K12.Ols.login (2024)

1. Connections Academy: Online Public School for K-12 Students

  • Login · Enroll · Request More Info · Find Your School

  • Connections Academy is a K-12, tuition-free school that offers online learning from home. Learn more about how your child can benefit from an online school.

Connections Academy: Online Public School for K-12 Students

2. Renaissance K‒12 Educational Software Solutions & Learning ...

  • Login help · Request a demo Support. Renaissance. See Every Student. Menu Close ... Login help · System status. Resources. Tools. ACT/SAT Benchmark Tool · AR ...

  • Educators trust Renaissance software solutions for K‒12 assessment and reading and math practice to increase student growth and mastery.

Renaissance K‒12 Educational Software Solutions & Learning ...

3. Career Opportunities - Teaching & Corporate Careers - Stride, Inc.

Career Opportunities - Teaching & Corporate Careers - Stride, Inc.

4. Education Week - K-12 education news and information

  • EdWeek Top School Jobs · Teacher Jobs. Search over ten thousand teaching jobs nationwide — elementary, middle, high school and more. · Principal Jobs. Find ...

  • At Education Week, we believe that all children deserve a high-quality education.

Education Week - K-12 education news and information

5. Classkick

  • Log in. Students. Enter your class code · Teachers. Login with an account · Sign up for free. Welcome to the collaborative classroom. See your students work ...

  • See your students work in real time and support them with valuable feedback—from anywhere


6. Lansing School District Home

  • Login · Calendar and Bell Times · School Pathways · ParentVUE/StudentVUE

  • Welcome to The Lansing School District! Located in Lansing, MI, we are home to 25 schools, including the first Michigan-based fully online school for grades K-12.

7. OLAS Jobs: Jobs for K-12 Education System

  • Find Jobs · Jobs for K-12 Education System · Explore Schools & Districts · FAQ

  • OLAS is an online search platform that connects candidates to jobs in school | districts for K12 Education.

OLAS Jobs: Jobs for K-12 Education System

8. Chalkbeat - National

  • New York · Chicago · Colorado · Philadelphia

  • Chalkbeat is a nonprofit news organization committed to covering one of America's most important stories: the effort to improve schools for all children.

Chalkbeat - National
K12.Ols.login (2024)


Why won't K12 let me login? ›

Basic Login Troubleshooting Steps

Verify that you are entering your username and password exactly as it was created (and ensure your CAPS Lock is not on). 2. If you are unsure of your username or password, click the link Need help logging in? located on the OLS Login page.

Why is my K12 account locked? ›

If a person tries to log in too many times with an incorrect password, the account may be locked. All locked accounts are unlocked at midnight each night automatically. If you need assistance unlocking an account, email k12courses@k12.com and include “Locked Renaissance Account” in the subject line.

What does ols stand for in K12? ›

The traditional LC role logs directly into the Online School (OLS) at https://login-learn.k12.com/

How to find your K12 password? ›

If you do not know your current password:
  1. Access the Connect login page and click the Forgot your password? link.
  2. Enter your email address and click Continue.
  3. Follow the link provided in the email that was sent to the email address you provided.
  4. Enter a new password.
  5. Retype your new password.
  6. Click Reset Password.

Can K12 teachers see your screen? ›

Yes, Lightspeed Classroom Management integrates with Zoom to allow teachers to see both student faces and their screens.

Does K12 send a computer? ›

K12 provided computers are usually offered during the enrollment process. If you initially declined a loaner computer during enrollment and your needs have changed, you now have the ability to update your initial choice to request a computer for your student(s) using the new Self Service Tool in My Info!

What happens if you don't return K12 books? ›

What happens if you don't return k12 materials? - Quora. Where I work if you don't return textbooks you get billed for the cost. If you don't pay, they won't release your transcript. Lots of students rack up fees and fines for lost books during school and then end up paying them right before graduation.

Is login K12.com down? ›

We currently are not experiencing any outages at this time.

What happens if you break a K12 computer? ›

Materials Reshipment Policy

If K12 is notified of missing or damaged item(s) after 30 days of receipt of shipment and/or the item(s) missing or damaged is not the fault of K12 or K12 vendor error, you will be sent a replacement and charged a replacement fee as well as the cost of shipping the replacement materials.

What does KK mean in grade? ›

Prior to moving to Georgia, a four-year old student was legally enrolled in a public kindergarten or first grade, or a kindergarten or first grade accredited by a state or regional association. Shortly thereafter, the parents moved to Georgia and the District enrolled the student in GRADE LEVEL = 'KK'.

What does JK mean in school? ›

Elementary school: Elementary or primary school normally runs from Grades 1 to 12. In many provinces in Canada, it also includes Kindergarten. In Ontario, elementary school includes 2 years of Kindergarten—Junior Kindergarten (JK) and Senior Kindergarten (SK).

What does an A stand for in school? ›

1. Letter Grades. A+, A, A- indicates excellent performance. B+, B, B- indicates good performance. C+, C, C- indicates satisfactory performance.

How do I reset my academy password? ›

If your Academy credentials are not working or you have forgotten them you can request a reset. At the bottom of the pop-up box, is an option of Forgot your Password? Enter in your username or email address and click on Send. An email will be sent to you with instructions on how to reset your password.

What is the school wifi password? ›

A: The school Wi-Fi password is a secret code that allows you to connect to the Wi-Fi network in your school. To find the password, you need to ask your school's technology department or your school's administration for the password. The password is usually shared with students and staff through a secure system.

Why isn t K12 working? ›

If you are experiencing an issue with the Online School or any K12 application, please be sure to clear cache and cookies in your browser. Click here for instructions and assistance to clear your browser cache and cookies.

Why is my K12 app not working? ›

Troubleshooting an Android Device (OS)

Restart your device. Uninstall and reinstall the app from Google Play. Clear app cache and data: Go to Settings > Apps > K12 Mobile.

Do you get to keep the K12 computer? ›

Keep and continue to use the same computer if the student is returning to a K12 public school next school year. Keep and continue to use the same printer if the student is returning to a K12 public school next school year OR you have other students still enrolled in a K12 public school.

Is K12 safe? ›

K12 Strives to Make All Students Feel Safe

For students to learn effectively, they must feel safe enough to open their minds, try new things, and push themselves past their comfort zones. K12-powered schools offer safe learning environments so every student can reach their full potential.

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