REE Recipe Booklet More Gups Per Pound PLEE ZING COEE Monon Meeting Is irst in 24 Years MONON Sept 19 3rGuests of Mr and Mrs Cliff Robinson and Mrs Emily Green were Mr and Mrs Sherman Kenicker and Mr and Mrst Jay Renicker of Wichita Kan Mrs Green and Mrs: Sher man Renicker are sisters this be ing their first meeting in 24 years Mr? and Mrs Tom Gundy1 and son for Riverside Cal for residence Miss Pauline Stone of Indian apolis with her' parents Mr and Mrs Clarence Stone attended the wedding' of her cousin Robert Diz enby and MlssNaeoma Stillter at 1L' Winamac Mr and 'Gordon Boylinz visitea at LHicago 3 Mrs Effie Querry of Medaty i ville has been a guest of her son Uoyd Querry and family Mr and Mrs Somerville visited relatives in 'Attica A Miss Eipma Rogers has i taken a position at Logansport Mr and Mrs Dwight Zachman of McAllen Tex were guests of Mr ahd Mtsa Claud Lacker Mrs Ross Quade who has been quite ill is some improved William Rubush Ph 3 Naval hospital Corpus Christi Tex is home on a 30 day termin al leave his parents Mr and Mrs Rubush Lt James Murray son of Mr and lira Paul Murray will re ceive an honorable discharge from the Air Corps at Sheridan this Week a sMiss' Barbara Hanway 'Z sopho more honor student at Purdue Monday and will HvO at Alpha Xi Delta house this winter Monday night was party night at the MasonicTemple The OES initiated Harry Wilson into the order Mrs Velma Wilds of Queen Esther of Indianapolis: was guest chaplain for the Work Mr and Mfs Scarlett were also guests from Indianapolis' They are friends of Mrj and Mrs Harry 1 Wilson ootwear or Every Member of the amily 413 MAIN STREET BALTIMORE' STORE OR MEN Quality Clothes Hats and urnishings 414 Mala BL bone 2873 Secure SoAmerican wood sorrel Allow nr rhpM 9 lnwrini plant 10 Italian seaside resort Paradise A Southern state: abbr Near Chary Similar' 1 Stupid piayr: slang i i I Exist I xj RIDAY MORNING Preview Parade Morning New Svmmary ie 00 Lirfen While Tov Work Backgrounds to Biology 10 45 KTiurch he WUOwood 11 Bulletin Board Salon Concert: 11:45 Purdoe News 11 Noontime RIDAY ATERNOON arm orum Meet the Band 1:00 Club Parade at Business 1:45 Great Men ot Music 3 Hour Behlnrl the Headlines Treasury 'Salute Masterworks of Musis Tea Time Tunes Little Mtse MuSstt 8:00 Vtepery 5:15 to Veterans :30 The Sportamsn New of the World WASH HIGHLIGHTS THURSDAY NIGHT Shows Times and Places Inside of Sports 7:15 Court News Vic and Bade Come and Get It 9:05 The Joke's on You WATCH AND CLOCK Our Specialty Immediate Attention i EVANS AND DONOHO JEWELERS 19 Malo BL Phono 7878 prange 1 preserves jtr 4 Gratify Instituted suit 7" Operatic solo nnTTER I JUMBO PEAHU OMELETTE I 4 4eBfto a' 4 ggv' I lumbo ask 7 5 KEEP CALLING for rank's Jumbo 1 i i Peanut Butter Ir's SOOH delicious I 4 wtMte a a si a i raiMU1 un i I oven I I oke lesut 'fc AND IT I MSC ANGELES AT TW0 OtLOCK? USSENi'LL PLAY TT AGAIN ONE A MY STOPS GOT STUCK LETS SEE WHICH ONE SORRY TO HORN IM OM 8T iafAe UEDBk YOUR DATE WITH HERB kaitiT rurei uric BUT I COULDN'y JEEN DISGUSTINGLY SILLY ALL EVENING LIKE YOU ARE WHEN YOU'RE NOT YOURSEL 'r' YES WE'RB LEAVING YOU GOT YOUR I RESERVATIONS tn toHfcKirr LO ANGELES AT TWfl O'CLOCK WEESfcf I of iB I i Lt I i A I 9 a yr xi I 4 I YkZ 74 1 xf I EU I 1 1 i A PEAST ALL BV 'Hi sXL ss3 1 i JO AW I 4 ILZAA Yl 1 i i LUlfl II 7 Ml A 14 MXA a i an 'L' 1 ti'i I MVUB Al lMi'la I I His UfW Rci I 1 yT77 i VLP'JWTg i i llilll 4 f'H ITVhiX i I SMnZAairt A 4 1 1 ii' i i 1 I4TEKI UttffSDAlUt OeCEUTTUE 1 WMMM TEN5E of your verb' ivetrieo urt nt WAUVN I HE UAZ I vx 4 4 ii 1 I IM II LH a iyH wm i IM 1 LAN ilWK I Xcauj Waiting tillHB WANTSrTgjfx ra 1 GETS BACKJ Lrr Xi a alBvk'J lipo Em it i' Ji ft JvriafcaittRMww nl i I OH JEROME1 nf T'll 11 I 4 PJVffi GOTOLL! SAY Ji ii UN A NEW OOTBALL! lOU LIKE TO BE 1)11 I'1 45 VS'ITAAA? 2' gje I ri 55k if 4yWV 5 I Bhb HOT ZIGGTY! VoKAY'A TlWUA A LrJLT auh rrbAta r' rwM wun duuljt rr cirrTrni JEROME HAS 7 It ii' in Am ITpr i J'' dbi WHEN VE INALLY OUMD YOU WAS SO BUT YOU MAKE ONE MOVE i 'DELIRIOUS WITH JOYAND WORRY THATBOATANDI GUARANTEE I'LL 5 DIDN'T KNOW WHETHER TO KISS OR JEE KNOW WHICH TO DO! ff WAY i aai a eia I 4 Jl I 1 I a IlI 1 I I IbS I 1 ci KEj 7 I JKPaSE i i KtfL SUvSK ILA if I fc A i t'n VT h2T vAL rE re5 rm i far nt? Jca Z'TOlVl Jf Toocrajil I 3 iv4 A emirrtr 77Xo A COzX 7SZA I J1 A I zKKaaiJ i genp3t I tA4wakH? I nA tAr) fl rrJ I Wr ZTT I i jp ii 11 I I IIHUHiiM Hi i 1 ill Com Ktne Peiftirn SynArata few vlaMe eaevJ 4 Bl 1 samNAT 7 7l iJiimTTnTTTn nn TiTii im nimiiiiimiiTi A EMA BL AL 'mi I'll I Illi II IH HI 1 1 1 I a I I i is" I I i I i I it v' 5 1 4ee WREGG1NG IS OKAY UK I OT yOLIt? IWAfT OR at nni i AKit i rSxze z' 5jr6 b11 i 1 BP 'jrvae VI I i A ASVS a 5 4 'a 9y77S zyy i'M Ct 7 ir Hz s7rrYS a ze i A UJlx I IJ 'zz a XJ a 'Z mVmcCC Mi "Wl A lYwJ CnlC kC" 4HZ zv A t' "Kz ce ZySTL ZM Ilk iya APZZ 6zw Va 7 fessa Mi lYrrn Tki laAMdXdMiAMfeMMAii njw vf 4fV' 7 4 1 SA wgKiZ'kS NHNnr ia A I wr wai I VI 2 a Wiira A 1 a l7 AtrCr aWi rwi i zz 'fjj' Jk" zji 1 zj'fi i' HW zTSJl TP St vet MSTh i TT DI JT I z'SPa Cv 1 1 Iffir i Hr 71D I kii i fc i ss as I1 i 1 aL SA3 IKHBC a tc k'Vh 4 Yv I I 9 BW 1119 11 Ai fr SI sOs? I mt I JaLt VKSHL MJ gr 1 l'Wh life a gM 1 WHip iJ 1 1 I 1 nN i zi nr rjJ ETTA? 2 WHEREU LgffrW WCARf gpy II bo (1 A C0A 8tgtinT mim 1 gxnrt spewb Unit 1947 Adams $245 Jordan 2iL 'l 116 129 Medina 'l 177 150 Mound 178 157 Kent 1 184 i 183 Liberty 187 193 Pine 199 182 Pike 239 253 Prairie 116 119 Steuben 131 145 Warren 215 188 Washington 288 204 Warren county 19 40 Schools 345 199 Corpn 85 65 Pine Village 454 342 State Line 287 283 West Lebanon 389 403 Mrs Mabel Stewart Warren county recorder spent a week with her daughter Mrs Doris Renick and family of St Joe Mich Mrs rank De Bruicker of Terre Haute former deputy recorder substituted in the office eTr EMS 0 A V1Bp ARA SiP RT AT EMS MMa naM 6 A iSBL EMOtR A 1 psmdIemo QMS ETON A PM 3 5 ST?" 3 jzz? iv zzxzzzJ i O20 OJ Hf2" JJ37 3l 3 iO 34 35 5b $1 a 36 JI ip2 7 5b st 2iflw2X H53 H5 ZzZ WMfr I I WA A III fflllwin IB Crossword Puzzle I 7Zd iniimiMJuuuiiiffiiiiiiiii IIIMIII I i I ll "Hth I a 0 fe fi fi I SI.

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