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Chapter 1: James can't hold still

Chapter Text

September 1st, 1975. The moon is a waning crescent at 24%.

I pull my hair up into a messy bun and start laughing as Alexia reminds me of my first year and her third year. I still don’t know how she fell for that prank by James and Sirius.

Back in her second year she had tried to ask Remus a question about what classifies a spell as dark magic and before he could answer Sirius had covered Remus’s mouth and said something along the lines of “Oh I know what dark magic is. You know how Lumos is the light spell well what's the spell for turning off Lumos? Knox.” Before James piped in and agreed with him as he also said, “Lumos backward is also dark magic.”

I didn’t know they had told her that until I saw her walking to the Great Hall for breakfast. Her wand was glowing even though she didn’t need it to be. After I asked her about it she told me that she hadn’t had time to put her wand down long enough for the spell to turn off on its own.

Let's just say that I yelled at James and Sirius for two hours after I found out. Alexia had been too scared to use Knox for a year because she didn’t want to end up in Azkaban. The next day I got a delivery of chocolates when the owls brought the mail. My guess is Remus did it but there was no note attached.

“Alexia seriously how did you fall for that? Dark magic being Knox and Lumos backwards really? We are from the universe where Hogwarts is a fictional story. Honestly, how did you even survive two years without me?” I say as I roll my eyes. “Honestly woman I am so surprised you didn’t join the statistic of student deaths at Hogwarts.”

“Hey in my defense I was left unsupervised in the wizarding world for two years.”

“You’re 2 years older than I am.” I remind her.

“So? You’re smarter and the master of plans.”

“The master of plans?”

“Yes, you can make plans for every scenario and situation. Plus you can stick to said plans,” she says as she finishes braiding her hair and turns to me. “You are so lucky. I can’t even stick to a study schedule.”

“I honestly just study at the same time as Remus or Regulus so that makes it easy to complete my schoolwork,” I tell her. “Also please try to stick to the plan more. Snape is not needed for this. We don’t need to worry about that creepy greasy git being our friend.” I add a little bit of green and black eye shadow onto my eyelids.

“But I want him to be my friend. Besides you’re friends with multiple death eaters.” She says as she sits down on my bed tying her shoes.

“You leave Barty, Evan, and Regulus out of this. Besides they are all part of plan A.”

She starts to laugh at me. “What they are cannon Death Eaters.”

“They are my friends and I love them. We are going to save them.” I tell her grabbing my black sweater off the end of my bed and pulling it on.

“Why do you care so much?” she asks me. “I thought the goal was to save Harry.”

“Well, I would still like to save my friends. Besides do you not remember what Barty’s dad did to him after breaking him out of Azkaban.” I say in a whisper realizing that we were being a little bit too loud.

As she nods there’s an impatient knock on the door to my room. “Are you two done getting ready yet? I want to go see everyone already.” James said through the door.

I roll my eyes and slip on my shoes before opening the door to see James standing there about to knock again.

“Hi Jamie and yes we are ready to go,” I say grabbing onto Alexia’s arm and leading the two away from my room. “By the way we all agreed to meet up at 9:30. It’s 7:32. James we are aperating not walking there.”

“But Sirius, Peter, and Remus will all be there. I just wanted to see everyone. I don’t get to have letters from Sirius all summer due to his parents hating me.” James says looking worried and I don’t blame him. Walburga and Orion Black have such A+ parenting skills.

“Trust me James that’s a compliment coming from them. I know that you basically need everyone to like you but they aren’t good people.” I say sadly before I shake my head trying to get the thoughts of Sirius and Regulus having had to spend the whole summer alone with their parents.

I might have been allowed to write to Regulus over the summers but it doesn’t help when his notes are checked. We have to send everything in code. His letter last week was coded to say, “Sirius has spent a whole month silent.”

Alexia smiles at me in understanding. “Hey, they will be okay. We see them today.”

“I know Alexia. I just miss them and worry.” I say as we get downstairs into the kitchen where we see Euphemia and Fleamont Potter smiling and talking at the table. Monty is reading the Daily Prophet as he drinks his coffee. Euphemia is just placing a few more things on the table. I take a seat at the table. “Morning Effie. Morning Monty. Can you guys please remind James that we aren’t going to be late as it’s not even 8 am yet?”

“I don’t worry about being late I just get to see Remus Peter and Sirius again in less than two hours,” James says as he kisses his mother's cheek and sits next to his dad.

Euphemia Potter laughs and sits down across from her husband. “I know you are excited James but they’re right you need to relax for a little longer.”

I smile and stick my tongue out at James. He sticks his tongue out back at me. I ignore him before I put some toast, bacon, and eggs on my plate. I resist the urge to make Moony toast and instead, just put on some butter and a mixed berry jam. “Did you make sure to pack everything James or are you forgetting something deer?” I ask making a pun.

I see the expression on James’s face change for half a second before he smiles and answers. “Oh, I have everything. Although I’m pretty sure that Hogwarts doesn’t allow snakes. Guess you have to stay here this year.” he says.

“Oh, and I don’t think they allow dogs or wild animals either. Guess you and Sirius will be stuck here too.” I respond as I smile before turning back to the food on my plate.

James glares at me before he starts to eat his food too. As we all finish eating I help Effie clean the table before she is shooing me away to go get my trunk. As James, Alexia, and I grab our trunks and go over to the living room Monty and Effie are there waiting with a smile on their faces.

“Oh, I am going to miss you three. Remember to write this year. Girls I don’t expect anything but please behave. James if I get another letter within a week that you and Sirius got detention I will ground you for the rest of your life.” Effie says pulling me and Alexia into a hug while Monty hugs James before they switch and we hug Monty and James hugs Effie.

“Don’t worry the worst thing that would happen is I prank James and Sirius,” I say laughing. “Or Alexia being oblivious and getting too close to the Whomping Willow.”

Alexia glares at me before smiling. “Fair enough.”

We all get situated and Effie and Monty apparate us to platform 9 3/4. I look at my watch and see that it’s 9:20 am. We are ten minutes early. I shake my head knowing James's impatience is the cause. “James we are so early I doubt any of the boys are here yet.” I take my trunk and push it over to the baggage drop-off. I turn around and hug Monty and Effie again. “I will miss you two. Don’t worry I’ll try to keep James and Sirius out of trouble.”

They hug me back and smile before I hear the laugh I know too well. I pull away from Monty and Effie to face Sirius who just arrived. “Oh, are you really going to try to keep me out of trouble this year?” He asks playfully before wrapping his arm around my shoulders. “I think it would be more fun if you join us this year though.” He whispers to me before hugging the Potters.

As soon as he is no longer hugging me I quickly look around and see Regulus saying goodbye to his parents their backs are to me. I gesture to the train and he uncurls two fingers and uses them to move his hair from his face I nod before I turn my attention back to Sirius. Regulus is safe for now. “Oh come on Sirius you know that I would have to be dragged to join any pranks that are your idea.”

He places his hand on his heart in the mock offense before he smiles again wraps his arm back around me and kisses my forehead. “Oh, little Ella you underestimate my charm. I’ll get you to join us this year.”

“No, I think I’ll spend my time with Reggie instead. Don’t want to be hanging out with the bad influences.” I say smiling as I see Regulus start to walk away from his parents. “Speaking of I think I am going to ride the train with him this year.” I slip out from under Sirius’s arm waving to Monty and Effie once more before I walk onto the train find the second compartment and go sit inside it. As soon as the door is shut I look over at Reggie and smile at him.

“How is my favorite Black Brother?” I ask hoping he is at least semi ok.

“I’ve been worse. Thankfully Mother always makes sure that she doesn’t leave any lasting marks in the two weeks before term.” He says softly.

“And the pain?” I ask as I sit next to him and hold out my hand to him.

“Bearable.” He whispers. “I will be fine after a night of rest.” He takes my hand and squeezes it softly. As he squeezes my hand the door opens and in walks the chaos that is the other two that I have been missing. Barty Crouch Jr. and Evan Rosier.

“Oh yay, the troublemakers are here now,” I say looking at them before I stick out my tongue.

“Oh no did we interrupt something between you too?” Barty asks sitting down across from me and putting his feet into my lap. I shove them off my lap before I turn to Evan.

“Evan I thought you said that Barty was going to learn manners this year,” I say gesturing to Barty.

“Oh, I taught him manners. He just decided that he doesn’t need them at all.” Evan says with a smile before sitting across from Regulus.

I roll my eyes but smile at my friends as Barty starts to tell us about his summer. That is how time passes we all take turns talking about the summer and the plans for this year. After a while Alexia comes and joins our compartment. Sooner than expected we arrive at Hogwarts Station

Chapter 2


This is mostly just filler and meeting a few more characters. We will get to the actual plot soon enough.

Chapter Text

September 1st, 1975 Waning Cresent.

I get off the train and onto the platform with Barty, Evan, Regulus, and Alexia. As we get off I see the rest of my friends. I run over and hug Remus. “Hey, Remus. How was your summer?”

He gives me a side hug and looks at me with a smile. “Hey, Ella. My summer was good. Definitely missed seeing you all. How was your summer?”

“My summer was fine. Jamie over there was moping about all summer and decided to try and protest not being able to see you guys by being silent for a month.” I say laughing. “Honestly I found it funny that he was acting like a toddler. There is never a dull moment with you lot around.”

“Hey, I do not act like a toddler!” James shouts at me. I turn and stick my tongue out at him before I turn back around.

“You have the mental age of a 3-year-old, Potter,” Lily says as she walks over to me and wraps her arm around mine. She is followed by Mary, Marlene, and Dorcus. “How was your summer Ella?”

“My summer was good. How were your summers girls?” I ask them smiling at them. Mary is walking next to Lily while Dorcus and Marlene follow behind us talking to each other. I hope those two realize that they both love each other this year.

“Oh, my summer was okay Ella. Petunia definitely didn’t make it a great one. Honestly, I’m sad it ended though. Now I have to deal with James again.” Lily says rolling her eyes as James tries to get her attention.

I laugh at her reaction as we walk over to the carriages. Dorcus, Marlene, Mary, Lily, Alexia, and I all climb into a carriage and share stories from our summer break. I enjoy listening to all of their stories and enjoy the last bit of the ride to the castle. “So Ella did you write any more songs over the summer?” Dorcus asks and everyone turns to face me.

“Oh, I wrote a few more I’ll show you at band practice with the boys,” I say with a smile. God being from the future is like a cheat code for art and music. I was good at music so I just wrote down my favorite songs from the 2000’s and no one other than Alexia knew that they were actually not mine.

“Oh, I can’t wait to hear them,” Mary says.

“Alexia, did you make any more paintings this summer?” Lily asks.

“I did. Hopefully, I can get a good price for them.” She responds.

Alexia was always the best at art and art history. She makes money by recreating art she knows is not yet made and sells it. Honestly, I don’t understand the morals of it. Is it technically stealing if it doesn’t exist yet? Eh, who cares I can debate the morals of it forever. At least we have a source of income other than the Potters.

Any way we all continue to chat as we make our way to Hogwarts. Once we arrive we walk into the Great Hall. The ceiling is always so breathtaking every year. I love seeing it. My first year I didn’t think I was actually here. It was so breathtaking. Once we are in the Great Hall I say goodbye to Alexia, Lily, Marlene, and Mary.

Dorcus and I go take seats over at the Slytherin table next to the boys. “Well, who thinks Dumbledore is going to say some nonsense about the forbidden forest is deadly again?” I ask as I sit down. Regulus is on my left, Dorcus is on my Right, and Barty and Evan are across from us.

Barty looks over at me from his conversation with Evan and smirks. “Oh, he definitely will say something about that. As well as some random jumble of words that mean nothing but nonsense.”

“Oh he definitely is going senile how old is he now?” Evan asks joking.

“I think he's 100 now,” Dorcus says.

“Oh definitely.” I agree. After a few minutes, the sorting starts and we don’t really pay attention. As per usual Dumbledore's speech is useless. We all eat and then we are off to bed. Honestly, I am glad to be back. I was getting sick of James and at least now he can’t bug me at two in the morning until winter break.

Effie and Monty have done too much for me and Alexia. When we ended up in 1969 we had nothing. We got placed in an orphanage. As we grew up we entered Hogwarts. James became friends with Alexia first. They both are people who instantly connect with others and are so easy to get along with. After my first year had ended and we came back and started on my second year and Alexia’s 4th James found out we lived in the orphanage. He got his parents to take us in before the start of winter break. So when we were invited to join him and his family for the break we didn’t expect to have been adopted by them. Honestly, James’s family is super sweet and I couldn’t ask for better adoptive parents.

This day feels like it’s been super fast but at the same time, it feels like it took forever. I am so glad when Dorcus and I immediately get ready for bed. I am out within seconds of my head hitting my bed in the dorm.

Chapter 3


I made it through Chapter 3! Two chapters in one night WOOO! I need sleep it's 4:45 in the morning. I am probably not going to sleep and instead work on chapter 4 and then get ready to go to my grandparents for Thanksgiving.

Chapter Text

September 2nd Moon 15%

I wake up to my alarm clock going off. I shut it off and roll over stretching before I decide to brave the cold outside of my bed and go to my trunk pulling out some clean clothes. Thankfully classes don’t start until next week. I head into the bathroom and take a shower turning the water as hot as I can stand it. My whole body is cold to the bone. I love the Slytherin Common Room and Dorms but man is cold down here. After my shower, I quickly dry off and change before I get started on my hair and makeup. I pull out my wand and cast a drying spell over my hair. This works so much better than a blow dryer. Honestly, this makes it take seconds and my hair isn’t the usual frizzy mess I would have back in the 2020s.

After I am all ready for my day I walk back into the dorm room and look around for Dorcus. I don’t see her so I head up to the Great Hall. As I am making my way through the Common Room I feel an arm wrap around my shoulders and I look over at Barty.

“Bartemius.” I greet him before I push his arm off.

“Oh, my dear sweet Ella do you really think that will get me to leave you alone?” He asks me.

“I know it won’t,” I say rolling my eyes as he puts his arm back around my shoulders as we walk to the Great Hall. “What is it that you want Barty?”

“Can’t I just say hello to one of my favorite people?” He asks in mock hurt.

I glare playfully at him. “You never just want to show affection to me. You always want something.”

“Fine, you caught me I wanted to see if you could help me prank Snape on one of the nights Alexia is baking her diabetes cookies.” He says. If I didn’t know better I would say Barty was looking a little bit evil at the moment. But that’s how he looks normally.

“And what exactly is this prank idea? You know I like to know what I am agreeing to do.” I say leaning in slightly closer to him so we can discuss the prank.

“Nothing too bad. Poppy can fix it in just a few minutes. All I wanted you to do was mix this vial of appearance-changing potion into the cookie dough. It’s my own personal creation from this summer.” He says tucking the bottle into my pocket.

“And how exactly does it change someone's appearance? You know Alexia would be at risk of eating them herself.” I say.

“Oh, it’s only minor changes. It ranges from horns to glittery hair depending on the person and the dose.” He says.

“Fine, I’ll see what I can do,” I tell him.

“And this is why you are the best lead singer and friend a drummer could ask for.” He says with a wink before he runs over to Evan.

Godric this year is already off to chaos and it is only the first full day back. I also need to remember to add Rosekiller to this year's bingo sheet.

I finally reach the Great Hall and take my seat at the Slytherin table. Breakfast is uneventful until Slughorn walks over and starts to hand out the timetables for the semester. I look over my timetable and count the number of free periods in a week. I get 5 free periods and 3 of them are all on Friday. My classes are simple. Transfiguration, Charms, Potions, History of Magic, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Astronomy, Herbology, Divination and Care of Magical Creatures.

I am actually feeling confident about this year. Plus with the way my schedule is set up, I will be free to get my actual assignments done and the rest of the plan. I have to figure out how to project memories. I have to figure out how to deal with the basilisk without being in Gryffindor. And I have to figure out how to save Regulus. The easy option is forced adoption. But we need to know when the locket is put in the cave so at the same time that would screw us up.

I hate this so much. I keep getting closer to everyone every year and we haven’t made much progress. I am glad that I stopped almost crying whenever I saw the Marauders smiling and with Peter. I only notice my expression change once in a while now. Typically it’s when someone makes me think of the cannon time line. Like last year when Lily said she pities the poor woman who will have kids with James because their kid's hair will never cooperate. I didn’t know how to respond but I had wanted to cry knowing that she never gets that chance to even try and keep Harry’s hair neat. I am hoping Remus and Lily didn’t see when I got sad about it.

The joys of being considered a seer people tend to not question the random looks of sadness on your face. Once in a while, I get caught up in my emotions and it ends up with a day of me just kinda hiding from everyone. Having been a Marauders era fan I have done this for years before I ended up here. It’s hard to try to fix things though. Alexia is more of a Golden Trio fan than a Marauders-era fan.

I’m getting sidetracked again. Focus Ella! I shake my head trying to get back to focusing when I realize that we have one too many people in our group. Dorcus, Evan, and Barty are across from me and Regulus is to my right. I turn to the left and see Alexia. “Oh sorry when did you get here?”

“Just now. Let me see your time sheet I want to see if we have any matching free periods this year. I hand her my schedule and she looks at it. “Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday we have matching free periods. Also, do you know what this “APP.” class is? I know how to work a phone. Besides those haven’t worked in years.”

“What? No.” I take her schedule and look at the class in question. “It’s your apparition class.”

“Ah! Right, the magical drivers' ed. Gotcha.” She says taking back her schedule with a smile.

I roll my eyes at her and smile. “So when is the next baking extravaganza?” I ask her.

“Tonight after dinner.” She says.

I turn to face Regulus. “I don’t think we have anything to study yet. Do you mind if I skip our normal study session and go join her tonight?”

Regulus looks up from his breakfast. “I wasn’t planning on being there anyway. Quidditch tryouts are tonight and I would like my position as seeker again.”

“Oh, I know you’ll get it. Who would try to take that position away from someone in the Black family? I don’t want to be dealing with the Black family madness.” I say jokingly as I elbow him.

He rolls his eyes before turning back to his food. I turn back to Alexia. "Bingo sheets are due tomorrow morning," I tell her.

Chapter 4

Chapter Text

September 3rd Moon 8%

I am once again walking down to The Great Hall. I had convinced Alexia that the vail of the potion Barty gave me was given to me by Snape’s roommates because they wanted to get him to shower and they figured Alexia would be the easiest person to get him to ingest it because she doesn’t normally prank anyone. So we had made her recipe of diabetes cookies and in a smaller batch we had the potion mixed in and I kept reminding her that it was for Snape only and to not eat them. I just hope she listened to me.

“Wait what if I tried this one,” Alexia says from around the corner. I quickly follow the noise and find her talking to Snape. She didn’t listen to me.

“ALEXIA WHAT HAPPENED?” I yell to her as I run over and grab her arm spinning her around to face me. I look at the damage. She has rabbit ears and antlers, her hair is purple and full of glitter, and to top it off she is coated in marks ranging from roses, and crude words, to a snake that looks to be wrapped around her neck. I will never hear the end of this from James and Sirius.

“I ate the cookies and then my head felt heavy.” She says.

“I am so sorry Alexia let's get you to the hospital wing,” I say as I start to guide her to the hospital wing. I flip off Snape as we walk away. He has been laughing at her the whole time.

As we walk she asks me. “Why are you sorry?”

“Because that potion wasn’t from Snape’s roommates it was from Barty. I am going to kill him though. I might be friends with him but he said the potion wouldn’t be this severe.” I tell her.

“Oh don’t murder him. It’s bad for his health.” She tells me laughing softly.

“I know. I know.” I say as we continue to walk. As we are walking I see her pull out another cookie. “Is that another one from the batch we made for Snape?”

“No,” She takes a bite and her nose goes as red as Roudolph's and she looks down. “Maybe.”

I let out a sigh and took the cookie from her. “No more.”

“Hey I’m older,” she says.

“So? I have more common sense.” I tell her.

She sticks her tongue out at me as we enter the hospital wing. The second we were through the door Madam Pommfry was instantly rushing Alexia into a bed. I explained what happened and handed her the offending cookie I had taken from Alexia. She instantly gets to work on fixing her.

After a few minutes, she finishes and looks at us. “If there are more of these cookies don’t eat them,” she says. “I don’t want to have to see you again for cookies.”

We leave and I look at Alexia with a glare. “Give me the rest of the batch I added the potion to,” I say holding out my hand.

“How dare you think I am not responsible enough to not eat these cookies.” She says as she reaches into her pocket pulls out another cookie and takes a bite. Her hair goes to a bright green color.

“Really? Your hair is green now.” I say taking the cookie from her. “Poppy will kill us if we go back over these cookies already so hand them over.” I hold out my hand again.

Alexia huffs and pulls out the bag that says ‘for Snape’ before handing it over.

“Thank you. Now should we get to breakfast before classes start?” I ask her as I put the cookies into my bag.

“Yes! Breakfast!” She is shouting and pulling me to the Great Hall.

The entire way to the Great Hall I am laughing and smiling as we go. Trying to fix the timeline is sad and emotionally exhausting but with Alexia here I am having fun with this. I started thinking about the things that are canon for this year.

  1. Snape calls Lily a Mudblood and they are no longer friends
  2. The Marauders become illegal animagus for Remus
  3. Sirius gets disowned
  4. The map is made
  5. The Prank

I pause in my steps. The Prank is this year. sh*t sh*t sh*t. I still can’t see Sirius doing that to Remus. I have never seen Sirius ‘I would have died before I betrayed my friends’ Black doing The Prank.

I look at Alexia. “This is the year of the canon events,” I say.

“Oh. And they are all mainly sad huh?” She asks.

“Yeah. They are.” I say. “But this is the year of making puns about the boy's animagus forms until they figure out we know.”

I shake my head trying to get out of the thoughts of what is to come this year. I need to just exist in this moment and not dread the future.

We enter the Great Hall and immediately I feel someone wrap their arms around my waist and pull me so my back is to their chest. “Good Morning Ladies,” James says as he puts his arm around Alexia’s shoulders. Okay so if James is there that rules him out as the person hugging me. I quickly look at the tables trying to see who is missing when I feel hair brushing my cheek. Sirius is the one holding me.

“Hello Boys. So why am I being hugged by Sirius?” I ask gesturing as much as I can to his arms.

“Oh, we decided that you two need to sit with us this morning before classes,” James says once he speaks he gives Sirius a nod and I am being picked up and carried to the Gryffindor Table over his shoulder. I try to wiggle out of his arms but he just grips me tighter.

“Really? You guys didn’t even try to ask me to sit with you. Am I not allowed the basic curtusy of having the option?” I ask as Sirius dumps me onto the bench across from Remus. “Remus, why didn’t you stop these idiots?”

“Sorry Love they threatened to hide or eat my chocolates if I stopped them,” Remus says giving me an apologetic smile.

Rolling my eyes I turn to face Sirius who is taking a seat between me and Peter. I blow some of my hair out of my face. “So why did you demand I sit with you?” I ask.

James pushes Alexia into a seat next to Remus before he takes a seat on the other side of Remus. “Can’t we just want to spend time with my dear “sisters” before classes start today,” James says making air quotes as he says the word sisters.

As I go to respond Alexia beats me to it. “You normally want something though “Brother” deer.” She says and I instantly try to hide my giggles as I see the look of panic flash across James’s face.

“She’s right Deer you and your dog are normally plotting something whenever we are at school,” I say watching their facial expressions and realized Remus is confused while James and Sirius look like they are going to have a heart attack. “So what is it this time? Please tell me it’s not something that makes Barty, Evan, and Reggie the targets. I will not hear the end of it if it is.”

“Not them,” Sirius says gripping my arm tightly so I can’t leave. I turn to face him confused. “At least not particularly.”

“What did you idiots do?” I ask really confused now.

“Three. Two. One.” James is counting down as he looks at his watch.

“Zero!” Sirius says grinning and I see Remus smile. As Sirius says zero there are three loud pops in the Great Hall. I look up at the ceiling and see red and gold glitter fall onto the other house's tables covering everyone in the Gryffindor house colors.

I turn to James and glare at him. “I’m telling Effie.”

James’s smile instantly falls as he points at me and tries to backtrack. “Hey no remember our promise. We only rat each other out if the pranks affect us personally.”

“This does affect me,” I say crossing my arms. “Barty, Evan, and Reg are all going to bitch about this all week to me. Just like how Sirius bitches about getting detentions to Remus.”

“Please don’t tell Mom. She will ground me from Sirius. Again.” James says practically begging.

I look at Alexia and Remus. “What do you two think?” I ask.

“It’s only the first week of term I’d be nice,” Alexia says. She’s always had a big heart.

“Blackmail him,” Remus says going back to eating his breakfast.

“Oh, I like Remus’s Idea. I won’t tell Effie for one IOU no questions asked.” I say resting my head against my hand as I look at James.

“Deal.” James says and grabs a piece of parchment from his bag and writes ‘IOU no questions asked’ before handing it to me.

“Pleasure doing business with you Potter,” I say tucking the paper into the pocket of my bag. This will come in handy.

I go back over the things I know will happen this year as I start making a cup of coffee. And I finally realize something has already happened. sh*t, the month James was silent over summer break. Reggie said Sirius did the same thing. They are already illegal Animagi. I look between James, Sirius, and Peter. They have already done it and based on Remus having looked confused at the puns then he doesn’t know yet.

I just need to figure out how to catch them. I have been tracking the moon as long as I have been here in the 70’s. The Full moon will be on the 20th. I need to figure out how to catch the boys. I shouldn’t just say “I know you are all illegal animagus.” at breakfast like I’m asking how they are doing in classes. I need proof. And since they just became Animagus I doubt they have started using the nicknames so they won’t have the map made yet. I need to make a plan.

Chapter 5


I am not trying to be mean to my friend. She is the best and everything I write is mostly word-for-word what she told me she would do or say in this story. Alexia DROVE INTO A CHRISTMAS TREE while we were in her car less than 12 hours ago. It was not her fault the tree was on the freeway and it was dark and foggy but we were driving and she thought it was an oil spot. She said, "Oh it's a Christmas tree." Not even 5 seconds later she hit it and it got stuck. We pulled over and I tried to pull it out. It moved a little but I couldn't do it so we called Highway Patrol they came and rescued us.

I did warn her that I am going to have her glare at Christmas trees in the fic now and be scared of them. So please be prepared for that and just know that I am not trying to be mean to her. She reads this fic. Also, I didn't stay up after you dropped me off back home.

Chapter Text

September 20th Full Moon

The moon hung luminously in the night sky, casting an ethereal glow over the Hogwarts grounds. Once again, a sense of uncertainty gripped me as I contemplated the impending full moon. Tonight held the key to unraveling the mystery that surrounded the boys' illegal Animagus transformations, but I found myself grappling with the challenge of obtaining concrete proof.

Frustration seeped through me as I let out a sigh, leaning wearily against the cold stone wall. "Alexia, I still don't know how to reveal to the boys that we're aware of their secret," I admitted, my mind wrestling with the dilemma.

In a sudden burst of determination, Alexia seized my wrist, pulling me along in her wake as she steered us toward the Gryffindor table. "I have an idea; follow me," she urged, her grip firm and resolute.

Arriving at the Gryffindor table, Alexia didn't waste a moment. "We need answers!" she declared, her voice cutting through the ambient noise of the Great Hall. I glanced around anxiously, ensuring that no prying eyes were fixed upon us. Fortunately, the rest of the students seemed oblivious to our confrontation.

"Alexia, we needed to be subtle," I hissed at her, attempting to mitigate the attention drawn to our clandestine conversation. Despite my protest, I turned to face the boys, my demeanor taking on a subtle air of confidence. "She's right, though. We know you lot are illegal Animagi, and we want in," I whispered, leaning casually against the table.

James, caught off guard, asked, "How do you know that?" Sirius swiftly intervened, slapping a hand over James's mouth to stifle any inadvertent admissions. Peter, meanwhile, stood frozen, his eyes wide with apprehension.

"We know all things," Alexia asserted, her tone cryptic and foreboding.

In response, James licked Sirius's hand, prompting a disgusted recoil from Sirius. "If you know all, why do we need to tell you?" James challenged a playful smirk playing on his lips.

"It all burned Alexandria style," Alexia declared dramatically.

Remus, looking thoroughly perplexed, interjected, "More than just Britain knows this stuff."

"It all burns. ALL IS GONE!" Alexia reiterated, her theatrics reaching a crescendo.

"No, it's not," I interjected, rolling my eyes at Alexia's flair for the dramatic. A moment of confusion settled as Alexia continued her prophetic declarations about Australia turning to ash during Covid.

Remus, struggling to comprehend our bizarre conversation, asked, "And you two becoming Animagi will prevent the fires?"

"No. We just want to know," Alexia clarified, her demeanor shifting from prophetic to matter-of-fact.

James laughed slightly, dismissing our inquiry. "Do your own research."

Growing impatient with the charade, I leaned against the table and addressed James directly. "Just tell us, deer," I said, a hint of irritation in my voice.

"We aren't going to rat you lot out," Alexia assured, directing a pointed look at Peter. "We don't want you to end up in the dog house," I added, focusing my attention on Sirius. The boys now knew that the secret of their Animagus forms was no longer concealed.

Remus, still bewildered, turned to me for clarification. "Are those—how do you—what?"

"We know all things," Alexia declared with a villainous pose, her hands clasped together.

"Except for this," Sirius quipped, chuckling.

"And how to do your DADA homework," James added, shooting a teasing look at Alexia.

"All things..." she paused, contemplating for a moment. "Are too many things."

"Fine, we'll give you the notes later," James conceded, a hint of reluctance in his tone.

"Thank you. Also, please be safe tonight," I said, grabbing Alexia's arm and leading her away to the Slytherin table. The need for caffeine weighed on me, emphasizing the irony of important revelations occurring when I was uncaffeinated.

Chapter 6


It's 2 am I should be asleep. Eh, screw it I am probably going to stay up all night writing and cleaning my room. Alexia, I am sorry for not sleeping.

Chapter Text

October 10th 1975 Moon 34%The Slytherin common room was bathed in a soft, eerie glow as we huddled around our study table. Barty Crouch Jr., Regulus Black, Evan Rosier, Dorcus Medows, Alexia, and I were engrossed in our respective assignments. The air was thick with the scent of parchment and the dim light cast shadows on our determined faces.

My attention, however, was momentarily diverted by Alexia, my Hufflepuff friend. She sat there, absentmindedly twirling her hair and staring off into the distance. Concern crept into my features as I asked, "Alexia, are you alright?"

Without breaking her gaze, she suddenly pointed at Barty Crouch Jr., a mischievous spark dancing in her eyes. "B!" she announced, causing a collective pause and a quizzical look from Barty.

I exchanged a knowing smile with Evan as Alexia pointed at Regulus Black. "R!" she proclaimed with flair.

Regulus frowned, clearly puzzled. "What's going on here?"

I couldn't help but chuckle. "Just wait for it."

With a flourish, Alexia pointed at Evan Rosier. "E!" she declared, a mischievous grin playing on her lips.

Evan, catching on to the game, smirked. "Alright, what's the meaning of this?"

Then, in a theatrical gesture, Alexia pointed at herself. "A!" she pronounced proudly.

Dorcus Medows, the only one left, was now thoroughly confused. "What's happening?"

With a final, dramatic point, Alexia aimed at Dorcus. "D!" she concluded, leaving us all in a state of bemusem*nt.

"BREAD!" she suddenly exclaimed, and we stared at her in utter bewilderment.

I sighed, resigning to the absurdity. "What homework are you stuck on, Alexia?"

Grinning, she slid her Defense Against the Dark Arts homework across the table. I picked it up, glancing at the parchment. "You're distracted by a bread-related matter?" I questioned with raised eyebrows.

Alexia nodded, looking inexplicably pleased with herself. "It's a very important matter, you see."

The others exchanged bemused glances as we returned to our studies, leaving Alexia to battle the mysterious dark art of bread-related distractions.

Chapter 7


It is 3:30 am. I have not cleaned. I have only said hi to my brother who is currently sick and refilled my water cup. Sorry, these chapters are so small and boring I know I know. I am getting at least two chapters per month during the school year. Getting through the filler chapters and starting in December we start hitting more of the plot.

(See the end of the chapter for more notes.)

Chapter Text

The Great Hall was abuzz with activity when I woke up, and I couldn't help but notice the tension that had built up throughout the day. It all started when James grew increasingly jealous of the time Remus and Sirius spent with Alexia and me. The Marauders, always up for a bit of mischief, decided to turn the situation into a friendly competition in the middle of the night.

Sirius, the instigator in chief, began teasing James about how Alexia and I were the true favorites of the family. James, not one to back down from a challenge, took offense and demanded a vote to determine the best Potter. And so, the Marauders hung three tubes in the Great Hall, each filled with different gems – red for James, green for me, and yellow for Alexia.

As the day unfolded, the tubes filled with a colorful array of gems, each representing a vote from the student body. I couldn't help but find the whole situation amusing, even as James became more determined to prove himself the favorite. The rivalry among the students was palpable, and the Great Hall was alive with whispers and laughter.

As the day drew close, the tubes revealed a surprising turn of events. I glanced at James, expecting to see a triumphant grin, but to my surprise, he was in last place. Alexia and I were tied, and it seemed like the competition might end in a draw.

Alexia looks at her hands and sees she is holding one of her diabetes cookies. “Did I accidentally bribe everyone?” She whispers staring at the offending cookie.

I giggle and smile at her. “Hey even if you did it made it so James lost. He needed his ego to be knocked down a peg.” I tell her nudging her.

Just when the outcome hung in the balance, Professor McGonagall stepped forward to cast her vote. I held my breath as she carefully dropped a green gem into my tube. The scales tipped in my favor, breaking the tie and declaring me the winner.

The realization that I had won sent a wave of astonishment through the Great Hall. I exchanged a glance with Alexia, who looked just as surprised as I felt. James, though initially disappointed, took the defeat in good humor, and I couldn't help but share a smile with him from where I sat at the Slytherin table.

The professors followed McGonagall's lead, casting their votes as well. The majority supported me as the supposed "favorite Potter." The Great Hall erupted in cheers and laughter as the tubes were taken down, revealing the green one overflowing with gems.

Leaving the Great Hall with my friends, I couldn't help but reflect on the day's events. The playful competition brought the students together, turning a moment of jealousy into a lighthearted and memorable experience at Hogwarts. I do love the boys and I can’t wait to see everyone grow up. Even if I struggle with Peter we can get along now. I hope they don’t betray us.


I edited this chapter because I forgot to add the accidental bribery. So I will edit things if Alexia points out I missed something.

Chapter 8


I just doubled the chapters in one night. Let's go. Enjoy Sirius's Birthday. The next filler will be the boys figuring out nicknames for each other Then we will move on to actual plot points and things will be rapid-fire for a bit then it will go up and down.

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Chapter Text

November 3rd, 1975 New Moon

The Gryffindor Common Room sparkled with decorations, enchantments, and the joyous chatter of students from various houses. Tonight was Sirius Black's 16th birthday party, and the celebration promised to be nothing short of extraordinary. I found myself seated at a table surrounded by an eclectic mix of guests, including Alexia who was very enthusiastic.

As the evening unfolded, the atmosphere was charged with excitement. James couldn't contain his anticipation. He, along with the rest of the Marauders—Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, and of course, the birthday wizard himself, Sirius—had orchestrated the event.

Alexia and I, clad in our respective house colors, watched the festivities unfold with a shared sense of amusem*nt. The Marauders, a force to be reckoned with, had spared no expense in transforming the Gryffindor Common Room into a magical haven of celebration.

Regulus Black, Barty Crouch, Jr., and Evan Rosier added an intriguing dynamic to the party. The eclectic group of ours gathered around Sirius as he prepared to unwrap his gifts.

James grinned mischievously. "Mate, you're going to love this!"

As Sirius tore through the wrapping paper, revealing the coveted present—a sleek, enchanted motorcycle that I had shrunk down to the size of a Hot Wheels car to sneak into the school with James—the Common Room erupted in cheers. Even Regulus and Barty seemed genuinely impressed, their stoic expressions breaking into subtle smiles.

Alexia leaned over to me, excitement in her eyes. "This is incredible! Can you imagine the adventures Sirius will have with that motorcycle?"

I nodded, a smirk playing on my lips. "It's a fitting gift for the Gryffindor daredevil. But let's not forget, we Slytherins know how to make an impression too."

The night unfolded with magical displays, pranks, and laughter echoing through the enchanted hall. The unity between houses was palpable, and it felt as though the boundaries between Slytherin and Gryffindor were fading away, at least for tonight.

As the clock struck midnight, the Marauders, Regulus, Barty, Evan, Alexia, and I decided to join Sirius for a midnight ride on his new motorcycle. The wind tousled our hair as we soared through the night sky, the castle illuminated by the moonlight.

At that moment, as the Hogwarts grounds blurred beneath us, I couldn't help but marvel at the unique blend of friendships that had formed since Alexia and I started here. Gryffindor, Slytherin, and Hufflepuff, all share in the thrill of Sirius Black's 16th birthday celebration—a night that would undoubtedly be etched in the magical history of Hogwarts. I just hope we can prevent the dark parts of the future. Yet again I am getting sad as everyone else around me is happy.


Forgot to add how the bike was snuck into the school.

Chapter 9


Hope this made sense I am making the diabetes cookies this weekend.

Chapter Text

Sunday, November 16th Moon 94%

It’s Sunday and it is unusually warm for a day in November. So instead of studying inside like I usually do with Alexia we decided to go to the lake and study on the beach. It is just the right temperature for us to just hang out in light jackets or hoodies. I am so glad hoodies exist already. As the two of us sit on the shore studying I am yet again questioning how Alexia doesn’t study throughout the week. She studies once a week. I’m normally done with my studying by Saturday so for our Sunday study sessions I pretty much sit here and make sure she focuses while I try to strategize on how to get the Horcrux and prevent cannon from happening. I honestly hope this doesn’t turn into an Into The Spiderverse Situation. Alexia is eating away at the diabetes cookies.

As we study I hear voices coming close and I look over to them. James, Sirius, Peter, and Remus are walking over to us and it looks like they are arguing. “For the last time Sirius we are not going to call Peter Rabies,” James says.

“If you keep these bad ideas up you’re going to be Furry Little Problem the Second,” Remus says glaring at Sirius.

“Or we can call him Snuffles.” James jokes taking a seat next to Alexia.

“SHUT UP POTTER WE ARE NOT CALLING ME SNUFFLES!” Sirius yells as he sits down next to me.

Remus and Peter take a seat across from me and Alexia. “Volume down please Black,” I say rolling my eyes.

“Sorry love. But these f*cks want to call me Snuffles.”

“I can see that,” Alexia says enjoying the distraction.

I start to laugh. “I can see it too.” I agree remembering the Golden Trio calling him Snuffles.

“If I’m Snuffles then James is Bambi,” Sirius says crossing his arms.

“Bambi my ass, Sirius,” James says throwing a crumpled piece of parchment at Sirius.

“Besides his nickname is ‘prancer’ anyway,” Remus says with a smirk.

“If you call me ‘prancer’ one more time I will ram you into a wall, Lupin I swear on Merlin's beard,” James says.

“What about Moonlight for Remus,” Peter suggests.

“Moonlight sounds a bit ridiculous, Peter,” I say looking up from the notebook I’m writing in. “Besides it sounds like some kinda pet name from a girlfriend.”

“Oh, we could call Pete squeakers,” Sirius suggests.

“Merlin’s sake Black! We’re not calling Peter Squeakers.” Remus says. “What about Micky Mouse for Pete though?”

“What the f*ck is Micky Mouse, Lupin?” James asked.

“How about Prongs for James?” I suggest.

“Perfect!” James shouts.

I look over at Alexia and smile at her. “Got any ideas?” I ask.

“Moony for Remus?” She suggests.

“That is better than furry little problem or Moonlight.” Remus chuckles.

“You two have any other ideas?” Sirius asked.

“For you, I would say Padfoot,” I say.

“Oh and Peter could be Wormtail,” Alexia says.

“You two have to be goddesses with how easily you just came up with those,” Sirius says.

“Or we are just magical and can see the future.” Alexia teases putting her hands into the villain pose again. “We know all.”

“Alexia stay focused on your DADA homework,” I say. “This should be the easiest class for the two of us. Yet for you, it’s Herbology.”

“Hey, it’s hard for some people!” She yells at me.

“Sure it is sweetie,” I say rolling my eyes. “Even if you have basically a cheat sheet in your memories,” I say closing my notebook. “We can go over the plans for the break after dinner,” I say to Alexia as I stand up. “I’m going to head inside.”

Chapter 10


Our, first canon event and I want to cry writing this. Compared to the writing I did back in my Wattpad days this is almost fluff. I honestly think this was harder to write. I had to get up three times so I wouldn't cry.

Chapter Text

Wednesday, December 3rd New Moon

I had just finished Herbology which is my last class of the day. Barty had decided to go off the whole lesson and since I was next to him today I had to deal with being covered in dirt the moment his pot was knocked over. Which happened at the start of the lesson. So I had just spent the last hour covered in dirt and completely uncomfortable. Which is why I am actually on my way back to my dorm rather than Dinner.

After dinner, I am going to murder Barty. Unless my shower can melt away my murderous plan he might not even make it to graduation. He is one of my friends don’t get me wrong but sometimes he annoys the sh*t out of me.

I turn the corner and see a bit of a crowd forming in the hallway. I recognize the voices coming from the center of the crowd. The Marauders and Snape are at it again. I can’t quite understand what they are saying yet but I continue to walk forwards until I see the vibrant red hair of Lily run past me. She shoves her way through the crowd and stands in front of James.

“Potter, can’t you grow up? Leave him alone!” Lily yells at James as she goes over to help Snape up off the floor.

I freeze in my spot. We have reached cannon. James was fighting with Snape, Lily stepped in. Snape is about to insult Lily. My heart hurts because I know Lily is about to be crushed.

Snape shoves her hand away as he stands up. “I don’t need help from a Mudblood.” He says in a voice of pure malice.

Lily takes a step back and that's when I finally can bring myself to move again. I shove the rest of my way through the crowd and grip her arm. “Hey, Lily it’s okay let's just get out of here,” I whisper trying to lead her away as I glare at the boys. “Lily is right you all need to grow up,” I say as we start to walk away.

I don’t know how to comfort her so I take her to the nearest empty classroom and bring her inside. “Hey, Lils it’s okay. I know that it hurt to hear it from him. I’ve been trying to tell you he is an ass and a completely different person when you aren’t there.” I wipe a few tears from her face and guide her through taking a few breaths.

She grips me tightly in a hug. “He was my friend I thought he was better than that.”

“I know sweetie. I know. If you want you can stay in my dorm tonight or I can come stay with you.” I offer. “We can drag the rest of the girls into it and have a girls' night. Or I can go beat up James for you.”

“Thanks, Ella. I think I’ll be okay though.” She says wiping her face.

“Okay, but I am staying with you for dinner and you are coming to my practice so you don’t have to see any of those idiots if I can help it,” I say as I reach into my bag for a tissue. I wipe under her eyes clearing any makeup that has smeared from her crying.

“Of course, you would do something like that. Scary dog privileges as you say.” She jokes as she dusts off her uniform.

“Ready to go make a quick stop at my dorm then head to dinner?” I ask as I hold out my hand to her.

“Let's go.” She agrees taking my hand as we head out of the classroom and start talking about anything and everything on the way to my dorm including our plans for the winter break that starts on the 12th.

I hope all the other cannon events go as easy as this or can be avoided.

Chapter 11


Fluffy filler

Chapter Text

Friday, December 12th Moon 67%

Getting on the train I feel better being out of the cold winter wind. If Jack Frost is real he is being an ass because of how cold it is. I make my way through the hallway trying to find any of my groups of friends or either of my adoptive siblings. I had just found out at breakfast that Remus was coming to spend Christmas Eve with us so I had to run back to my dorm to get his Christmas present after breakfast. Because of that, I had to take a carriage to the station with a few first-year Hufflepuffs that I didn’t know.

I am so excited for the break. Me and Alexia aren’t making much progress with the whole saving everyone thing. I know that we are starting to run into a couple of issues like the fact that we only have a year and a half of Alexia being a student left since she is two years older than me. We still haven’t found the room of requirement. We haven’t found the Gaunt family house. We have to get that ring before Dumbledore. I don’t trust him. Whether or not it is from knowing his past or his future I don’t know. How do you trust someone who is trying to turn most of your friends into soldiers and you know that if you fail to save two of your friends he will raise their son to die? Not to mention the whole Grindelwald romance.

I feel a hand on my shoulder and I spin around grabbing the arm of the person. “What the hell Sirius?” I ask him dropping his arm and glaring slightly since he pulled me out of my thoughts.

“I figured you were lost in your thoughts looking for the rest of us.” He says with a laugh. “You walked past our compartment like 5 minutes ago.”

“Oh. Sorry. Yeah, I was looking for you all but I got lost in my thoughts.” I admit as I wrap an arm over my chest in a comforting manner.

Sirius wraps his arm around my shoulder and starts to pull me to the compartment. “What were you thinking about love?” He asks. “Was it about how much you are in love with me?”

“You wish, Black.” I tease. “I was thinking about…” I pause thinking about what to tell him that he would believe. Sirius isn’t stupid he might be oblivious but not stupid. “I was thinking about some song lyrics I was writing last night; I forgot to write them down so I was trying to remember what it was because I liked it.”

“Oh and what is this new song about?” He asks and I think he believes me.

I quickly think about a song I like that I haven’t sung in front of anyone yet. “It’s based on the muggle novel I got from Remus for my birthday last year. The song is called The Nature of the Beast.”

“Sounds like it’s going to be dark again.” He says.

“What can I say I like scary things,” I say laughing. I honestly miss the ’80s to early 2000s horror movies.

“I bet you would just love my parents' place then.” He jokes.

“Oh, I know. Next time I see Walburga remind me to ask her about her parenting techniques. I think she has some A+ parenting skills.” I joke back as we enter the compartment.

“Oh yeah, I’ll get you the book she follows.” He says as he takes a seat between Peter and Alexia.

I take a seat in between James and Remus. “In all seriousness are you going to be okay with them for a few weeks? Me and Alexia won’t be coming until the New Year's Eve party.” I say looking at Sirius with a sad look. I hate knowing the future at times and knowing that he is disowned this year is horrible.

“I’ll be fine besides if she pisses me off I’ll just chew up her shoes or something when she is out of the house as Padfoot.” He says with a smile but I see the hesitation in his face.

“Okay Sirius I’ll believe you,” I say smiling softly.

“Oh, the Slytherin believes me.” He places his hand over his heart. “I don’t think my heart can take it.”

I roll my eyes and kick his leg playfully. “Shut up Black.”

“And now she is bullying me.” He shakes his head laughing.

“You know you love me, Black,” I say leaning my head against Remus’s shoulder. “So Lupin when are you coming to the Manor?”

“I’ll be there on the 22nd threw the 24th,” Remus says as he looks up from his book.

“You mean that I have to wait ten whole days before I see you again? That is ten days too many of James being unsupervised.” I say.

“Hey just for that I am going to prank you over the break,” James says kicking my leg.

And that is how the rest of the train ride home goes. We are all joking and having a good time together. I feel like this break is going to be good.

Chapter 12


Two chapters back to back and we have more angst. I wanted to cry yet again. Trust me I have plans I'm sorry.

Chapter Text

Monday, December 15th Moon 90%

I wake up and go down to the kitchen. I smell the scent of bacon and coffee coming from the kitchen. As I enter the dining room I notice an extra plate at the table. “Hey, Effie, who’s this 6th plate for?” I call out.

“Sirius came over in the middle of the night. He is going to be staying for the rest of the break.” She says as she walks into the room with a plate of pancakes.

“Sirius is here?” I ask her shocked. What made him come over in the middle of the night? I think for half a second before I turn around and run up to James’s room. I don’t bother to knock and instead open the door.

As I look around James’s room I see Sirius sitting in the chair by his window. Without thinking I run over to him and grab his face softly looking him over. His eye bags are back like he hasn’t slept since Friday. I continue to inspect him. “What the f*ck did your mother do now?”

“Hey, love. I’ll be okay. If you're not careful you’ll wake up James. He finally fell asleep about two hours ago.” Sirius says with a slight chuckle but he winces and places a hand on his side.

“Siri, are you sure you’re okay?” I ask him as I kneel in front of him squeezing his free hand.

“I’ll be okay. Come on let’s let James sleep and go get something to eat instead,” Sirius says as he stands up and leads me out of James’s room and back to the kitchen.

We sit at the table and everyone stays quiet until a black owl that I recognize comes in through the window and lands next to me. I hold out a piece of bacon for it and take the letter opening it.

Dear Ella,

To protect the family blood line my parents must make difricult decisions from time to time. Thus Sirius Orion Black the Third has officially been disowned and burned off of the family tree.

So, I must ask you to inform him of this decision. Don’t miss the fact that he has no claim to the Black Family fortune anymore. Remind him that this is his own doing.

If I’m being honest we all expected this to happen sooner or later. I’m afraid that this is all I can write for now; See you on the 31st my friend.


“Sirius you have been disowned…” I whisper. I quickly reread the message from Regulus looking at the second word of every sentence.

“Protect Sirius. I Miss Him. I’m Afraid.” Regulus is trying to protect his older brother the best he can but he is also scared now.

Chapter 13

Chapter Text

Monday, December 22nd Moon 83%

The morning has started about the same as it has for the last week. After I get up I go and look around the manor for Sirius. He hasn’t been sleeping well this week. I have been getting up early to make sure he is okay. James stays up with Sirius late into the night. Sirius does the same routine. He is happy and bubbly all day but the moment Monty and Effie go to bed Sirius is reserved and quiet.

Sirius has asked that we don’t tell Peter or Remus that he was disowned. He wants to wait. He also hasn’t told them that he is here. I enter the sun room that goes into the garden and I see Sirius sitting on one of the chairs. He is curled up so his knees are to his chest.

“Morning Siri,” I say as I walk over and sit in the chair next to him. “Another nightmare?”

“Yeah, I am getting sick of them. And no I don’t want to talk about it.” Sirius mutters. “So what is on James’s agenda for today?”

“Peter and Remus are set to arrive here in a few hours,” I say. “I was thinking about going to co*keworth tomorrow would that sound like something you would want to join?”

“Sounds like an interesting time. But isn’t that where Lily lives?” He asks looking slightly confused.

“It is, the girls and I had been planning on meeting up at Lily’s and going to a cafe,” I say. “You boys are welcome to come too but you have to help make sure James lets Lily be.”

“I might be a wizard but that might need a miracle.” Sirius jokes before he goes back to just looking out at the garden.

“Okay, no more moping around today. Get up and come with me we are making breakfast before Effie gets up.” I say as I get up and pull Sirius up with me. “I’m teaching you to cook the muggle way.”

“Love, is that a good idea? You always say you’re scared I’ll burn the kitchen down if I cook.” He says as we start to head to the kitchen.

“I know, so I will teach you how not to burn it down,” I say. I open the fridge and grab some butter and eggs. “Grab me the bread from the cupboard,” I tell Sirius.

He grabs the bread and sets it on the kitchen counter. “So what are we making?”

“Egg in a hole.” I grab out a cup and the skillet. “Turn the stove on to medium-low.”

After Sirius turns on the stove I place the pan on the stove and add some butter to the pan. “You need to make sure the butter covers the bottom of the pan so the food doesn’t stick.” I use the top of the cup to cut holes into the center of the slices of bread. “Then we place the bread down and add an egg.” I crack an egg into the hole. “We let that sit for a bit so the egg is cooked on the bottom. After the egg is starting to set we flip it.” I flip it over. “Now we let the egg finish cooking and then when it’s done we put it on a plate,” I say as I move the pan over so I can flip it onto the plate.

“That seems easy,” Sirius says.

“It is but don’t worry if it’s not perfect the first time. Also, I like my egg more runny so I let the yoke be but if you don’t want it runny then when you put the egg in mix the yoke just a little bit so it cooks faster. Why don’t you try and I’ll make us some coffee.” I go and grab the kettle boiling the water.

Sirius starts to do what I had shown him and then I hear him mutter “Damit.”

“What happened?” I ask looking over.

“I dropped the shell into the pan.” He says pulling out a good-sized piece of shell.

“Remember be gentle,” I say walking next to him. “Otherwise you are doing great.”

I grab the boiled water add some to the French press and allow it to steep with the grounds.

After a bit, Sirius puts his egg in a hole on his plate. “That looks great Siri,” I say.

We both pour ourselves some coffee and I help Sirius continue to make food for everyone. Slowly everyone comes in and takes some breakfast. Sirius doesn’t burn anything surprisingly.

After breakfast, I head upstairs to my room and get dressed. While I am finishing putting on some lipstick I hear James and Sirius getting excited in the hallway. As I am walking away from my vanity James bursts into my room dragging Remus behind him. Sirius is dragging Peter behind them. “Ella Moony and Wormtail are here finally!” James yells.

“James calm yourself. I can see that Remus and Peter are here but you didn’t need to burst into my room. What if I had been changing?” I ask him scolding him slightly.

“Oh sorry, I wasn’t thinking,” James mumbles an apology.

“Of course, you weren’t thinking. That is why you better kiss up to Moony while he is here. Otherwise, you lot will never leave detention. He is the only one of you with more than two brain cells.” I push the boys out of my room. “Hi Rem. Hi Peter. Why did you all come into my room?”

“We mainly wanted you and Alexia to come up with prank ideas for Snivelus after what he called Lily,” James says.

“We figured our favorite Slytherin would have an idea or two,” Sirius says as the four of them come back into my room. James and Sirius take spots on my bed and Remus and Peter sit next to it.

“There is never a moment of peace with you idiots,” I mutter walking over to my vanity chair and sitting down. “So what do you have so far?”

“We want it to be something worse than the time we convinced Peeves to drop the chandelier on Filch,” James says.

“Does anyone have any ideas?” I ask.

“Only bad ideas like messing with his potions,” Remus says. “It’s not that different than our normal.”

We all sit there thinking and suggesting ideas but none are useful or any good for revenge on just Snape.

“Honestly at this point we might as well just tell him how to get past the willow and let Moony deal with him,” Sirius mutters flopping onto his back. I immediately look at him in mild horror. He actually suggested THE PRANK.

“Wow, Padfoot that is a little too far. He could die or Remus could get hurt from that.” James says.

“I kinda like Remus so no,” I say shaking my head and trying to get out of my thoughts. Does Sirius actually do The Prank?

We eventually give up on trying to figure out a prank. The boys run off to do whatever it is that they are doing while I go curl up in the sunroom and work to write whatever songs I remember down.

Chapter 14


So I got busy and then I got sick and now it's 2024 and I am starting the year feeling like crap. But I have multiple chapters for you guys to read. I have 2 and a half-written so I will post the two finished, and then I will probably try to finish at least that half-written one. Anyway, this chapter and the next are fluffy.

Chapter Text

Tuesday, December 23rd Moon 73%

I can’t believe James agreed to let Lily be today. We met up with the girls at Lily’s and from there we all walked to a nearby cafe. I had also found out that Credit cards came out in the 40’s so me and Alexia had ended up getting one a few months ago at a muggle bank. We are planning on pranking James and Sirius with it.

We all tell the barista what we want and I offer to pay for everyone. As I get told the total I hand them my credit card and it gets sent through the copier to get the information written down. I can not wait for the internet to make this take less time.

“Ella, what was that?” Sirius asks as I walk over to the tables.

“Oh, I was just paying with my card. It’s a muggle thing.” I say putting the card back into my wallet.

“I’m sorry you have muggle money?” James asked. “You and Alexia have been living with me for years. When did you do this?”

“Over the summer and Alexia were getting annoyed with having to go to the bank and exchange our money whenever we went out with the girls so we opened a muggle account and put a bit of money into it. Plus a lot of her paintings get sold in the muggle world so it gets deposited into that account.” I say as if it is common sense.

Thankfully our drinks are finished and I get up to grab them. Since it is 10 drinks Remus offers to help me grab them and so we grab the drinks and bring them back to everyone. While I was grabbing the drinks James and Sirius had been dragged into another conversation. We all sit around and joke with each other.

After a while, we decide to get another round of drinks, and Sirius and James offer to pay and I don’t think anything of it until I remember that neither of them has muggle money on them. I quickly open my purse and notice a handful of gallons and my wallet missing. Those little sh*ts.

Since we are on holiday I can’t prank them with a spell. I glare at them as they walk back to the table and I hold out my hand. “Care to give me back my wallet?” I ask them.

“Sorry love,” Sirius says with a grin. He isn’t sorry at all.

“Sure you are,” I say as I put my wallet back in my bag and I glare at them. “New rule don’t go threw my sh*t,” I say. I double-check my bag and everything is there including the notebook that has information about the future written in it.

Chapter 15


This was supposed to be posted on Christmas.

Chapter Text

Christmas Day December 25th Moon 52%

The morning of Christmas is finally here. I wake up and go to grab my glasses when I feel my hand land on top of paper. I find my glasses and pull them on as I look at the paper. It is a red envelope. A howler. Why do I have a howler? I break the seal on it and it gets started.

“MERRY CHRISTMAS LOVE YOU!” Alexia’s voice comes through the letter before it shreds itself.

This girl is insane and I am going to murder her.

Pulling myself out of my bed I head downstairs. James is probably about to explode from being impatient. He is always so excited for Christmas. Take his normal energy and then give him like 12 monsters and that is him on Christmas.

As I reach the living room I look around. Effie and Monty are sitting next to each other on the loveseat. James and Alexia are both sitting down on the floor next to each other and they both seem super excited other than Alexia is glaring at the tree muttering the words, “Stupid tree.”

I yawn and walk into the room. I see Sirius sitting on the other couch and I go over and sit next to him leaning my head against his shoulder. “Morning Siri.”

“Morning Love, Happy Christmas.” He says wrapping an arm around me in a hug.

“Finally you come downstairs,” James says teasingly. “I was trying to convince everyone to just skip waiting for you and get started.”

“Let me guess Effie said no?” I say.

“I got told to let you sleep.” He says. “Can you believe that I got told to let you sleep on Christmas?”

“Tragic.” I tease.

“Okay, children why don’t we do presents?” Effie says with a smile.

We all get distracted with presents. Alexia gave everyone a howler Christmas card. Monty and Effie gave me a couple of muggle books I like. Go ask Alice, 1984 and, Carrie. James gave me a chess set and a chocolate frog. Sirius had given me a silver necklace with the moon, sun, and a star on it.

I gave Alexia a lot of chocolate and a book on magical plants, James a book on quidditch as well as some of the polish he uses, and for Sirius, I gave him a ring with the constellations of Leo and Canis Major engraved into it. For Monty, I gave him a new framed photo of all of the boys since James acts like all of the marauders are his siblings and Monty acts like they are all his sons. For Effie, I got her a new scarf and a few hair accessories.

Chapter 16


Here is that half-chapter that I just finished typing. I have somehow not thrown up while typing it.

Chapter Text

Just looking at the building in front of me and I want to burn it down. This house is always making me angry just looking at it. 12 Grimmauld Place. The place where the Black brothers grew up and Regulus still lives. I turn to Alexia and see her smiling like she normally is.

“Do I have to act like I like these people?” I ask her as I fiddle with my dress.

“We can’t show that you are friends with Sirius. You know that we won’t be able to come back if we get on Walburga’s bad side. You said this while we were getting ready.” She reminds me.

“I know what I said but I still don’t want to be here,” I say.

“Aren’t your friends supposed to be here?” She asked.

“Yeah, the skittles are. I guess I can deal with their parents for an hour and spend the rest of my time with them.” I say grumbling as we knock on the door.

The door is opened by Kreatcher. “Welcome Ms. Jenkins and Ms. Barnes.” He says.

“Hello, Kreatcher do you know where Regulus is?” I ask as we step inside.

“I believe the young master is in the Parlor on the next floor,” Kreatcher says as he closes the door.

“Thank you Kreatcher,” Alexia says.

“Of course.” He says.

We walk up the stairs. The dining room is full of the adults and I try to avoid being seen by them. I am not ready to pretend to like any of them just yet. As we climb the stairs I hear some voices I recognise coming from the parlor. I smile as we enter the room. “So who else is already bored out of their mind?” I ask.

As I spoke 5 people turned to face us. Barty, Evan, Dorcus, Pandora, and Regulus were all sitting around on the couches in the room. Barty and Evan sat on opposite sides of a couch, Pandora and Dorcus sat next to each other on a loveseat and then Regulus was sitting in an armchair closest to the door.

Regulus stands up and gives me a quick hug. “Good to see you girls. How have things been since we last got to speak?” He lets go and hugs Alexia.

“Oh you know had all four of the Marauders staying for a few days. They sure loved to be annoying. Padfoot has been mopping around since Remus went home on the 24th.” I say making sure I use Sirius’s nickname to make sure no one outside of our group of friends knows that I mean Sirius.

“I see, and how has Padfoot been?” Regulus asks in a calm voice and I know by looking at him that he has been waiting to know the whole time since his letter.

“He is doing okay. Physically he is fine. Mentally he isn’t doing to well. He has been struggling to sleep. In the mornings I find him out in the sun room. I am teaching him how to cook while James is asleep. He has gotten good with eggs and from what I am seeing it makes him feel a little better being able to make something.” I say.

“That is good to hear. Please let him know I have been missing him.” He says.

“Of course. I’d be happy to.” I say before I turn and give everyone else a hug. Alexia takes a seat in the chair next to Regulus and I take a spot in between Barty and Evan.

“How have you all been?” I ask the others.

“Oh you know just getting told that I am a horrible son and to quit ruining my hair with the muggle hair dye you gave me for Christmas,” Barty says as he runs his hand through his hair which now has green mixed in with his dark hair.

“Glad that you liked it. It looks good. Maybe I should dye my hair,” I say pulling a strand of hair into my view. I would have to bleach it first and then I could color it. “Maybe a deep red and black split?”

“Isn’t red a Gryffindor color?” Evan teases.

“Yes, and my adoptive family is in Gryffindor and Hufflepuff,” I say. I would be fine with having red hair. I think back to how much Gryffindor merch I had in the 2020s. I had more for Gryffindor than I did Slytherin at one point. “It doesn’t matter to me what color my hair is. I just like it being pretty colors.”

Our conversation continues and I start to pay less attention. After a while, we get called downstairs for dinner. As we walk downstairs I feel a hand on my shoulder. Turning to face the person I find Narcissa Malfoy standing there. “Oh hello, Mrs. Malfoy. Is everything okay?” I ask her.

“Yes, I just was hoping to borrow you for a moment to speak with you.” She says gesturing to the backyard.

“Oh of course,” I say as I follow her out to the backyard.

“I saw Andromeda.” She says bluntly.

“Oh, you did?” I ask her shocked.

“Yes, and she did have that daughter with the pink hair named Nimphadora.” She says and now I remember that conversation. The first time I came to this party me and Alexia decided to try and convince Narcissa to give us the diary as a way to keep her family safe so we told her about Nemphadora Tonks.

“So do you believe us now?” I ask her.

“I do. I wanted to tell you that I am looking for that book you asked for.” She says.

“Thank you. This will help keep your family safe.” I say.

She gives me a nod and we move on from there and go back inside. We are making progress now. We have dinner and afterward the adults go back to gossiping and drinking. Regulus sneaks me some of Sirius’s stuff to take to him and we put it in my bag. I wander off and sneak into the kitchen.

“Kreatcher are you in here?” I ask him.

“What is it you need Ms. Barnes?” He asks stepping into my view as I walk down the stairs.

“Kreatcher I have a request for you,” I say before I hand him a note. “Read this when you have a moment and then burn it. I had a vision of the future and I refuse for it to become a reality.”

“Yes, Mame.” He says. I smile at him and go back to the party acting like I was never in the kitchen.

Chapter 17


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

Saturday, February 14th, 1976 Moon 98%

Valentines Day. The day for love. Unless of course, you are James Potter. In which case you try to ask out your crush for the 900th time only to get rejected… again. I walk over to the staircase James sits at and sit next to him. I bump his shoulder with mine and smile at him. “Come on cheer up James. You will get over this. It’s not like this was the first time.” I say trying and failing to comfort him.

“I don’t think that’s how you comfort him, Love,” Sirius says as he walks over with Alexia, Remus, and Peter.

“Oh and how would you deal with him?” I ask Sirius folding my arms and glaring at him.

Sirius chuckles and tries to answer but Snape cuts him off.

“What did Potter get turned down by the Mudblood again?” Snape asks glaring at us all.

My hands clench as I walk over to stand in front of James trying to block him from Snape. “f*ck off Snivelus.” I seeth.

“Oh and why should I? You are nothing more than a little guard dog to these idiots. You are a traitor to the Slytherin House.” Snape says a few of his friends are standing behind him. “Can’t Potter manage to get a single date from a mudblood?”

Remus grabs my arm trying to pull me away from Snape just a little.

“Oh look Loony Lupin has some common sense after all. He knows that you lot are beneath us.” Snape says his friends laughing.

Sirius growls at Snape. “Snivelous leave so you don’t embrace yourself.”

“Embrace me? That's a laugh coming from you. The disowned heir of Black. You must be such a disappointment to your parents.” Snape says before he turns to Peter. “Oh look it’s the shadow. You are a weak spineless fool, Pettigrew. You can’t do anything without one of these people being with you.”

Snape and his friends start laughing. Alexia steps forward. “Come one we can get along. We aren’t children we don’t need to throw around insults.” She says trying to be a peacekeeper.

“Alexia please stay out of this,” I say grabbing her arm and pulling her towards our group.

“What you don’t think Jenkins here can stand getting insulted? She’s such an airhead that I don’t think it would even phase her.” Snape says.

Alexia starts to laugh. “Oh like the candy. Ella do you remember the commercials for airheads where they eat them and then the kids start to float because their heads are full of air? Oh, what about the tootsie pop commercials with the owl? It gets like 3 licks in and then bites the sucker. I feel like it must have hurt its beak. Wait do owls even have tongs?” She instantly went down a rabbit hole of thought.

I couldn't help but smirk at Alexia's unexpected and amusing tangent. Snape, on the other hand, looked rather bewildered by her response.

"Uh, I think we've strayed a bit from the point," Remus said, attempting to redirect the conversation. "Can we all just take a step back and chill?"

Still eyeing us with disdain, Snape decided to take a different approach. "You all can hang out with your Mudblood-loving friend. Just remember where your loyalties lie."

With that, Snape and his group of cronies sauntered away, leaving us with a mixture of irritation and relief. Sirius turned to Alexia with a raised eyebrow. "Well, that was one way to handle it."

Alexia shrugged. "Who doesn't like a good candy-themed diversion?"

James, who had been quiet during the exchange, finally sighed. "Thanks, Ella, for trying to cheer me up. And Alexia, for the distraction."

"No problem," I replied with a smile. "You'll get over Lily Evans one of these days. In the meantime, let's focus on enjoying Valentine's Day with friends who appreciate us."

We all nodded in agreement, deciding to shake off the encounter with Snape and enjoy the rest of the day together. As we headed off in search of some lighthearted Valentine's Day festivities, I couldn't help but appreciate the diverse group of friends who made even the most challenging moments a little more bearable.


Foreshadowing is so much fun. I totally don't want to cry because of the canon plot coming up...

Chapter 18


WARNING references to cannon events and angst.

Chapter Text

Monday, February 16th Moon 99%

The day after a full moon is always a scary one. As per usual I head to the entrance of the school. The boys normally walk back once Remus has changed back. I have sat here for about 20 minutes and the sky is so cloudy today. It feels like one of those days in a movie where everything goes wrong and the weather matches the sadness of the characters.

I continue to sit in the courtyard. As I am waiting I start to fiddle with the sleeves of my sweater. After a while, I look up and notice only three of the boys walking back. Instantly I start to run over to them. Remus is walking back with Peter helping him and Sirius is following behind looking at the ground.

“What happened where is James?” I ask them looking directly between Peter and Sirius.

“He’s fine love. He is back in the castle already.” Sirius says.

“Why the hell is James already in the castle? He wouldn’t leave Remus alone on a day like this.” I say getting frustrated.

“Ella there was an accident… Snape figured out how to get past the Whomping Willow. James managed to save him but he decided it would be best to talk to him alone and escort him back to the castle.” Peter says softly not meeting my gaze.

“How did Snape get passed the willow?” I ask.

“Ella we all know this was my idea,” Sirius says softly.

“No there is no way in hell that you would do this to Remus. You might have joked about it but that doesn’t mean that you would do this. You wouldn’t betray your friends.” I say insistently.

“Ella enough it was my fault. Let's just get Remus inside and move on. I f*cked up.” Sirius says walking away from me and opening the door for Remus and Peter. I just stand there shocked and confused.

Did Sirius actually do the Prank? What the hell happened? And where is James?

When I can finally pull myself together I run through the halls looking for James. I eventually run into James as he is turning a corner and I pull him with me to the one-eyed witch passageway and start talking to him.

“James, what happened last night?” I ask him.

“Snape knew how to get passed the Willow.” He says. “He almost got attacked by Remus. I took him back to the castle and yelled at him for being reckless. Dumbledore found us and made Snape swear it to secrecy.”

“How the hell did Snape know how to get passed the Willow?” I ask.

“I don’t exactly but Sirius said it was his fault.” He says looking away from me.

“I don’t buy it. Sirius is too stuck up to admit he was wrong. James I don’t see him being able to do that. Espetaily not to Remus.” I say grabbing his arm.

“He said it was his idea,” James says taking my hand off of his shoulder. “We need to focus on Remus right now. Besides if Sirius admitted to it then it’s settled.” James turns and leaves the passageway and I sink to the ground pulling my knees to my chest. I failed. The Prank still happened. I don’t know what to do. This is making trying to save everyone so much harder. Am I even going to be able to save everyone? I need to plan backup plans with Alexia.

Chapter 19


Who gave me this much free time? Seriously I need to stop writing at this point I have been writing multiple chapters and I am so confused. The last time I wrote a fic I stopped like 10 chapters in. We have a moment of a Star Wars based coed that I figured I would give you the cheat code on.

R2D2 - The cave
Death Star Plans - Locket
Blue Milk - Diedam
Padme - Narcissa
Order 66 - The Prank
Leia - Regulus
Luke - Harry
Anikan - James
Kyber Crystal - Diary
Jedi - Animagus
Chewbacca - Sirius
Han Solo - Remus
Naboo - Room of Requirement
Hoth - Chamber of Secrets

I am not saying who Bobafet is though

Chapter Text

Saturday, February 21st Moon 60%

This week has been crazy. I still keep insisting that Sirius wouldn’t betray Remus. Sirius is still saying it was his fault and he is avoiding Remus, James, and Peter. I have noticed Peter looking nervous whenever Sirius enters a room. I honestly don’t know what to believe anymore. Would Sirius actually do this?

I get jolted from my thoughts as Barty shakes my shoulder. “Ella, are you coming to the match or not?” He asked.

Slytherin vs. Gryffindor. Of course, this is the week this match is. “Right, I’ll be right there,” I say as I get up from the Slytherin table.

“You okay there Ella?” Evan asks.

“I’m fine. Just was struggling with classes and it has been bugging me that I don’t know what I am doing wrong.” I say lying to them. “I am trying to do better than James and Sirius did in transfiguration.”

“Oh, you mean the animagus transformation?” Alexia asks absentmindedly.

“ALEXIA!” I shout covering her mouth.

“Wait wait wait. Our brothers are illegal animagus?” Regulus asks first.

“Yeah… We kinda blackmailed them into giving us the notes and I plan on figuring it out before summer.” I say softly as I let go of Alexia’s mouth.

“We’re in,” Barty says wrapping his arm around my neck as we walk outside.

“Wait. WHAT?” I ask suppressed.

“We are in. We are joining this plan of yours.” Evan says.

“You do know this is incredibly dangerous?” I ask.

“And illegal so obviously we are in,” Barty says.

“Fine,” I say giving in.

“Great now you two go sit in the stands and look pretty while we go beat Gryffindor,” Barty says pushing me towards the quidditch stands.

I stick my tongue out at him. “Be safe dumbasses,” I say.

The boys go off to the lockers while Alexia and I start climbing the stands. As we find a seat I get back into my thoughts before I turn to Alexia. “We need to talk about the plan,” I say.

“What part of the plan?” She asks as more students start to take the seats around us.

“Order 66 happened on Sunday,” I say going into the Star Wars code we made up.

“Wait Chewbaka betrayed Han Solo?” She asks shocked.

“I don’t think it was Chewie. I think it was Bobafete.” I say. “But now I’m scared if I couldn’t stop Order 66 what makes me think that I could save Luke or Leia or even Anikan.”

“Hey it’s okay we are just going to have to figure things out.” She says. “Where do we start?”

“The kyber crystal is getting found by Padme. The Deathstar plans will be with R2D2 in about 3 years. We can find the blue milk if we find Naboo. I think we deal with the other issues later and focus on these three. Where are we on finding Naboo?” I list the first three Horcruxs we need to find.

“I still haven’t found Naboo yet.” She says. “Have you figured out how to get into Hoth yet?”

“Almost I am sure I will master the spell before next year and then we can get into Hoth,” I say. Trying to project memories is hard. Apparently I have to first figure out how to take a memory out of my mind. After that it is a challenge to project it. I just need the memory of Harry speaking parsal tongue.

“Okay so we become Jedi, you master the spell so we can get into Hoth, and I find Naboo. From there then we figure out the next plan.” Alexia says.

“Exactly,” I say.

“What the hell are you two on about?” Remus asks as he takes a seat next to us.

“Star Wars,” Alexia says. I roll my eyes at her comment.

“How are you, Remus?” I ask him softly trying not to pry to much but knowing that this has to be a hard week.

“I’m fine.” He says looking out at the pitch as the game is about to start.

The stadium buzzed with anticipation as the Slytherin and Gryffindor Quidditch teams took to the skies for a highly awaited match. The atmosphere crackled with excitement, and the stands were filled with passionate supporters from both houses. Madam Hooch's whistle blew, signaling the start of the game.

The Slytherin Seeker, Regulus, and Gryffindor Seeker, Marlene, shot into the air, their eyes fixed on the golden Snitch. The Chasers, Avery, Mulciber, and Dorcus for Slytherin, clashed with James, Frank, and Alice for Gryffindor. The Quaffle was tossed into the air, and the game was underway.

Slytherin's Chasers moved with precision, passing the Quaffle amongst themselves effortlessly. Avery zigzagged through Gryffindor's defenses, scoring the first goal with a powerful throw. The Slytherin supporters erupted in cheers, their green and silver scarves waving triumphantly.

Gryffindor, however, was not one to be easily defeated. Frank quickly retaliated, skillfully dodging Slytherin Beaters Barty and Evan. With a swift dive, he sent the Quaffle through the goalposts, equalizing the score. The Gryffindor section roared with approval, red and gold banners waving in the air.

As the game intensified, both teams showcased incredible flying skills and strategic maneuvers. Slytherin's Beaters unleashed Bludgers at the Gryffindor Chasers, attempting to disrupt their rhythm, while Gryffindor's Keeper, Peter, made daring saves to keep his team in the game.

The Seekers continued their relentless pursuit of the elusive Snitch. Regulus and Marlene engaged in a breathtaking aerial duel, each trying to outmaneuver the other. Near misses and close calls added to the suspense, captivating the entire stadium.

With the score tied and the Snitch still eluding capture, tension hung in the air. The Seekers continued their chase, determined to secure victory for their respective houses. The audience held its collective breath, awaiting the thrilling conclusion of the match.

In the end, iRegulussnatched the Snitch, securing a narrow victory for Slytherin. The green and silver-clad fans erupted in cheers, celebrating their team's success. The Gryffindor supporters, though disappointed, graciously applauded both teams for an exhilarating match that showcased the skill and spirit of Quidditch at Hogwarts.

“I can’t believe I just beat James in another bet. He said Gryffindor was going to win the cup and yet they lost. James owes me so much money now.” I say giggling.

Chapter 20


This chapter has been finished for like a week and I just haven't posted it. I only realized when I went to go post the next chapter only to see that I was still on chapter 19.

Chapter Text

Sunday, February 22nd Moon 48%

Sundays are always the easiest. I have spent most of the week getting my assignments done so by the time we finish lunch I have finished the last of them and have moved on to reading whatever books I want. I am currently reading Animal Farm. Alexia had somehow convinced James and Sirus to study with us tonight. Studying is a strong word. More accurately Remus and I are sitting on the couch reading while Sirius, Peter, and James listen to whatever tangent Alexia has brought up at the moment.

“Can you shut up for 5 minutes?” James asks sarcastically.

“Oh, I bet we could do better,” I say looking up at James.

“Oh really? And how exactly do you think you could do better?” Sirius asks intrigued.

“I bet that you two girls can’t go one week without talking,” James says.

“Okay, I bet we can go multiple weeks. So I think you giving us each a galleon per week we don’t talk is fair.” I say to James. I can use this to my advantage. This is the perfect cover if we need to keep the mandrake leaves in our mouths for a month.

“You know what I want in on your bet. I will also pay you both a galleon per week but for every one of the cookies Ashley makes that you guys eat then you owe me a galleon.” Sirius says.

“I think that is fair,” I say.

“I’m in,” Alexia says.

“Alright then starting tomorrow morning after breakfast you two can’t talk,” James says holding out his hand.

Alexia shakes his hand and then I do. We then shake hands with Sirius too.

“Enjoy owing us money,” I say as I curl up next to Remus and start reading my book again.

Chapter 21


Be ready to deviate from the Cannon because we are following the headcannons that I have. These headcannons make me cry.

Chapter Text

Wednesday, April 14th Moon 100%

I am so done with this stupid animagus transformation already. We haven’t even finished the first step. James and Sirius didn’t expect us to have stuck to the not-talking thing but here we are 7 weeks in and 4 of them I have had a stupid leaf in my mouth. Thank Merlin this is the last day.

My grades have suffered slightly and I have had a few detentions for not participating in classes. Then we just have to add the dew every day for a week and then we have to wait for a storm.

James and Sirius have been trying to get us to give up on the whole not-talking thing. Alexia and I are owed 7 Galeons from both boys. If I remember my math from randomly looking it up is like $175 because a Galleon is worth like $25. I don’t know the wizarding world doesn’t make sense half the time.

I watch the sun as it starts to set. I am walking with Remus to the edge of the courtyard. As we reach the closest point to the Whomping Willow as I can go before a teacher would get upset I squeeze his arm. He is still mad at Sirius. Since I can’t talk I haven’t been able to help them deal with this.

“Ella, why don’t you go inside? I’ll be fine. The others will be checking in as soon as I finish the change.” Remus says.

I look into his eyes. I pull out a piece of parchment I had in my pocket and hand it to him.

Be safe. I’ll be right here in the morning.

“I’ll be fine Ella. You know that I can’t make any promises about not coming back with new scars though.” Remus jokes lightly.

I glare at him and roll my eyes before I hug him.

“I’ll try to not get hurt. Besides I have been calming down a lot this year thanks to the boys.” Remus says trying to reassure me.

I give him a nod as I pull away from the hug. I smile at him and give him a small wave as I turn around and leave. As soon as Remus is out of sight I run off to the astronomy tower to meet up with Alexia and the Slytherins. Barty, Eva, and Regulus kept their word and decided to do this with us. Regulus was the easy one to explain him not talking. He is more of an introvert than his brother. Evan and Barty however are a little harder. I think the professors just decided that Barty was doing this as a new way to mess with everyone.

As I finish getting up the stairs Alexia pulls me into a hug. I am pretty sure she could see the tension in me from stress. Honestly, this has been a big debate in my mind. Are we doing things that will help us or is this just a selfish side quest? Seriously is becoming an illegal Animagus going to be helpful or is this just something we wanted to do because it seems fun?

It has been 7 weeks of us not talking and so neither of us have been to choir or band practices. Technically I have been to my band practices but I have been writing songs down.

I finally pull myself out of my thoughts. We all wait as we watch the sun go down. The moment we can we pull out our crystal vials that have ‘received the pure rays of the moon’. We put the leaves into our vials with one of our hairs as well as the first of seven scoops of the dew before we put the vials away.

“Godric that was a long almost two months. I can’t believe that we are finally done with the stupid leaf part.” I say. “I am so glad we didn’t fail at this. I sure as hell didn’t want to do another month of that.”

“Not even 2 minutes after the leaf is out of your mouth and you’re already back to cursing.” Barty teases me.

“What it’s in my blood. My grandmother was a chef, my grandfather was a sailor, my great-grandfather was a truck driver in the muggle world, and my father was a mechanic.” I say jokingly. “If I don’t cuss then something is probably wrong with me.”

“Wait you know things about your birth family?” Evan asks quickly.

“Oh yeah. I just don’t like thinking about them. I miss them too much if I think about them.” I say. “It isn’t a train of thought I like to follow. Let’s get going we are almost to curfew and I was going to walk Alexia back first.”

We all start to head back to the common rooms. The boys go to the Slytherin common room and I walk with Alexia to the Hufflepuff one. After she goes inside I start to walk back to the Slytherin common room. I honestly am starting to feel worse about the whole animagus thing. I feel like this was a selfish decision. We could be doing something more productive with our time. Alexia still hasn’t found the Room of Requirement. I still can’t take memories out. I don’t know if we are doing the right thing. I also am worrying about the Slytherins. Are we going to be able to save everyone? Are we going to be able to save anyone? I couldn’t stop the prank so what makes me think we can stop anything from happening?

As I round a corner I see Snape and Peter in the hallway. Snape is glaring at Peter. I quickly slip behind a tapestry and listen to what they are saying.

“You have some nerve Pettigrew, You can’t expect me to not want to curse you for almost killing me,” Snape says.

“What did you expect? You insulted all of us the day before, and yet you still listened to me when I said I knew how to get past the Whomping Willow.” Peter says.

At Peter’s confession, I have to cover my mouth so I don’t blow my cover. I was right Peter was the traitor of The Prank. I grab my wand and grip it tightly. I can’t believe Peter was the one who betrayed Remus. Wait this makes sense to me. This makes October 31st, 1981 make a lot more sense if Peter has a history of betraying the others. He is a traitor already and he had Sirius take the fall for him as well. I want to curse him.

Eventually, Snape leaves and Peter starts to walk toward the tapestry I am hiding behind. I pull him behind the tapestry sticking my wand under his chin. “How f*cking dare you, Peter. You betrayed Remus and let Sirius take the fall for it? Give me one reason why I shouldn’t curse you?”

“Who do you think they would side with if you curse me? The Slytherin who has always hated me or me the weakling who follows them around and does whatever they say?” He asks me.

“I am going to tell them if you don’t come clean to the other Marauders,” I tell him. “The first thing I will ask them is going to be if you came clean.”

“Right, and I’m so scared of you telling them because again they won’t believe it. Why would they believe that I would betray them when Sirius already said he did it?” Peter says.

I narrow my eyes at Peter, frustration and anger bubbling inside me. This revelation changes everything. The dynamics of trust among the Marauders are shattered, and Peter's betrayal hangs in the air like a thick fog.

"Because," I seethe, "if you don't confess, I will make sure everyone knows you're the rat who sold out Remus. I don't care if they believe me or not, but they deserve to know the truth."

Peter's eyes flicker with a mix of fear and desperation. He knows the consequences of being exposed. I press my wand harder against his chin, my voice cold and determined.

"Tell them the truth, Pettigrew. You owe them that much."

He hesitates for a moment before nodding in reluctant agreement. We step out from behind the tapestry, and I escort him to where the other Marauders are. As we approach, I can see James and Sirius chatting animatedly, unaware of the storm about to hit them.

"Hey, where've you been?" James asks, looking at Peter and me.

I shoot a glance at Peter, silently urging him to speak up. His voice trembles as he begins to confess, detailing his involvement in the events leading up to the Prank and how he betrayed Remus.

The revelation hits James and Sirius like a stunning spell. Shock and disbelief flash across their faces as they absorb the truth. I can see the anger building in Sirius, and the hurt in James's eyes is palpable. All I can think about is that must have been his face in Crimson Rivers when Peter betrayed them and joined the Death Eaters.

"You let me take the blame for the last two months?" Sirius growls, his eyes narrowing at Peter.

"I-I didn't think they'd believe me," Peter stammers, shrinking under Sirius's intense gaze.

"You're a coward, Pettigrew," James says, his disappointment evident. "After everything we've been through together."

The truth hangs heavy in the air, and the once unbreakable bond between the Marauders has been fractured. I step back, watching as they confront the betrayal that had been hidden for so long.

As the confrontation unfolds, I can't help but wonder if our pursuit of becoming Animagi was worth the cost. The secrets, the betrayal, and the potential consequences for Remus weigh heavily on my conscience. The path we've chosen seems darker and more uncertain than ever before.

Chapter 22


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Chapter Text

Thursday, April 15th Moon 98%

This is the morning of everything coming around. Peter is already back to the castle as I am heading to the courtyard. The moment he sees me in the hall he squeaks and quickly turns down another hallway. Looks like I did scare him.

When I reach the courtyard I see Alexia already here and she is bouncing slightly. My guess is she had a trip to the kitchens to make her cookies since we finished the whole not-talking thing. My guess is correct when I see her pull out a cookie. “It hasn’t even been a full 24 hours.” I tease her as I take a seat next to her on the fountain.

“Hey it took you two minutes to start to cuss so don’t blame me.” She says. “Also why did Peter run away from me this morning? Normally the boys all come back to the castle at the same time.

“Long story short he is the one who told Snape how to get past the Willow in February. My guess is Remus got pissed when they told him and he ran off.” I say with a shrug.

“Wait Peter betrayed Remus?” She asks me shocked.

“Yep. Anyway, I am just glad it wasn’t Sirius.” I say. I look out over the courtyard at the entrance and see the boys starting to walk back.

I grin and walk over to the boys quickly hugging Remus. “How are you this morning? Don’t even think about saying just fine?” I say pulling away to look at him trying to see if I can find any injuries.

“One of the easier months. Just a few superficial cuts on my legs and chest.” Remus responds.

“Okay. And how did you take the news this morning?” I ask him.

“Oh, Moony here was pissed,” Sirius says with a snicker. “Pretty sure he was going to curse Peter if he hadn’t left.”

“Nah I think he would have punched him first,” James says laughing.

Remus gives them a wry smile, acknowledging the accuracy of their assessment. "Well, let's just say Peter has a lot to answer for. It's a good thing Ella was there to make sure he spilled the truth."

I nod in agreement, though the weight of the recent revelations still lingers. "We need to figure out what to do next. Peter's betrayal changes things, and we can't just ignore it."

Sirius scowls, his frustration evident. "I can't believe he let me take the blame for so long. After all, we've been through..."

James places a hand on Sirius's shoulder, a silent show of support. "We'll deal with it, mate. But for now, let's focus on today."

The courtyard becomes our makeshift meeting ground as we discuss the plan for the day. The sun casts a warm glow over us, a stark contrast to the shadows that have been cast over our friendship. Despite the tension, we're determined to move forward.

As we make our way to a more secluded spot to continue our conversation, I can't shake the feeling that this journey we've embarked on is leading us down a darker and more complicated path than any of us anticipated. The magic in the air feels charged with uncertainty, and I wonder if we're truly prepared for what lies ahead.

“Oh right boys pay up by the way,” I say. “We made it 7 weeks,” I say to James and Sirius. The two of them grumble paying me and Alexia each a total of 14 Galleons. “Pleasure doing business with you,” I say.

As we continue to sit around Alexia is continuing to eat her cookies. Eventually, we go to breakfast and then we start classes. I hate Thursday mornings. I have a double period of History of Magic with Binns. Thankfully it is only once a week because it is a double.

After yet another boring morning of History of Magic, I head to lunch and while sitting at the Slytherin table Alexia comes over. I look over at her about to ask her how potions went when I see her looking sick. “Alexia, are you okay you don’t look good?”

“I don’t feel too good.” She says laying her head on my shoulder.

I give her a glass of water. “Drink this and then let’s get you to the hospital wing,” I tell her.

After she drinks the water we head to the hospital wing. As we go in Pomfry starts to pull her to a bed and check her over. “Ms. Jenkins, how much sugar have you had today?”

“I don’t know a lot.” She responds.

“Alexia, how many cookies have you had today?” I ask her.

“I think about 25 or so. I didn’t count.” She says.

“You overloaded your system with too much sugar,” Pomfre said.

I start to laugh slightly until I get glared at by Madame Pomfrey. “Sorry,” I say looking down.

“Ms. Jenkins is to stay here for a few hours and rest,” Pomfrey says before she turns to me. “Ms. Barnes, can you take something to Mr. Lupin for me?”

“Of course,” I say with a smile. Madame Pomfre gives me a container with a salve for Remus. I then get ushered out of the hospital wing and I go off to find Remus. I wish I had the map right now.

Navigating the hallways without the Marauder's Map proves to be a challenge, but eventually, I spot Remus heading toward the courtyard. I catch up to him and tap him on the shoulder, gaining his attention.

"Hey, Remus. Madame Pomfrey asked me to give you this salve." I hand him the container.

His eyes flicker with gratitude. "Thanks, Ella. How's Alexia?"

I sigh, "She ate too many cookies and overloaded on sugar. Pomfrey asked her to rest in the hospital wing for a few hours."

Remus shakes his head with a small chuckle, "Leave it to Alexia to overindulge in sweets. I hope she feels better soon."

"Yeah, me too. Anyway, we should probably get back to the others. There's a lot to discuss, especially with what happened this morning." I glance around, making sure no one is eavesdropping.

Remus nods, "Right. Let's head back."

As we walk back to the courtyard, my mind races with thoughts of Peter's betrayal, Alexia's sugar-induced mishap, and the overall complexity of our situation. The magic in the air feels charged with a mix of tension and uncertainty. I wonder how the rest of the day will unfold and what challenges lie ahead for us, the makeshift group of friends navigating the intricacies of friendship, secrets, and the unknown path we've chosen and for the boys haven’t chosen.

Chapter 23


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Chapter Text

Friday, April 30th, Moon 1%

I was supposed to have an astronomy lab night, but the sky is clouded over. I still decide to sit in the astronomy tower, watching the storm, just waiting for lightning to appear. There is a bright flash, and then the sky makes a loud boom, and I get up, running down to my dorm room. This should be it. My potion should be ready. For the last week, I have felt the second heartbeat as I cast the spell.

I reach my dorm and see that Dorcus is not in the room. I kneel next to my bed and move the loose floorboard that I had hidden the vial behind. I reach in and pull out the vial; it is a beautiful blood-red color.

I take out my wand and wave it, locking the doors to the dorm room. I then point my wand at my heart and say the incantation once more. “Amato Animo Animato Animagus.” I place my wand on the nightstand and drink the potion.

I feel the fiery sensation fill my body. This is so much worse than the notes described. I then feel the second heartbeat grow more intense.

I lay back on my bed, trying to be comfortable and calm. As I calm down a little more, I suddenly get a flash of black, grey, brown, and white before me, and then everything gets much larger around me as everything hurts, and my legs and arms feel like they are getting stitched to the rest of my body.

I try to move and notice that I don’t feel like I have limbs anymore. I keep trying, and eventually, the way to move comes to me, and I move towards my pillow so I can see into the mirror on my nightstand. I look into the mirror and see my Animagus form. My glasses have melted into my patterning. I look like an axanthic pied ball python. I look away from the mirror and start to focus on my normal human appearance. After a while, I change back. As soon as I change back, I get up, grab my wand, and run to the Gryffindor common room.

The Gryffindor common room is buzzing with activity as we socialize and unwind. I make my way through the crowd, my heart pounding with the realization of my success. The lightning-lit storm outside perfectly mirrors the storm of emotions within me.

As I approach my friends, their eyes widen with curiosity and excitement. Sirius and James turn towards me, and Remus looks up from his book, sensing the shift in the magical atmosphere.

"Ella, what's going on? Why are you running like that?" Sirius asks, concern etching his face.

“Your dorm room now,” I say pointing to the stairs practically jumping as they get up and follow me to their room.

"Guys, I did it. I transformed. I'm an Animagus now!" I exclaim, unable to contain my excitement.

The group erupts into cheers, and I can see the genuine happiness on their faces. Remus offers me a proud smile, understanding the significance of this achievement.

"What's your form?" James asks, his eyes wide with curiosity.

"I'm an axanthic pied ball python," I reply, still buzzing with the thrill of my transformation.

"Wow, that's incredible!" Sirius exclaims. "Can you show us? Transform again!"

I nod, eager to share my accomplishment with my friends. With a focused thought and the incantation, I transform once more, my body changing into the elegant and patterned snake. The boys dorm room falls into a hushed awe as they watch my unique Animagus form.

Remus approaches me, his eyes filled with pride and understanding. "Congratulations, Ella. This is a remarkable achievement."

I focus on changing back. "Thanks, Remus. I couldn't have done it without your guidance," I say, truly grateful for the support he provided during this challenging process.

The celebration continues, and I revel in the camaraderie of my friends. The storm outside seems to reflect the storm of emotions, challenges, and triumphs I've experienced throughout this Animagus journey. As the night unfolds, I find myself at the heart of my Gryffindor family, grateful for the bonds I've formed and the magic that has forever changed me.

Chapter 24


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Chapter Text

Thursday, May 13th Moon Full

This is the first full moon since the storm. Alexia, Barty, Evan, and Regulus were all successful as well. Alexia is a crow, Barty is a raccoon, Evan is a fennec fox, and Regulus is a black cat. For obvious reasons, the Slytherins don’t know that me and Alexia are joining the Marauders for the full moon.

“Alexia for the love of god slow down. Moony isn’t going anywhere.” I yell after her as we run through the halls.

“This is the first time we get to join them I’m excited.” She tells me as she starts to bounce at the top of a staircase.

“I know I’m excited too but we have to be careful. Remember we are about to break so many school rules.” As I reach her I grab her arm whispering to her.

“Right, we have to be smart about this.” She says with a nod.

We continue to sneak out to the courtyard and as we reach it we find James and Sirius. “Oh were the two of you waiting long?” I ask as we walk over.

“Not at all, Love,” Sirius says wrapping an arm around my shoulders. “We were just trying to figure out how to get past the Willow since Pettigrew isn’t joining us tonight.”

“Oh, I can do it. I am smaller than either of you. And we all know Alexia is too scared to fly towards the willow.” I say as I elbow Alexia playfully.

“Hey this one is an angry tree,” she says crossing her arms.

“Sure it is,” I respond playfully. I stick my tongue out at her.

The four of us walk to the willow. While we are still a safe distance away I transform into my animagus form slither along the ground over to the tree and change back pressing the knot to stop the tree's movements. The other three follow as we go towards the shack. We all change forms into our animagus forms before we reach the end of the tunnel. Since Remus is in one of the top rooms James lowers his head and I climb up and wrap around his antlers. Alexia flies up the stairs and Sirius trots next to James up the staircase.

As we make our way through the tunnel and into the Shrieking Shack, the atmosphere is filled with a mix of excitement and anticipation. The full moon hangs in the night sky, casting an ethereal glow on the Hogwarts grounds. The Marauders and our newly-formed Animagus group are about to embark on this clandestine adventure.

Inside the shack, the air is tense with the impending transformation. Remus is already in the top room, preparing for the night. James, Sirius, and I navigate the narrow staircase, each in our Animagus forms. I coil around James's antlers, Alexia gracefully flies up the stairs, and Sirius pads alongside James.

As we reach the top room, Remus looks up from his preparations, a mix of surprise and amusem*nt in his eyes. The sight of our Animagus forms seems to bring a sense of relief and camaraderie.

"Looks like we've got some new company, Moony," James says with a grin.

Remus chuckles, "Well, well, it seems our ranks have grown. Welcome, Ella and Alexia. It's good to have some more furry friends on our side."

Alexia lands gracefully and transforms back into her human form, her excitement still evident. "This is amazing! I never thought I'd be part of something like this."

Remus nods, his eyes reflecting gratitude. "We're a unique bunch, that's for sure. Now, let's make sure everyone is secured before the transformation begins."

We all take our positions in the room, finding safe spots away from Remus. The air crackles with magic as the moonlight seeps through the windows. The transformation begins, and Remus changes, the room filled with the sounds of shifting bones and fur.

This is much worse than having watched it in the Prisoner of Azkaban movie.

As the minutes pass, the shack is filled with the presence of both werewolf and Animagi. The Marauders, now accompanied by Alexia and me, navigate this hidden world, bound by secrets, loyalty, and the shared experience of the full moon.

As we keep watch over Remus and ensure everyone's safety, the bond between us grows stronger. The magic of the night weaves a tapestry of friendship, making this unconventional journey all the more extraordinary.

Chapter 25


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Chapter Text

Friday, May 14th Moon 99%

The first rays of sunlight begin to pierce through the windows of the Shrieking Shack, signaling the end of the full moon night. The room, once filled with the transformative energy of werewolves and Animagi, now settles into a quiet calm. Remus, having completed his transformation, lies in a corner, the exhaustion evident on his face.

As the sunlight strengthens, the Marauders and our Animagus companions revert to our human forms, each of us wearing expressions that range from weariness to accomplishment. Remus manages a tired but appreciative smile as he realizes that, for the first time, Alexia and I have successfully joined their secret escapade.

"Well done, Ella, Alexia. You handled it better than some of us on our first night," Remus remarks, his gratitude palpable.

Sirius stretches, letting out a yawn. "I must say, having a couple of Animagi around makes this whole thing a bit more manageable. Less chaos, more control."

James adds with a grin, "And Ella's snake form is surprisingly good at slithering past obstacles. We might have found a new shortcut to the Whomping Willow."

I chuckle, feeling a mix of pride and relief. "Glad I could be of service. But we need to be cautious, guys. This secret is delicate, and we can't afford any slip-ups."

The group nods in agreement, recognizing the importance of keeping our nighttime activities hidden. After some time, we make our way back through the tunnel, returning to the Hogwarts grounds with the morning light bathing the castle.

As we step out into the fresh air, there's a sense of camaraderie among us, the shared experience deepening our bond. Remus looks at us with a gratitude that words can't fully express. "Thank you, both of you. Your presence made a real difference."

As we make our way back out passed the tunnel in the Willow we step out onto the grounds and it is covered in fog.

“It’s so Foggy. I can’t see 5 inches in front of my face.” I say sarcastically.

“Love you can’t see normally,” Sirius says playfully.

“Hey, I can too see. I just need glasses…” I say crossing my arms and mumbling.

“It’s like something out of a horror movie,” Alexia says as she starts to walk to the castle. “I love it.”

“Or like something out of a Spiderman game,” I whisper jokingly to Alexia as I take her arm while we walk up the hill.

“Oh, I know. Or like something out of Batman.” She says giggling. “Gotham keep your weather we don’t want it.”

In the Great Hall, we find ourselves surrounded by curious looks from Lily and the other girls. It seems our absence during the full moon night did not go unnoticed. Sirius takes charge of the situation with his typical nonchalant demeanor. "Just a late-night adventure. Nothing you lot need to worry about."

Alexia and I exchange knowing glances, realizing that our secret is safe for now. We retreat to our Classes, reflecting on the events of the night. The journey into Animagus has brought us closer to the Marauders, strengthening the unspoken bonds of friendship. Plus with me now knowing that Peter is the traitor I feel much better. He has not interacted with the others in the last month so it seems like Peter won’t cause October 31st, 1981.

As I settle into my desk for Care Of Magical Ceatceters I feel a sense of accomplishment. Little did I know that this daring adventure was just the beginning of the challenges and triumphs that awaited us in the magical world of Hogwarts.

Chapter 26


Some comfort

Chapter Text

Saturday, June 5th Moon 50%

I thought that James couldn’t be any more annoying about quidditch and yet here we are. Gryffindor won the Quidditch Cup. So what does that mean for me? I got dragged to the party in the Gryffindor Common room.

“Lily please save me from my brother he is so annoying. Please I will give you 5 Galleons just to walk over and tell him good job. Because at least then he will completely shut down and be distracted by you.” I say pleading with Lily to go talk to James.

Lily gives me an amused look, her green eyes sparkling with mischief. "Five Galleons, huh? Tempting, but I think I'll pass on that offer. Besides, I don't want to encourage James's already inflated ego any further."

I groan in mock desperation. "Come on, Lily, you're my only hope. I can't handle another round of James bragging about the Quidditch victory. It's insufferable!"

She laughs, glancing over at James, who's animatedly retelling a play-by-play of the final match to a group of Gryffindor students. "Alright, alright, I'll do it. But only because you look like you're about to keel over from the sheer annoyance."

I thank Lily with a grateful smile as she saunters over to James, interrupting his storytelling. From a distance, I can see her shaking her head in a playful scolding manner. James, predictably, looks both surprised and delighted by her presence.

I can't hear their conversation, but Lily eventually gives him a friendly pat on the back, and James, true to form, grins widely. Mission accomplished.

Lily returns to me, smirking. "There you go. I hope that brought you some peace."

"Thank you, Lily. You're a lifesaver. Now, maybe I can enjoy the party without James driving me crazy," I reply with a relieved sigh.

As we navigate through the celebratory crowd in the Gryffindor Common Room, Lily and I find a quieter spot to chat and relax. The room is filled with the sounds of laughter, chatter, and the occasional burst of celebratory cheers. Gryffindor flags hang proudly, and the excitement over winning the Quidditch Cup is palpable.

Despite James's exuberance, the atmosphere is infectious, and I find myself getting into the spirit of the celebration. Lily and I exchange stories, share a few laughs, and enjoy the camaraderie of the girls.

As the night progresses, I can't help but reflect on the unpredictability of Hogwarts life. One moment, I'm pleading with Lily to rescue me from James's Quidditch obsession, and the next, I'm dancing and celebrating with friends. In the magical world of Hogwarts, every day brings new surprises and adventures, whether it's navigating sibling dynamics or reveling in the triumphs of the Quidditch pitch.

“I am unbeatable!” Sirius shouts and I look over to him and see him grinning like only he can. He is holding a bottle of Firewhisky.

“What exactly are you unbeatable at?” I ask him walking over.

“No one can beat me at this drinking game,” Sirius says.

“You know what I’m in. How do I play?” I ask him crossing my arms.

Sirius smirks, clearly enjoying the challenge. "Alright, listen up. It's a simple game called 'Wizard's Courage.' We take turns downing shots of Firewhisky, and the last person standing is the 'unbeatable' champion. No magic allowed, just pure wizarding fortitude."

I raise an eyebrow, contemplating the idea. "You're on, Sirius. Let's see if you're as unbeatable as you claim to be. The loser has to pay the winner 20 Galleons."

Sirius grins, the challenge accepted. "You're on, Barnes. But be warned, I've never lost this game, and tonight won't be any different."

As the rules are established, we gather in a circle, and Sirius pours the first round of shots. The Firewhisky shimmers in the low light, and the room buzzes with anticipation. Gryffindor students cheer, sensing the brewing competition between Sirius and me.

The first round begins, and we down our shots simultaneously. The fiery liquid burns down my throat, and I can feel the warmth spreading through my chest. Sirius, unfazed, smirks as he places his empty glass on the table.

"Smooth as always," he comments, giving me a challenging look.

The subsequent rounds blur together as the game progresses. Shot after shot, the atmosphere in the Gryffindor Common Room becomes more spirited. Laughter and cheers fill the air, blending with the lively music. Sirius and I exchange banter between sips, each trying to outwit the other.

As the game reaches its climax, the room becomes a blur of merriment. Gryffindor flags sway in the background and the fireplace crackles with warmth. Lily and some friends join the audience, enjoying the spectacle.

In a surprising turn of events, both Sirius and I remain standing, having downed an impressive number of shots. The Gryffindor students cheer louder, sensing an epic showdown.

Sirius raises an eyebrow, acknowledging my resilience. "Impressive, Barnes. But let's see if you can handle one more round."

With determination, we prepare for the final round. The tension in the room is palpable as the shots are poured. The stakes are higher now, with 20 Galleons on the line.

As we both lift our glasses, the Gryffindor Common Room falls into a hushed silence. The entire room watches with bated breath as the showdown between Sirius Black and Ella Barnes unfolds, a testament to the unpredictable and magical nature of Hogwart's life.

The final round begins, and we lock eyes in a silent challenge. The weight of the moment hangs in the air as the shots are lifted, our hands steady but determined. The Gryffindor Common Room is filled with electric energy, everyone anticipating the outcome of this legendary Wizard's Courage battle.

We down the shots simultaneously, the Firewhisky's burn now a familiar sensation. The room watches in suspense as we place our empty glasses on the table. A collective breath is held, waiting for someone to waver.

Surprisingly, neither of us shows any signs of faltering. The realization dawns that this match might end in a draw, a rare occurrence in Sirius Black's claim of unbeatability. The tension in the room reaches its peak as we exchange a final glance.

Sirius smirks, acknowledging the unexpected challenge I've presented. "Well, Barnes, it seems we've reached an impasse."

The Gryffindor students erupt into cheers and applause, impressed by the display of resilience from both contenders. The room transforms into a celebration of our shared victory, transcending the competition.

As the cheers resonate, Sirius extends his hand, a gesture of sportsmanship. "I have to admit, you've given me quite the run for my money, Barnes. We may not have a clear winner, but I'd say we both earned our bragging rights tonight."

I accept his hand with a grin. The magical world of Hogwarts never fails to surprise, and this unexpected turn of events becomes another memorable chapter in our journey through the enchanted halls of the castle.

The celebration continues, the room filled with laughter, music, and the warmth of shared victories. Hogwarts life, with its twists and turns, proves once again that every moment is an adventure, and sometimes, the most unexpected alliances can emerge from the unlikeliest of places.

Chapter 27


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June 6th Moon 61%

The morning after the epic Wizard's Courage showdown, the Gryffindor Common Room is filled with a mix of celebratory cheers and the groans of those nursing hangovers. Sirius and I, surprisingly unscathed by the drinking game, find ourselves at the center of attention as students recount the legendary match.

As the tales of the previous night's escapades circulate, Remus Lupin enters the common room, looking slightly disheveled but amused. His gaze narrows when he spots Sirius and me amidst the crowd.

"What in Merlin's name happened here last night?" Remus asks, surveying the aftermath of the celebration.

Sirius grins, still reveling in the triumph. "Just a little game of Wizard's Courage, Moony. Nothing we couldn't handle."

Remus raises an eyebrow, clearly skeptical, but decides not to delve deeper into the details. Instead, he directs his attention to the broader audience. "Alright, settle down, everyone. I hope you've all had your fun. But I have an announcement to make."

The room quiets down, and all eyes turn to Remus. He clears his throat before delivering the verdict. "Effective immediately, all bets within Gryffindor house are banned. No more wagers on Quidditch, duels, or, especially, drinking games. It seems some of you have taken this competitiveness a bit too far."

A collective groan echoes through the common room, but Remus stands firm. "I mean it. We're here to focus on our studies and enjoy our time at Hogwarts, not turn everything into a competition. Understood?"

Reluctant nods and mumbled agreements ripple through the crowd. Remus scans the room, making eye contact with anyone who might challenge the decree. Eventually, the Gryffindor students concede, realizing that Remus, with his calm authority, isn't one to be trifled with.

Sirius mutters under his breath, "Looks like Moony's putting a damper on our fun."

Remus, overhearing, gives Sirius a pointed look. "Fun is fine, Padfoot. But when it starts interfering with everyone's well-being and the sanctity of the house, it's time to rein it in. No more bets."

With that, Remus leaves the common room, and the students disperse, grumbling about the sudden prohibition. Sirius and I exchange amused glances, realizing that even in the magical world of Hogwarts, there are limits to the mischief and mayhem.

As the day unfolds, a newfound sense of order settles over Gryffindor house, albeit with a lingering hint of rebellion. Remus Lupin's ban on bets becomes the talk of the castle, and the legend of the Wizard's Courage showdown becomes a cautionary tale for those who dare to push the boundaries of Hogwarts life.

Chapter 28


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Sunday, June 27th New Moon

I can’t believe the term is almost over. We go home tomorrow. The Slytherins keep asking why we are all mad at Peter. The only answer I give is that he knows what he did.

The summer heat is already starting. The girls decided it was perfect weather for a beach day. The Slytherin and Gryffindor boys both decided to join in on the fun. So that is how Alexia, Barty, Dorcus, Evan, James, Lily, Marline, Mary, Regulus, Remus, Sirius and I are all on our way to the lake.

The summer heat hung in the air as our group made our way to the lake for a beach day. Laughter and chatter filled the atmosphere, and the camaraderie between Gryffindor and Slytherin students was a testament to the bonds that had formed over the school year. Even with the recent revelations about Peter's betrayal, we were determined to enjoy our last day at Hogwarts before heading home for the summer.

The sun beat down as we reached the shores of the lake, the water shimmering invitingly. The Slytherins and Gryffindors quickly claimed a patch of sandy beach, spreading out towels and setting up for a day of relaxation. Remus and Sirius engaged in a friendly debate about the best way to conjure sunscreen, while James attempted to show off his Quidditch skills with an imaginary Snitch.

I settled on the beach towel next to Alexia, who was busy unpacking a basket of snacks. "Can you believe the term is almost over?" I mused, looking out at the expansive lake.

Alexia grinned, handing me a refreshing drink. "Time flies when you're having fun, or dealing with animagus transformations and dramatic revelations."

I chuckled, taking a sip. "True. But hey, we made it through, and now we get to enjoy some sun and relaxation."

As the day unfolded, we swam in the lake, played beach games, and shared stories. The tension that lingered from the events involving Peter seemed to dissipate with each shared laugh and playful splash in the water. Alexia kept trying to throw pool floaties at Regulus convinced that he didn’t know how to swim. I don’t think she realized that was just a dark joke I had made back in the 2000s.

Later in the afternoon, James conjured a magically amplified music player, filling the air with upbeat tunes. The impromptu beach party gained momentum as everyone joined in a carefree dance. Even Regulus, who was usually more reserved, couldn't resist the infectious energy.

As the sun began to dip below the horizon, casting hues of orange and pink across the sky, we gathered around a conjured bonfire. The crackling flames provided warmth as we toasted marshmallows and shared our favorite memories of the year.

The Slytherins and Gryffindors once again united in friendship, watched the stars emerge in the darkening sky. Despite the challenges and surprises that Hogwarts life had thrown our way, this day at the lake became a cherished memory—a symbol of the enduring bonds we had formed, transcending house rivalries and personal struggles.

As we sat under the starlit sky, I couldn't help but feel a sense of gratitude for the friendships forged during our time at Hogwarts. The summer awaited, promising new adventures, but for now, we embraced the magic of the moment, savoring the warmth of the fire and the company of those who had become more than just classmates—they were family.


We have officially finished the Marauder's fifth year.

Chapter 29


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Wednesday, September 7th Moon 54%

This is it we are going back to Hogwarts. James and Sirius are worse than just James when it comes to getting to see Remus. Thankfully Alexia still has one more year at Hogwarts. I head down to the breakfast table and wave at Monty and Effie. “Good morning,” I say softly as I sit down. “Please tell me that we are leaving for Platform 9 ¾ soon. I don’t think I can take much more of James and Sirius.” I say.

Monty and Effie return the morning greeting with warm smiles. "Good morning, Ella! And yes, we're leaving for Platform 9¾ soon. The carriages are ready, and the excitement is quite palpable," Monty replies with a twinkle in his eyes.

Effie chuckles. "You seem eager to escape the clutches of James and Sirius. They must be up to their usual antics again."

I nod emphatically. "You have no idea. They've been practically counting down the days until we can see Remus again. It's like they've never been away from him."

Monty raises an eyebrow. "Ah, young love. Reminds me of my Hogwarts days, though I was never as exuberant as those two."

Effie nudges him playfully. "Oh, I remember a certain someone who used to sneak into the kitchens just for a glimpse of me."

Monty feigns innocence. "I have no idea what you're talking about, my dear."

I laugh along with them, grateful for the light-hearted atmosphere. "Well, I'm just glad Alexia and I still have another year to enjoy Hogwarts without their constant Remus-related shenanigans."

Effie smiles. "Indeed. Make the most of your time there. Hogwarts has a way of shaping us in ways we never expect."

As we finish our breakfast, James, Sirius, and Alexia come and join us. The excitement in the air is contagious, and I can't help but feel a sense of anticipation for the adventures that await in the upcoming school year.

We apperate and arrive at the platform. After saying goodbye James and Sirius run off and find Remus.

As I board the train and find an empty compartment, I reflect on the friendships and memories that have defined my time at Hogwarts. Little do I know, the journey back to the magical castle will mark the beginning of another chapter filled with surprises, challenges, and the enduring magic of Hogwart's life.


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Chapter 30


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Thursday, September 2nd Moon 65%

This is probably the worst outcome the summer could have had. “You befriended Pettigrew?” I ask Barty and Evan. We have been at Hogwarts for not even 24 hours yet.

“Yeah. Honestly, I don’t know why you don’t like him.” Barty says as he leans back on the couch in the Slytherin Common room. “He seems like a decent bloke. Unless you finally feel like telling us what he did that made everyone mad at him.”

I roll my eyes. As much as I would love to mention how much of a traitor Peter is I can’t go and tell them because that would expose Remus. “He knows what he did,” I say crossing my arms.

“Oh so vague. Look unless you decide to tell us why you don’t like him we are going to continue to hang out with him.” Evan says.

“Reggie, do you hear them?” I ask Regulus waving my hands around in exasperation.

Regulus looks up from a book he's been reading, a hint of amusem*nt in his eyes. "Oh, I hear them. It seems Barty and Evan are on a mission to befriend Pettigrew."

Evan grins. "Absolutely. The more, the merrier, right Ella?"

Barty nods. "Besides, he's proven to be quite decent company. You should give him a chance, Ella."

I lean against the arm of the couch, giving them a skeptical look. "You two really have no idea, do you? Peter Pettigrew is not the innocent bloke he pretends to be. There's more to him than meets the eye."

Regulus raises an eyebrow, intrigued. "Do tell. What's the big secret?"

I hesitate, realizing I can't disclose Remus's condition. "Let's just say he's betrayed people. You wouldn't be so friendly if you knew the whole story."

Evan smirks. "Well, until you spill the beans, we'll be hanging out with him. Can't let prejudices ruin potential friendships."

I shake my head in disbelief. "You're playing a dangerous game, and you don't even know it."

As the conversation continues, I can't shake the unease settling in the pit of my stomach. Peter Pettigrew's presence in our circle raises concerns, and I wonder how this unexpected alliance will impact the dynamics at Hogwarts.

The Slytherin Common Room buzzes with the energy of a new school year, yet an undercurrent of tension lingers. As my friends engage in banter about befriending Peter Pettigrew, I find myself caught in the crossfire of conflicting loyalties and unspoken secrets.

Regulus, ever observant, closes his book and leans forward. "Ella has a point. There's more to Pettigrew than meets the eye. You should be cautious."

Evan dismisses our concerns with a wave of his hand. "Come on, it's just a bit of fun. Besides, we'll make our judgments."

Barty smirks, "Not everyone has a dark side, you know. Maybe he's genuinely trying to turn over a new leaf."

I sigh, feeling a weight on my shoulders as I struggle with the knowledge I can't share. "Just be careful. Please. Some secrets are better left buried."

The Slytherin trio seems unfazed, determined to explore this newfound alliance. As we discuss plans for the upcoming school events, the unease within me grows. Hogwarts, A place I once saw as a place of magical discovery and camaraderie, now harbors secrets that threaten to unravel the delicate balance between friendship and betrayal.

Little do we know that this school year will be unlike any other, and the shadows cast by my choices will shape the destiny of not just our friendships, but the very fabric of the wizarding world. The tapestry of Hogwarts life begins to weave a complex pattern, and I can't help but wonder how our stories will intersect in the chapters yet to unfold.


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Chapter 31


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Thursday, September 9th Moon 99%

Remus had a particularly hard full moon the night before so James and Sirius are keeping him company in the hospital wing. Alexia and I would have stayed but Madame Pomfree was running out of room as most of the new First year students from Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw were in the hospital wing as someone had messed up their potion covering the class in a fog that gave you boils if it touched your skin.

So what do me and Alexia decide to do with our free time? We are in the second-floor Girls' Restroom. AKA Moaning Myrtals bathroom. I have finally gotten the memory spell to work and figured out what was in the potion in MACUSA. As we stand in front of the sinks finding the one with the snake engraved. I then fill the sink and add the potion to the water.

I focus and think about the memory of watching Harry open the chamber of secrets in the movies. I pluck the memory out and feel a slight headache from it. I drop the memory into the water and watch as it starts to play. I wait with Alexia holding my breath.

Nothing happened.


An air of disappointment settles between Alexia and me as we stare at the seemingly unchanged water in the sink. The memory, carefully plucked from my mind, has yielded no visible results. Frustration and doubt linger in the bathroom, and I exchange a puzzled glance with Alexia.

"Well, that was anticlimactic," she remarks, breaking the silence.

I nod, feeling a tinge of frustration. "I thought for sure this would work. Maybe the potion needs something else, or perhaps it's more complicated than we thought."

"Or maybe the enchantment on the sinks is immune to memory magic," Alexia suggests.

I sigh, realizing the possibility. "We might need to rethink our approach. Maybe there's another way to access the Chamber of Secrets without tampering with memories. Maybe there is an English to Parseltonge book in the library."

It seemed like we had hit another dead-end. It feels like that is all that I have been having over the years is one dead-end after another. One wild goose chase melting into three. I grab my bag off the floor and walk to the library intent on trying to find an answer to this issue.


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Chapter 32


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Sunday, October 3rd Moon 80%

One month into term the Gryfindors have decided to do a group sleepover for our odd friend group. Marleen and Dorcus have just started to date so the girls are curled up on one of the couches cuddling and whispering to each other. Alexis, Lily, and Mary are sitting on another couch chatting. James, Remus, Sirius, and I are sitting on the floor around a coffee table. The boy’s decided that no one is allowed to sleep tonight so what is happening?

I am getting very distracted and asking random questions. “Okay so when an animagus has a kid is there a chance that that kid will be able to turn into the same form at birth or…” I ask only halfway as I lean against Remus’s shoulder.

James starts to laugh at me but Sirius looks at me wide-eyed. I’m pretty sure he didn’t sleep last night either. “Can I have puppies?” He asks softly mainly to himself. “Moony can we have puppies?”

“Not yet,” Remus says not looking up from his book. "We need to finish school first then we'll talk." I quickly look at James and grin. James and I instantly burst out into laughter.

The conversation fades away and eventually, I am lying with my head in Remus’s lap ranting about my 5th year.

“...And then to top it all off I found a secret chamber in the school but I can’t get into it without speaking parseltongue yet there are no books on the language in the entire library I even checked the restricted section. So I can’t get into it.” I say waving my arms as I rant to Remus. Remus has been giving me his undivided attention during my rant playing with my hair.

“Voodoo,” Remus says using my new nickname. “You are a snake.”

“Yes, I know I’m a Slytherin Moony. Being a Slytherin doesn’t come with a copy of How to Speak Parceltong 101.” I say frustrated.

“No Voo. You aren’t getting it. You are literally a snake. You need to speak snake; so just speak snake as a snake.” Remus says.

“WAIT THATS AND OPTION?” I ask as I sit up facing Remus. “Oh, my Merlin! Moony you are a genius.” I pull Remus into a hug.

After I pull away from hugging Remus I go and sit next to Alexia and we start talking about what to do with the Basilisk. “Look I’m just saying if you can make a creature grow in size you can also shrink them. Since I am a snake I’ll try to bargain with it and convince it to come back up with us and be a glorified pet.” I say. “I’m sure it will work. I saw it in a few fics.”

“You can’t keep a Basilisk,” Alexia says. “They are dangerous.”

“So is Remus,” I say. “I’m keeping them.”

The night progresses with our eccentric conversations, a mix of laughter and genuine bonding. As the moonlight filters through the Gryffindor Common Room, creating a cozy atmosphere, we find solace in each other's company.

The topic shifts from Animagi to the mysteries of the Chamber of Secrets, and I can't help but marvel at the unique dynamics of our friend group. Marlene and Dorcas share tender moments, Lily and her friends engage in lively discussions, while James, Sirius, Remus, and I indulge in our own peculiar brand of banter.

Amidst the chatter, Remus offers a solution to my Parseltongue dilemma, revealing a simplicity I hadn't considered. I'm both grateful and amused by his insight, and the nickname "Voodoo" takes root, adding another layer to our camaraderie.

As the night wears on, the idea of keeping a Basilisk becomes a whimsical topic of debate. Alexia voices her concerns about the inherent danger, but my determination to have the serpent as a "glorified pet" prevails. The conversation takes a playful turn, drawing out more laughter and creating memories that solidify our connection.

As the first rays of dawn break through the windows, casting a warm glow over the room, I can't help but feel a sense of gratitude for the peculiar friendships that have blossomed at Hogwarts. In the magical world we inhabit, each day unfolds with surprises, challenges, and the comfort of knowing we have each other to navigate the enchanting and unpredictable journey that lies ahead.


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Chapter 33


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Friday, October 8th Moon 99%

Alexia and I are sneaking through the halls. Curfew was an hour ago. We are sneaking into the second-floor girls' bathroom. As we turn the corner I feel a hand on my shoulder. “Care to explain why you too are out of bed?” Remus asks.

“I completely forgot you were a prefect,” I say looking up at the ceiling and trying to figure out how to explain this to Remus. “I knew we should have stolen the map for this.”

“In our defense, it’s nothing like what you and the boys do,” Alexia says.

Remus crosses his arms his gaze shifting between the two of us.

“We are going to do something probably worse than the stuns you lot pull,” I say.

“Worse how?” He asks.

“50/50 chance of death. If we are successful then I will be so excited.” I say. “We just need to get to the bathroom.” I start to continue to the bathroom.

“You two know that you’re breaking the rules right?” He asks following us.

“Moony. Half of what you boys do is illegal. Let us have our turn.” I say jokingly.

As we continue to Moaning Mertals bathroom Remus follows us. “What the hell does your plan have to do with this bathroom?” He asks as I open the door.

“If you want to find out follow us,” Alexia says going inside. I follow her walking over to the sink.

Remus followed us inside and I smirk as I shift into a snake. Alexia picks me up and brings me closer to the sink.

“OPEN,” I say to the sink. As soon as I do the top of the sinks lifts off, and the sinks start to spread away from each other. The sink with the snake carving lowers and the grate slides over. Alexia sets me down and I change back walking over to the hole in the floor. “Care to join us Moony?”

“What is this place?” He asks as he steps over peering into the tunnel entrance.

“The chamber of secrets,” I say with a shrug. I step forward and peer down the tunnel.

“And how did you two find it?” He asks looking at us.

“We know all,” Alexia says as she steps into the hole.

“Alexia, can’t you wait 5 seconds?” I ask as I follow her. The tunnel turns into a slide and we reach the bottom eventually. Alexia is standing and dusting off as I get up from the floor. “Man, it really is filthy.”

Remus comes down the tunnel followed by James and Sirius.

“James. Sirius. Where did you two come from?” Alexia asks.

James grins mischievously. "We had a feeling you two were up to something. Couldn't resist tagging along."

Sirius chuckles. "Besides, you can't have all the fun without us, now can you?"

Remus, still trying to process the unexpected turn of events, looks at us with a mix of curiosity and concern. "The Chamber of Secrets? What exactly are you planning?"

I exchange glances with Alexia before answering. "We're on a quest to negotiate with the Basilisk. Ella has this brilliant idea of convincing it to come back with us and, in her words, be a glorified pet."

James raises an eyebrow. "You're negotiating with a Basilisk? You know, those giant, deadly serpents?"

I nod enthusiastically. "Exactly! But first, we need to figure out how to communicate with it. And that's where the Parseltongue comes in handy."

Remus sighs. "I can't believe I'm part of this. Alright, lead the way."

We navigate through the underground chamber, following the dimly lit path. The air is damp, and the surroundings are filled with an eerie silence, broken only by the occasional sound of our footsteps. As we approach the central area, the colossal shed of the dormant Basilisk comes into view.

The sheer magnitude of the creature is awe-inspiring, and I can't help but feel a mix of excitement and trepidation. Alexia and I exchange determined looks, ready to embark on a venture that could reshape our Hogwarts experience.

Remus, James, and Sirius observe with a blend of caution and curiosity, unsure of what lies ahead. The Chamber of Secrets holds its secrets tight, and our journey into the unknown unfolds.

We reach the vault door. “Okay, I need you all to stay here. The creature is extremely dangerous.” I say as I turn back into my animagus. As I do so I speak once more. “OPEN.” Alexia lifts me and sets me on the edge of the vault door. As I slither into the room I look around. “HELLO BASILISK?”

“WHO’S THERE?” The basilisk says moving across the room to me.



“DON’T KILL OR PETRAFIY ANYONE,” I say softly. The Basilisk comes up in front of me lifting its head off the stone before I see it lower the brille over her eyes. “WHAT IS YOUR NAME?”



The snake looks at me shocked. It then gives me a nod.

“VIRIDIS?” I offer.


I shift back to human pulling out my wand I cast a shrinking charm over the snake. She shrinks down to about a meter in length. I pick her up putting her on my shoulders I climb back out of the Camber and over to my friends.

My friend's eyes widen as I emerge from the Chamber of Secrets with a shrunken Basilisk on my shoulders. I look at each of them with a triumphant smile.

"Meet Viridis," I announce proudly. "Our newest, and somewhat unexpected, companion."

Alexia, James, Sirius, and Remus exchange bewildered glances, still processing the reality of our encounter. Remus, in particular, seems torn between awe and concern.

"A Basilisk? Seriously?" James exclaims, his eyes wide with disbelief.

Sirius, however, grins ear to ear. "This is mental! I never thought I'd see the day when we have a Basilisk as a 'glorified pet.'"

Remus, always the voice of reason, steps forward, studying the shrunken creature. "Are you sure this is a good idea, Ella? Basilisks are highly dangerous magical creatures. What if it turns on us?"

I pat Viridis gently. "Don't worry, Moony. I negotiated terms with her. As long as we keep our end of the bargain, she'll be cooperative."

Alexia tilts her head, examining Viridis. "So, what's the plan now? Are we sneaking a Basilisk into the castle?"

I nod a mischievous glint in my eyes. "Exactly. But don't worry, I've got it all figured out. We'll have our magical protector right under Dumbledore's nose."

As we make our way back to the castle, the unexpected turn of events sinks in. The Chamber of Secrets, a Basilisk named Viridis, and the anticipation of what awaits us at Hogwarts. Our journey takes an enchanting twist, and the bonds of our friendship deepen as we navigate the magical tapestry that is our lives at Hogwarts.


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Chapter 34


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Chapter Text

Friday, October 22 Moon 1%

I am sitting at the Slytherin table as I attempt to wake up. I put some toast and bacon on my plate. As I go to pour myself a cup of coffee Alexia comes and sits next to me. “While I’m half asleep we are going to talk about plot.” She says.

“Oh and what plot is this today?” I ask yawning and taking a small sip of my coffee.

“Luke… No that’s Harry. Anikin has the triangle. We are planning when to go get the circle. But we still need the stick… Not Yoda has it still.”

“Not Yoda? Do you mean baby Yoda?” I ask her extremely confused.

“No mentor of Anikin. What’s his name?” She asks.

“Obi-Wan?” I offer.

“Yeah, evil Obi-Wan has the stick.” She says.

“Evil Obi-Wan… Molldy?”

“No not Molldy. Molldy has the circle which we are planning on how to get it. Molldy doesn’t get the stick until later. Molldy was the one with all the cloning tubes that kept coming back.”

“Cloning Tubes?” I ask. “It’s to early for codes.”

Alexia glares at her toast. “Beard.” She mutters.

“Oh Dumbsl— slug. Yep definitely ment to say dumbslug.” I say as a first year is walking past us.

“Yes, Dumb-evil-Obi-Wan has the stick.” She says. “Wait what stick again?”

“THE stick, with all the bumps.”

“Ah yeah bumby stick.”

“You started this conversation so what about the triangle, circle and stick?”

“...We don’t hav the stick.”

“Yes we don’t have the stick. Do I need to get the stick right now?” I ask. “I haven’t had enough coffee yet so I’m ready to die.” I say as I stand up.

Alexia grabs my shoulders. “NO! No die! You rolled a 1.”

“f*ck I rolled a 1. I need Bardic insperation.”

“I’m not a bard or cleric…”

“We are both druids… f*ck!”

“I multiclassed Rouge.”

“We both did.”

“Our party is not balanced.”

“This is why we give Madem Pomfre sweets whenever you end up in the hospital wing.”

“AHA! We has a clreic!”

“For hire.”

“We are too under-level for Dragon.”

“Alexia we befriended the dragon.” I say as I move the collar of my shirt to show Viridis curled up on my shoulders.

Alexia stares at Viridis before she looks at me. “No. …Wrong dragon, Other dragon.”

“What other dragon?”

Alexia lets out a sigh. “The not yoda, dumb evil obi-wan Dragon.”

“I’m going to poke the dragon with a stick.”

“No we need stick. Other stick. Rep-rep-”


“Reptilian… No replacement- Indiana Jones style other stick.”

“Time for a field trip after coffee.” I say.

Alexia sits there for a minute before she starts shouting. “Replicate! Replicate stick! A replistick. Replistick? Replikick. With a replikit.”

“Drink your hot chocolate.” I say pushing her mug towards her. Barty, Evan, Regulus and Dorcus are just looking at us confused. “Don’t ask.”


Random plot conversations with half-asleep characters.

Chapter 35


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Chapter Text

Under James's invisibility cloak, we stealthily slipped into Diagon Alley, careful to avoid detection as another witch passed through the passage from the Leaky Cauldron. Alexia, perched on my shoulder, remained eerily silent as we navigated the bustling street. Thankfully, it wasn't the height of summer, so the shops were relatively quiet.

Once inside the store we needed, we quickly shed the cloak, revealing ourselves to the dimly lit interior. Alexia shifted back into her human form as I removed the cloak, ready to address the shopkeeper.

"Hello, Olivander?" Alexia called out, her voice echoing slightly in the empty shop.

The shop owner, Mr. Olivander, emerged from the back room, his eyes flickering with curiosity as he regarded us. "Ah, hello, girls. Is there something wrong with your wands?"

"No, sir. We were actually hoping you could craft custom wands for us," I interjected, summoning my most polite and composed demeanor.

"The fate of the world is at stake!" Alexia suddenly exclaimed, her voice carrying a hint of urgency.

I shot her a reproachful glance, trying to maintain our cover. "No, bad Alexia. Go to the corner. Don't make me use a squirt bottle," I scolded, gently nudging her towards the corner.

Alexia hissed at me, crossing her arms in defiance as she begrudgingly complied. "Hey, I'm the snake here. Why are you hissing? I knew I should have come alone. Please ignore the dramatic one," I quipped to Mr. Olivander, hoping to divert his attention away from Alexia's theatrics.

I walk over to him and hand him a paper with the information of what we are looking for. “Can you make this?” I ask him.

He takes the paper and reads everything we have written on it quickly. “I think it is doable but I am not currently in the possession of the materials to create such an item. So it will be a few weeks before I can finish this. Shall I send it to you through the owl post?” He asked.

“Yes, that is perfect. So since the wood and the core are very rare how much do we need to pay you for such an item?” I ask him.

“Well, my standard price for a wand is 7 Galleons. So for this how does 10 sound?” He offers.

I pull out the coins and set them on the counter. “That is less than I was thinking you were going to say,” I tell him.

Chapter 36: Hatching Party


James and Sirius decide to throw a party

Chapter Text

This is hell.

Sharing a common room with Snape and having to maintain a façade of civility with Peter had felt like a form of torture in itself. But being the adopted sister of James Potter? That was a whole new level of bizarre. James was an unabashed extrovert, and his antics often left me feeling like I was living in some kind of alternate reality.

So here I sat, perched on a couch in the Gryffindor common room, amidst the chaos of a surprise party that James and Sirius had decided to throw. And not just any party, mind you – it was a surprise party for Viridis.

Viridis, the young basilisk who had taken a liking to me, was currently wrapped around my neck, seeking refuge in the collar of my stolen sweater, a relic from Remus Lupin's wardrobe. Glancing back at the banner hanging over the fireplace, my cheeks flushed with embarrassment at the sight of the words emblazoned upon it in golden letters: "HAPPY HATCHING PARTY."

I'd never live this down. Somehow, James and Sirius had convinced themselves that Viridis was my child, and they had eagerly embraced their roles as the fun uncles, thus culminating in a hatching party for our resident basilisk.

As the couch dipped on my left, I turned to see Sirius settling beside me. "Hey, Voo. Are you enjoying the party?" he inquired, offering me a cup.

"It's definitely something, Padfoot," I muttered, taking a sip from the cup, which I suspected contained firewhisky. "Though I doubt many people understand the banner," I added, nodding towards the garish display.

"Let them be confused," Sirius dismissed, leaning against my shoulder. "So why aren't you out there dancing with anyone?"

"Because someone had the brilliant idea of putting Remus in charge of the music again," I replied with a smirk, glancing over at Remus, who appeared to be facing a mutiny over his choice of tunes. "I'm surprised he hasn't resorted to playing classical just to mess with everyone."

"He hasn't even put on Bowie in the last two hours. I'm with the girls – down with the tyrant," Sirius declared, stifling a laugh as the girls wrested control of the record player and replaced Remus's selections with an ABBA record.

I chuckled and watched as a group of admirers soon drew Sirius away. A sudden glare from a group of girls reminded me of Sirius's popularity, prompting me to gently push him away.

Returning my attention to the crackling fire, I found myself joined by Remus, who had taken Sirius's place on the couch. "I can't believe they still think Viridis is some sort of child. Why haven't you told them she's just a basilisk?" Remus questioned a hint of amusem*nt in his tone.

"I just can't bring myself to do it. Look at them," I replied, gesturing towards James and Sirius, who were animatedly engaging with the party guests.

"Fair enough, but this is getting out of hand," Remus remarked, casting a fond gaze toward Sirius, who was engrossed in conversation with a group of girls.

"Yes, your boyfriend is quite dramatic and over-the-top most of the time," I teased, earning a giggle from Remus, who seemed oblivious to the implications of my words.

As Remus and I exchanged amused glances, the party continued to unfold around us. James, ever the social butterfly, flitted from conversation to conversation, his infectious laughter filling the room. Meanwhile, Sirius, with his effortless charm, effortlessly captivated the attention of the gathered crowd, his trademark grin drawing admirers like moths to a flame.

Lost in the revelry, I found myself momentarily forgetting the absurdity of the situation. Viridis, sensing my ease, uncoiled herself from around my neck and slithered onto the armrest of the couch, her emerald eyes glinting mischievously as she surveyed the scene before her.

A sudden commotion at the entrance of the common room drew my attention, and I turned to see Lily, Mary, and Marlene leading a group of first-year Gryffindors into the room. They were giggling and whispering excitedly, their eyes wide with wonder at the sight of the festively decorated space.

"Hey, Ella! Remus! Come join us!" Lily called out, beckoning us to where they had set up a makeshift dance floor.

Remus shot me a questioning look, but I simply shrugged in response, a mischievous glint in my eye. "Why not?" I said with a grin, rising from the couch and extending a hand to him.

Together, we made our way to the center of the room, joining the group of enthusiastic dancers. As the music swelled and the laughter echoed around us, I felt a sense of camaraderie wash over me, binding us all together in this moment of shared joy.

For a brief, fleeting moment, the weight of our responsibilities and the looming threat of the outside world melted away, replaced by the simple pleasure of being surrounded by friends and loved ones.

And as I twirled and laughed alongside Remus and the others, I couldn't help but feel a sense of gratitude for the bonds that held us together – bonds forged in the fires of adversity, yet strengthened by the moments of happiness and connection that we shared.

At that moment, amidst the chaos and revelry of the surprise party for a basilisk, I realized that no matter what challenges lay ahead, as long as we stood together, I would face anything that the future might hold.

Chapter 37


We have some plot. We have foreshadowing. I diss on Walburga. I make jokes only my friend I am writing this for will understand. It's 1k words.


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

Staring in the mirror as I finish putting on my winged eyeliner I let out a sigh of frustration. “Alexia, do we need to go to the party this year?” I ask. I look over to where she is finishing doing her hair.

“Ella you ask me this every year. We already RSVP’d and everything. Besides this is a plated dinner and you hated last-minute guest count changes when you were a caterer.” She says before turning to face me.

“Oh come on don’t pull things from the 20s out at examples. I can always start teasing you about the Christmas Tree incident again.” I say sticking my tongue out at her. “Besides you know I will deal with this dinner again. I do every year. I just need to bitch about it until we knock on the door.” I put down the eyeliner and do one last comparison of my makeup before I apply setting spray. “Okay, do I look like I belong in Gryffindor?”

I turn and face her showing off my floor-length red dress. “It looks perfect, Ella,” Alexia tells me and shows me her yellow tea-length dress with a black corset. “How do I look?”

“Oh, it reminds me of your duck witch costume from the 20’s,” I say smiling and giggling.

She starts giggling before running off to the closet pulling out a pointy witch hat and putting a few tea bags in the yellow band. “What about now?” she asks.

“From when we went to the corn maze.” I keep giggling and grab a sweater that I had stolen from Remus out of my closet and pull it on. “There I have a Moony sweater again.” I had worn a Remus Lupin cosplay to the corn maze and she was in her duck witch costume.

We look at each other and start to laugh again. We continue to be stupid until it is time to go. Monty and Effie apparat us to the Malfoy Manor and give us hugs before they leave. Effie had to be reminded twice that we would be fine and Walburga wouldn’t dare hurt us at a party like this when so many Ministry personnel are attending. Most of whom are against Voldemort.

This is the last year we are going to be invited to this event. As we walk inside we give our jackets to the house elf and start to wander I try to avoid the people I know I don’t like. As we walk Narcissa pulls me aside and hands me a handkerchief. “Your lipstick is smeared.” She says in a whisper before pressing the area where the handkerchief is folded into my palm and I feel it. There is something small in the fabric.

“Oh thank you so much,” I say and turn acting like I am wiping my face but I drop the item into my hand. It’s the diary but it has been shrunken to the size of a pendant.

“Did that help?” She asks.

“It did. I promise it did.” I say before I hand her back the silk handkerchief. I slip the book into my purse and we smile at each other and then go our separate ways. I smile and think to myself.

Okay, so we now have the diary. 1 of 5 is now done. The snake and Harry don’t exist yet. We can do this. As I am stuck in my thoughts I run into Walburga quite literally and I internally die. “Oh I am so sorry ma'am I wasn’t paying attention,” I say trying to apologize and get out of this situation quickly.

“It’s fine dear. Accidents happen.” She says in a fake sweet tone. All I can think of is the words like you.

“Thank you for understanding,” I say with a smile. “I will head over to the other people my age again and let you adults have your conversations.”

“Nonsense. You young people should be learning about current events so that you can be ready when you are adults. That way you know how politics work.” She says pulling me back into the conversation.

“Well I did grow up in the US I think I have a fairly good understanding of how politics shouldn’t work,” I say trying to come up with any excuse.

“Oh and how should it not work?” Barty Crouch Sr asks.

I take a deep breath and think trying to not argue with any of the adults around me. “Well with the two-party system, it only works if the two parties work together and not try to block any of the ideas that an opponent suggests just because it came from someone else with opposing ideas. It seems that in the US neither side is willing to even listen to the other. Honestly, I feel like it has started to turn into smear campaigns as the years have gone on when there is an election. Honestly, if you can’t listen to someone else's opinion without throwing a temper tantrum then you shouldn’t be in politics.” I explain trying not to mention anything too specific.

“That is an interesting point of view Ms. Barnes, have you ever considered having a summer internship at the Ministry?” Barty Sr asks.

“Oh, I haven’t,” I say quickly. “Me and my sister have been talking about opening a shop in muggle London after she graduates. Over the Easter holiday, we are looking at a few shops that will be up for lease. Some of which have flats above them. We don’t want our adoptive parents to take care of us forever. Granted I think they would without a second thought. Besides if they don’t then our brother would even if he had to get three extra jobs.” I say and I wait for a while as the attention gets pulled away from me and I quickly escape back to Alexia and the Slytherins. As soon as I am out of earshot I duck behind some stairs and take a deep breath before returning to the people I like.


Okay, so I might be trying to increase my time until my grandpa, who I don't like comes to dinner tomorrow. So what am I doing? Writing fanfic to avoid my problems because I learned my coping skills from middle school which were reading, writing, music, and staying up too late.

Chapter 38


I officially start to say explicitly what ships are canon in my fic


I wanted wolfstar fluff so deal with it. Enjoy

Chapter Text

Friday January 7th, 1977

This is annoying. Since Sirius moved in with us at the Potter Manor, watching him pine over Remus has gotten annoying. Here we are sitting in the Gryffindor Common Room. Sirius is currently looking at Remus like a lost puppy. Remus is reading whatever book he is currently reading. Lily, Mary, Marlene, and Alexia had gone up to the girls' room. I had for some reason decided to stay with the boys in the common room. Peter is off spending time with the Slytherins and I honestly don’t know how to feel about that one. James and Sirius have tried to reassure me that Peter won’t say anything about Remus’s furry little problem or they will take care of it. Thank Merlin I didn’t need to come up with a reason about why I felt odd about this friendship.

James is lying on my shoulder and is letting out a bored sigh. “What is it Prongs?” I ask softly as I look up from the notebook I am writing song lyrics.

“They are still pinning for each other. I am getting sick of it.” James whispers.

“Yes well, we can’t exactly force them to get together.” I remind him for the 20 billionth time.

“I have an idea,” James says and stands up stealing my notebook and flipping threw the pages.

I freeze as he steps onto the coffee table and I realize the common room is empty other than us. As I realize this James starts to read the song lyrics that I had written down because I couldn’t sleep.

Everybody's talking about it. Everybody knows that it's true.” Remus and Sirius both look up at James and I bury my face into a pillow. “Sirius, you're in love with Remus. Remus is into you too.” Both of the boys blush and yell at James who just ignores them and continues to read the lyrics. “You're making eyes across the Great Hall. You're hoping no one will see. You're writing love notes with paw prints. You're making out behind me. You know we really love you, It ain't our place to judge you. You're feeling scared about it. Naturally. There's no point in hiding. So feel free to start confiding. If you need a good friend. You can count on me. You know you're made for each other. It's been that way all along. When the moon aligns with the dog star, The chance for true love is strong. You're no longer just a mere pup. You got a heart and it's on the prowl. Sirius, there's no doubt that you've got. The right stuff to make Remus howl. You know we really love you, It ain't our place to judge you. You're feeling scared about it. Naturally. There's no point in hiding. So feel free to start confiding. If you need a good friend, You can count on me. You can count on me. You can count on me.” As James finishes I pull my face out from the pillow and see Remus and Sirius looking at each other.

“So are you two going to finally get together or do I need to read the lyrics again?” James teases.

“You two do realize we have been together since summer ended right?” Sirius asks.

“Wait and you two didn’t say anything?” I ask shocked. “Stupid hom*ophobia making my friends not trust me,” I mutter to myself.

“Wait you don’t care that we are together?” Remus asks.

“Of course not. Are you both happy?” I ask and they nod. “Then I don’t care. As long as you are both happy I don’t care. The same condition I gave to Dorcus and Marlene just make sure to use silencing spells because I don’t need to know what you do in the bedroom.”

Chapter 39


Finding the room of Requirement.


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

Saturday, January 22nd

I am so done with the Marauders right now. James, Sirius, and Remus are currently all in detention with Professor Slughorn. They all were messing around in their potions class yesterday and James and Sirius decided to see who could add the most stuff into Snape’s potion. Remus was trying to stop them but when it exploded all three of them got a detention. So now I have to study on my own. Normally on Saturdays, I meet with Remus in the library to study.

Setting down the book I close my eyes and rub them before putting my book in my bag. Remus and I normally chat the whole time we are studying so this is too quiet. Grabbing my bag I leave the library and start wandering the hallways.

As I wander the hallways I find Alexia hanging a small painting on the wall. As I get closer I realize that it is a painting of a plate of cookies. I can also hear her talking to the paintings. Which isn’t too weird other than this it is the wall of nonmagical paintings. I also notice a bunch more paintings of cookies on this wall.

“I get that you are shy but please take the cookies,” Alexia says as she steps away from the wall.

“You do know those are nonmagical paintings?” I ask.

“Wait these can’t be bribed?” She asks me shooked.

“Wait is that how you have been trying to find the Room of Requirement?”

“Yeah, I thought that the paintings would know where I needed to go to find the troll ballerina painting.” She tells me.

I facepalm and let out a sigh. “No wonder it has been 6 years of you looking,” I mutter.

As Alexia and I continued chatting, we discussed her obsession with finding the Room of Requirement and her determination to locate the elusive troll ballerina painting. It seemed she had tried nearly every method she could think of, from consulting magical paintings to researching ancient texts in the library.

"I just can't shake the feeling that it's out there somewhere," Alexia sighed, her brow furrowing in frustration. "I've searched high and low, but I always come up empty-handed."

"Well, maybe it's time we tried something different," I suggested, a spark of inspiration igniting within me. "What if instead of relying on paintings, we focus on the concept of 'requirement'? Maybe the room appears when we truly need it, not when we're bribing paintings or searching endlessly."

Alexia's eyes widened with excitement. "That... actually makes sense. But how do we summon it when we're not even sure what we need?"

"We start by acknowledging what we need right now," I replied, thinking back to our conversation in the library. "We need the room of stuff that the Diedam is hidden in."

With newfound determination, Alexia and I set off through the corridors, our steps echoing against the stone walls as we searched for the Room of Requirement. As we walked, we shared stories, laughed, and even discussed our hopes and dreams for the future.

And then, just as we turned a corner, a door materialized out of thin air before us, adorned with intricate carvings and shimmering with an otherworldly glow.

"The Room of Requirement..." Alexia breathed, her voice barely above a whisper.

Heart pounding with anticipation, I reached for the door handle, and with a shared glance of excitement, we stepped inside, ready to discover the secrets that awaited us within. The exact room that we were looking for is here. The piles of stuff stacked so high I was terrified of making one wrong move.

“Okay so now that we know where the room is we just have to start working on looking for the diadem. I think that we should start on one end and go from there. This is probably a several-day thing.” I mutter more to myself than to Alexia.

“Yeah but hey we have years until you graduate we got this.” She says as we decided to start looking after the weekend as it is almost time for lunch and there is a Quididge match after lunch. James would definitely curse us if we missed his game.


I was going to work on this on my days off. Did I make it to when I finish work for this week? No, I made it like 5 minutes because my shift was super easy and I had the chapter outline done before I had to do anything. Did I annoy my coworker by talking about the Marauders Era again? Probably. Are they still wanting to hang out with me after work tomorrow? Yes. Am I going to talk to them about the Marauders Era again tomorrow? Absolutely. Do they read this fic? Yes. Am I just rambling instead of sleeping after a 10-hour shift? Yes. Did I write this whole chapter in an hour? I think it was closer to 45 minutes.

Chapter 40: Remus starts and loses a job in one day


Quidditch match and Remus is the announcer...

WARNING a lot of swears. Remus will say f*ck several times in this chapter.

(See the end of the chapter for more notes.)

Chapter Text

Saturday, January 22nd

Lunch is finally over and we are all walking to the quidditch pitch for the match. James is practically vibrating in excitement as he and Sirius are joking around and trying to convince Alexia and Pandora to predict who is going to win the match. Dorcus and Marleen are arguing about who is going to win today’s match. Barty and Evan are trying to annoy Regulus. Lily and Mary are trying to figure out a charm to make their makeup be golden lions that move.

Remus is walking next to me and is a little nervous. This is the first game he is going to be commentating on. “Come on Moony this will be fine. You’re great at paying attention to the games. Just pretend it is normal when you are commentating it to me.” I say and bump his shoulder.

“I’ll try that Voo,” Remus says as everyone reaches close enough to the pitch that we all start to separate and go in different directions. Remus heads up to the same tower as the teachers. Regulus, Barty, Evan, and Dorcus head to the Slytherin locker room. James, Sirius, and Marleene go to the Gryffindor lockers. Alexia, Pandora, Lily, Mary, and I go and find a seat together and get comfortable as we wait for the match to start.

The stadium buzzed with anticipation as the Gryffindor and Slytherin teams took to the field for their highly anticipated Quidditch match. The air crackled with excitement as the two rivals faced off, each determined to claim victory for their house. The Gryfindors fly out and get into position. Remus is announcing away normally so I start to zone out. When the Slytherins fly up I zone back in and hear Remus call out, “And here come the Slytherin team! The weight of their upcoming defeat already resting on their shoulders.”

Madam Hooch's whistle pierced through the air, signaling the start of the match. The Quaffle soared into the air as both teams shot forward, vying for possession. “ And James Potter has the Quaffle! Single, available, handsome James Potter who can be found in the courtyard between seven and- hey don’t take the mic from me!” Remus calls out over the speakers.

In the moment of distraction, Dorcus steals the Quaffle from James who had been trying to pass it to Frank. As she does so she manages to make a goal and Remus has another sarcastic comment, “Oh, joy, Slytherin score. But I blame Slughorn for keeping James Potter in detention during quidditch practice! I reckon he knew what he was doing as well and- what? Apologise? But- okay. Fine. I’m sorry professor.”

As the Quaffle is passed more and more Gryffindor makes a goal Remus pipes in with yet another comment. “Not to be biased or anything, but Gryffindor is going to absolutely win this game, they are undoubtedly the better team I won’t hear anything against it!”

Barty shoots a blugger at Sirius landing squarely on the back of his shoulder and you can see him wince from it the moment it makes contact. Remus yet again pipes in. “Madam Hooch, with all due respect, have you ever read the rules of quidditch?! Like even once! That couldn’t have been a more obvious foul!” After a moment you hear him muttering.“ I’m taking ten points off of Slytherin because Barty injured Sirius Black and it’s all I’m going to hear about for the next week.”

Lily, Mary, Alexia, Pandora, and I have started to laugh whenever Remus has a comment. James gets the Quaffle again and Remus starts threatening James. “ Right, James, no pressure but if you miss this I’ll kill you. I have three galleons riding on this game.”

“Mr. Lupin!” McGonagall cries out and then there is a mumbled sorry from Remus.

The game continues for a while. “Sirius Black would like me to point out to everyone how dashing McGonagall looks today!”

“Give me the microphone now.” She says trying to take it away.

Sirius launches a bludger. “Sirius Black hits a bludger straight into Dirk Cresswell! Maybe it’ll knock some f*cking sense into him!”

“Avery intercepts the ball from Longbottom. Because Frank has been skipping practice to sneak off with Alice in the fourth-floor broom closet. And other than laid, where’s that gotten you now, huh, Longbottom?” Remus then has another bit of gossip as Avery makes a shot. “Slytherin score. See, James, if you actually went to practice instead of asking out Evans we’d actually be winning this game!”

Marlene catches the Quaffle and yet again we get more comments. “Marlene McKinnon has the Quaffle! And Dorcas Meadows has stopped playing because she’s swooning. That’s right, Dorcas, I see you!” I cover my mouth trying to hide my laughter and it isn’t working.

“Yes! Gryffindor have the Quaffle! And- bullsh*t! You can’t do that! Oh, yeah, that’s right Mulciber, flip me off you f*cking cheat!” Remus yells and from what I am seeing it looks like he flipped him off back.

“Mr. Lupin there are 11-year-olds at this game no swearing.”

“I’ve been asked not to swear but what the f*ck?!” He calls as James almost falls off his broom.

“Mr. Lupin, Slytherin seeker is after the snitch, it is your job to tell them this!”

“Yeah well I’m pretending I didn’t see it and so that way it never f*cking happened!” He calls as he looks to the opposite side of the pitch as Regulus. Regulus misses the snitch and ends up falling off his broom and onto the ground. “The Slytherin seeker knocks themselves out! Because apparently he can see a tiny gold ball from a mile away but not the floor from right in front of his face...”

“Sirius if you hit anyone clean off their broom I’ll do your transfiguration homework this week.” Sirius then proceeds to make a shot and almost knocks Evan off his broom

“Sirius Black successfully deflects a bludger. And no, you’re not the only one thinking that it was incredibly hot. Not to be biased or anything, but Gryffindor is going to absolutely win this game, they are undoubtedly the better team I won’t f*cking hear anything against it!”

“I’ve been informed that this will be my last game due to some of my questionable language choices. Auditions for my job start Thursday next week at seven o’clock.”

The game continues like this for another hour when Gryfindors Seeker catches the snitch. “Gryffindor win! Party in the common room starts at eight! Bring drinks!”

I roll my eyes knowing that I am not getting out of this party but I smile knowing that I will get to spend more time with my friends.


Have I been awake since 3:30 am and it now is close to 18 hours of being awake? Yes.
Did I work almost 12 hours today? Also yes.
Am I extremely tired and wanting to sleep? Yep.
Have I fallen asleep yet? Nope.
Am I tempted to have a fourth Monster cause I am supposed to stay up another 4-5 hours? I am tempted but my coworker would materialize in my room to yell at me for it the second I open one.

Chapter 41


Short mentions of who is dating someone right now.


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

Saturday, February 12th Moon 25%

Valentine's Day is in 2 days and I am so done with it already. This weekend is a Hogsmean trip so all the happy couples are going on dates. I love going to Madam Puddifoot’s tea Shop as it normally is a quiet place to get a break from any of my loveable idiots. Can’t do that today. Sirius and Remus are off doing who knows what. Barty and Evan are off trying to torment the first years. Dorcus and Marleene are actually in the tea shop. Lily and Mary both had dates as well and were probably in the tea shop. Alexia decided to make herself sick with sugar…


That leaves me, James, and Regulus. Other than the fact that I can’t find either of these two. Our group all walked to town together and then everyone started to break off to go to wherever they wanted and I somehow lost the only other two single people.

I roll my eyes and walk over to the nearby bench and sit down leaning my head back as I let out a sigh. This is just my luck. What’s the point of being stuck in the Marauders Era if you aren’t spending time with any of them?

I close my eyes and enjoy the feeling of the sun on my face for a moment. It is a little chilly but I am still decently happy with the weather.

My attention is peaked when I feel something get placed in my lap. I open them and look up to see the two people who ditched me. The item in my lap appears to be a collection of various candies and sweets. “What is this for? Bribery?” I ask sarcastically as I stretch.

“Maybe you can forget that we left you for an hour?” James asks as Regulus avoids looking at me.

“Okay, so you two definitely did something you don’t want others to know about. I won’t ask questions but was it something I need to worry about being questioned by an Auror about?” I ask holding onto the bag a little tighter.

“No nothing like that. Do you really see us as criminals?” James jokes.

“No, but if push comes to shove I could see you both being willing to kill for your loved ones,” I say as my mind is filled with scenes from Crimson Rivers for a split second. I flinch and shake my head trying to get the images out of my head. “But fine you two were with me the whole time,” I say as I get up. The sun is slowly starting to set so I begin to walk back to the castle.

I don’t know what they were up to; but if Regulus wanted me to know he would tell me.


Less than 500 words but I wanted to confirm the canon ships as of Valentine's Day 1977. Writing the date made me realize how much plot is planned before the 1980's.

Chapter 42


Enjoy the plot

(See the end of the chapter for more notes.)

Chapter Text

Friday, March 4th Moon 98%

This is it. I grab the stupid thing and raise it in the air. “I found the Diedam!” I call out over the piles of stuff to Alexia. We both carefully but quickly climb down our piles and reach the floor and I hand it over to her. “That is Horcrux number 2 found and in our possession!”

Alexia takes it from my hands and turns it over in her hands inspecting it. “Isn’t this like a major historical artifact?” She looks over at me and glares slightly. “That jerk practically turned the Mona Lisa into a Horcrux! And now we have to destroy them…”

“So is the cup and the locket…” I whisper. Alexia proceeds to yell about how it’s jerks like this who ruin art and history for the rest of us. Briefly comparing this to the people who threw soup at oil paintings.

I giggle and take the Horcrux and put it onto my bag wrapping it in some muslin fabric. “Alexia don’t worry we are still a long time from that. Remember the plan we are going to speed run destroying these things when we have them all so we don’t let him know until it’s too late.”

“Yeah, that is true. So where are we keeping these?” she asks me confused.

“The chamber of secrets. No one other than me, Voldemort, and Harry can open the door. Harry won’t ever find the entrance since we have the diary so we completely removed that movie's plot. And Voldemort doesn’t come back to the school himself until the 90’s. So it is the safest spot in the world right now.” I explain as we walk out of the room of requirement.

We start to make our way out and to the great hall for dinner. As we walk we continue to talk, and we start to plot more. “Okay, so I am going to drop this off in the chamber after dinner. Next up we have the Gaunt family ring. That is in the Gaunt family shack. It’s hidden in a golden box and hidden under the floorboards. Which if you tell me is f*cking stupid. If you don't want something found why are you using a gold box. Those fake rock key holders would be better. There are supposed to be a bunch of curses and wards on it. One of which almost killed Dumbledor. I don’t think he was being completely honest with Snape about the curses on the ring. I think it doesn’t start unless you actually put it on. But just to be safe we need to borrow the cloak and get some books from the restricted section of the Libary.” I start thinking out loud to Alexia. “Now we just need to figure out how to get the cloak and probably the map too just to be safe.”

“Why do you always try to mission impossible these sidequests? Wouldn’t it be faster to just go hey James can we borrow the cloak and map?” Alexia asks me like I’m an idiot.

“Why do you want the map and cloak?” James asks as he takes a spot on Alexia’a side. Sirius seldom more than 5 feet away from James takes a spot on my side wrapping an arm around my neck.

“You two making evil Slytherin and Hufflepuff plans that we should worry about?” Sirius teases.

“You’ll be sorely disappointed in me Padfoot. I was hoping to use it to get a few books.” I tease and turn my attention to James, “So Prongsie can we borrow them soon?” Sirius acts like using it to get books was morally heinous. James however looks confused.

“What kinda books would interest the dear sweet Somul and Voodoo?” He teases.

“The kind that if we tell you our plans we would have to kill you.” I tease back.

“Fine but if you two get caught I am not saving the two of you from Mom.” James says.

“Thanks, prongs,” I say. “I’ll see if I can pull a prank on Snape for you guys.”

As we entered the Great Hall, the atmosphere was alive with laughter and chatter. Taking our seats at the Gryffindor table, Alexia and I continued our discussion in low tones, mindful of prying ears. It was crucial to keep our plans for destroying the Horcruxes discreet.

After dinner, I excused myself, slipping away to the Chamber of Secrets with the Diadem safely tucked away. It felt surreal to handle such a dark object, but it was a necessary step in our mission to thwart Voldemort's evil and prevent Harry from having to grow up as the chosen one.

Meanwhile, Alexia stayed behind to strategize our next move. The Gaunt family ring awaited us, a daunting task that required meticulous planning. We debated the best approach, considering the risks and benefits of each option.

James and Sirius soon joined our conversation, their curiosity piqued by our secretive discussions. With a shared glance, Alexia and I reluctantly revealed our mission to them with a few white lies. We decided to tell them that we wanted to look into curse-breaking to try and find ancient artifacts. Surprisingly, James agreed to lend us the Invisibility Cloak and Marauder's Map, despite the risks involved.

With the additional tools at our disposal, Alexia and I felt a surge of confidence as we prepared for our next endeavor. Thanking James and Sirius, we slipped away beneath the cloak's concealment, making our way to the restricted section of the library.

As we delved into the ancient tomes, searching for clues about how to do curse-breaking and anything we could find on Horcux's, a sense of anticipation filled the air. Each page we turn brought us closer to our goal, and we could feel the weight of responsibility resting upon our shoulders.

Unbeknownst to us, the challenges that lay ahead would test us in ways we never imagined. But with determination and unity, we were ready to face whatever obstacles came our way. Together, we were bound by a common purpose: to protect the wizarding world from the darkness that threatened to consume it. We just have to pull some strings to fix the future.


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Chapter 43: The War Begins


Hair is messed with and a prank war begins.


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

Thursday, March 31st Moon 83%

As I get out of the shower I wipe the fog off the mirror and I instantly start yelling over to Dorcus. “Dorcus! Can I kill James and Sirius?”

“What did they do this time?” She asks walking over to the door that connects our dorm to the bathroom and she starts to giggle. “Oh, that is definitely not your color.”

I let out a sigh and finish getting dressed before I leave the dorm and start to make my way to the Great Hall but as I am almost there I curl up into a hidden spot behind a tapestry and I wait. After a while, the Marauders start to make their way towards my hiding spot.

The moment their backs are to me I cast a transfiguration spell onto Sirius’s hair turning it a matching shade of hot pink. I wait a few seconds and no one seems to have noticed yet since Sirius has his hair pulled up. I then cast one on James to turn his hair a nice shade of lavender. As for Remus, I cast a different spell on him. One that won’t take effect until the full moon. At that moment Lily walks into the hallway and immediately laughs.

“What happened to your hair?” Lily asks the boys.

As the boys turn around James asks, “What do you mean?” As the words leave his mouth his eyes land on Sirius and he starts to laugh. Sirius seeing James’s hair has a similar reaction until they both realise the other is laughing and they piece everything together.

“What the hell Voodoo?” Sirius shouts at me.

I step out of my hiding spot and laugh. “Serves you lot right for giving me neon pink hair. I am all for colorful hair but not PINK.” I say holding up the ends of my now pink hair.

“Oh, this is war!” James declares and I smile.

“Oh please I am pretty sure I can get most of Hogwarts on my side just by saying it will be against the marauders.” I joke and start to leave the hallway to grab some breakfast and go see Madam Pomfre so I can get my hair either back to normal or at least a more tolerable color.


Let me know if you have any prank ideas

Chapter 44: Dinner and Devil's Snare


I used Polish words at one point. The word is Paczki. The meaning is Polish donuts. The pronunciation is PAN SHKI. I love them. I am a slu*t for the rose-filled ones.

Chapter Text

Sunday, April 3rd Moon 99%

This is going to be great. The whole afternoon I have spent prepping for this prank on the Marauders. I just have to thank Mskingbean89. They were right that rose hip seeds are itchy. I came across the idea for this prank this morning when I was helping Alexia bake various treats. I was able to convince Euphemia to mail me some vodka so I could make a batch of paczki. I was working on making some filling for them including a rose filling and I got this idea.

It took me two hours to make some itching powder and finish making the jelly for the paczki. I look at the time and panic I only have a few hours left to be set before dinner. Grabbing the bags of itching powder and running out the door of the kitchen I run to the dungeons looking for the boy’s bathroom just hoping my plan will work.

I eventually have everything ready and sneak into the dungeons so that no one sees me waiting in the Great Hall. As I sneak into dinner behind some other Slytherins I go over to sit next to my friends as close to the Gryfindors as I can. Dinner goes as normal for a while until I slip out my wand and begin to cast Fumos. I keep the spell going just long enough that a good-sized chunk of the Slytherin and Gryffindor tables are covered in a smokescreen. I lower the clipping of devil's snare that I had hidden in my pocket and cast the herbivicus charm. The vines move and wrap around the feet of everyone nearby including the intended targets.

Just as the smoke vanished Peeves had just finished dumping the itching powder on the Marauders. I grin and wave at the boys from my seat as they start to scratch. I blow them a kiss and turn back to my dinner. The students around the marauders start laughing. Barty, Evan, and Dorcus are extremely impressed and try asking me questions and I just smile not answering anything about what my involvement was. Regulus just gives me a small smile and goes back to eating his dinner.

As the dinner comes to an end I go to head back to my dorm when I feel a hand on my shoulder. “Ms. Barnes you care to explain what happened?” McGonigal asks me.

“The boys and I got into a prank war after they gave me neon pink hair. I thought this would be a funny prank. Am I in trouble?” I admit and try to force myself to make eye contact with her.

Professor McGonagall's stern gaze softened ever so slightly as it fell upon me, her lips pressed into a thin line. "Prank wars are not to be taken lightly, Ms. Barnes," she began, her tone firm but not unkind. "While I appreciate a bit of mischief now and then, I must remind you that there are boundaries that should not be crossed."

My stomach churned with guilt as I nodded, fully aware that I had overstepped those boundaries with my prank. The chaos it had caused in the Great Hall weighed heavily on my conscience.

"However," McGonagall continued, her gaze piercing, "I cannot deny the cleverness of your plan. It seems you have gained a bit of Mr. Potter's mischievous spirit over the years of living with him."

A small smile tugged at the corners of my lips at the mention of my plan being cleaver. She rarely gives praise.

"Consider this a warning, Ms. Barnes," McGonagall said, her tone softening ever so slightly. "I will not punish you this time, but I expect better judgment from you in the future. Is that understood?"

I nodded earnestly, a wave of relief washing over me. Though I had skirted punishment this time, I knew I had been given a chance to right my wrongs.

"Thank you, Professor," I said sincerely, meeting McGonagall's gaze with contrition. "I promise to be more careful in the future."

With a nod of approval, McGonagall released my shoulder, her expression softening. "Very well, Ms. Barnes. You may return to your dormitory. But remember, actions have consequences, and it is up to you to make the right choices."

With that, I turned and made my way out of the Great Hall, my mind buzzing with thoughts of the prank, the Marauders, and the delicate balance between mischief and responsibility. As I climbed the stairs to the Slytherin common room, I couldn’t help but feel a little bit of pride in being able to prank the boys especially with the full moon being tomorrow.

Chapter 45


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Chapter Text

Monday, April 4th Full moon

The approach of the full moon brought with it an unspoken ceasefire among the boys and me, all in an effort to avoid upsetting Remus. The consequences of provoking him before a full moon were clear in James's memory – a bruised ribcage that had left him sore for days. It was a lesson learned the hard way, prompting James and Sirius to concoct a scheme to attribute the injury to a rigorous Quidditch practice, sparing Remus any additional worry.

Observing the dynamics of our makeshift family during the moonlit nights was always a peculiar experience. As a snake animagus, my transformation process required careful planning. I made sure to be one of the first to change, allowing ample time for someone else to cast a warming spell on me to stave off the biting cold of the night.

In these moments, surrounded by friends who understood the intricacies of my condition, I couldn't help but feel a sense of belonging. Despite the challenges and uncertainties that lay ahead, there was solace in the camaraderie we shared under the light of the full moon.

The hours leading up to the full moon were always tense, a palpable anticipation hanging in the air as we prepared for the inevitable transformation. Remus, burdened by the knowledge of what awaited him, retreated into himself, his usual snarky demeanor giving way to a quiet solemnity.

James and Sirius, ever the loyal friends, hovered around Remus, offering words of comfort and support. It was a stark reminder of the bond that held them together, forged through countless trials and shared experiences.

As the moon rose high in the sky, casting its ethereal glow over the landscape, we gathered in the room in the shrieking shack we had designated for our monthly ritual. I shed my human form, the sensation of my skin stretching and contorting as I transformed into the sleek form of a snake.

With practiced ease, one of the boys cast a warming spell over me, the comforting warmth seeping into my cold-blooded body. It was a small gesture, but one that spoke volumes of the camaraderie and understanding that defined our group.

Under the watchful gaze of the moon, we embraced our respective transformations, each of us finding solace in the shared experience. Despite the challenges and uncertainties that lay ahead, there was a sense of unity that transcended words – a silent understanding that we were in this together, bound by the unbreakable ties of friendship and loyalty.

And as the night wore on, and the moon reached its zenith, we stood together as a makeshift family, facing the trials of the full moon with courage and resilience. In those fleeting moments, surrounded by the ones we held dear, I couldn't help but feel a sense of belonging that warmed my heart even amid the cold night air.

Chapter 46


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Chapter Text

April 5th the day after the full.

I had snuck back to my dorm about an hour before sunrise. I wanted to give Remus his space after he turned back and to avoid suspicion. I have a double of potions too on Tuesday mornings. Barty and Evan don’t hold back from trying to mess with me even if I had slept the whole night. Today though I hadn’t noticed and they had managed to sneak some powdered moonstone into my potion when I was grabbing the syrup of hellebore that I needed to add next so when I turned back it bubbled up and splashed across my hands making the skin get covered in boils.

Slughorn sent me to the hospital wing and Madam Pomfrey easily took care of the boils but she wanted me to stay until lunch to make sure they weren’t going to come back.

Thankfully Remus was awake so I took a seat next to him and we started to talk. As Madam Pomfrey decided to clear me to go to lunch I turned to Remus. “Do you have enough spoons to come to lunch with me?” I asked.

“Enough spoons?” He repeated and I realized that I had to explain.

“Oh sorry it was an object lesson someone gave to a friend one time and I sometimes use it in my speech. Basically, two friends were out to lunch and one of them had a chronic illness. The healthy friend is talking about how they rarely go out together and the friend with the illness grabs some spoons to explain why they can’t always do that.”

“Say that a normal person has a lot of spoons like 100 or so but the chronically ill friend only had 10. They then started to have the healthy friend list off everything they had done so far that day and as they went the chronically ill friend took away a spoon for each thing and set it on the table. As soon as they had no more spoons they stopped their friend and said something like ‘I’m out of energy I can’t do anything else.’” I say trying to explain. “I sometimes think of your furry problem as a magical version of a chronic illness.”

“Oh, I guess that makes sense then. I think I have enough spoons for lunch.” Remus says and we get the go-ahead for him to come with me to the Great Hall.

Lunch goes by smoothly and just the usual chaos of my friends as I am about to leave for my next class an owl lands next to my plate and gives me a letter. The letter is from Narcissa. I give the owl a bit of my sandwich and open the letter.

Dear Miss Barnes,

My husband has decided to sell our house elf and I remember your sister saying that she would buy him if we ever decided to sell him so I was reaching out to ask if she would be interested.

Please have her write back to me.

Narcissa Malfoy

I smile put the letter in my pocket and make my way to go find Alexia because we just found our way to free Dobby even with us basically preventing Harry’s 2nd year.

Chapter 47


Two chapters in one night and it's not even 11 yet. What happened to my writer's block?

Chapter Text

Saturday, April 9th, 1977 Moon 65%

Alexia had officially bought Dobby and her first thing was giving him a knitted hat she had made. Thus he was a free elf. We then proceeded to write up a contract and she was officially paying him to be a house elf. His main tasks at the moment were helping her with making her cookies, and helping keep the paperwork organized for the shop opening in a few months as we had started to get everything set up.

The two of them had also started a knitting club. Anyone was welcome to join them. It’s been really interesting as Alexia seemed to have an evil idea.

I am sitting in one of the chairs in the Gryffindor common room as me and Remus study. James and Sirius are off being chaotic and trying to figure out their next prank. As I flip the page I feel something soft be set on my head. I reach up and find the texture of yarn. “Is this really necessary you could have just given it to me. What color is it?”

“Very necessary and it’s green. Moony has one that is based on his grandpa sweaters.” Alexia answers and I look over to Remus seeing him in a hat that perfectly matches his sweater.

“You should make Reg one with a bell in it,” I say turning back to my book.

“Oh yes, he is always so quiet,” Alexia says and gets excited clasping her hands. “Also I need you two to actually wear these I have an idea. Plus it’s supposed to get cold again.”

I look over to Remus. “Oh no the Hufflepuff had an idea and that is never a good sign.” I joke.

Remus chuckles, adjusting his hat slightly as he peers over the top of his textbook. "I don't know, Ella, Alexia's ideas have a way of being surprisingly entertaining," he remarks, a playful glint in his eyes.

I raise an eyebrow skeptically, but can't help but smile at Alexia's enthusiasm. "Alright, fine. What's the plan this time?" I ask, resigning myself to whatever mischief she had in mind.

Alexia grins mischievously, her eyes alight with excitement. "Well, you see, with the colder weather coming back, I thought it would be fun to organize a little impromptu snowball fight. But not just any snowball fight—no, we'll make it a themed event!"

Remus and I exchange a glance, intrigued by her proposal. "And what theme did you have in mind?" Remus asks, a hint of amusem*nt in his voice.

"House Battle Royal!" Alexia exclaims, her grin widening. "Each team will represent a different house, and we'll dress up accordingly. Picture it—Gryffindors in red and gold, Slytherins in green and silver, Hufflepuffs in yellow and black, and Ravenclaws in blue and bronze. It'll be epic!"

I can't help but laugh at the sheer audacity of her idea. "You're absolutely mad, Alexia," I say, shaking my head in amusem*nt. "But I suppose it could be fun. Count us in."

Remus nods in agreement, a smile playing at the corners of his lips. "Sounds like a blast. When do you want to do this?"

Alexia claps her hands together excitedly. "Tomorrow afternoon, weather permitting. We'll meet on the Quidditch pitch. Spread the word, and make sure everyone comes dressed for battle!"

As the three of us continue to discuss the logistics of Alexia's latest scheme, I can't help but feel a surge of anticipation. Despite the chaos that often accompanied her ideas, there was always an undeniable sense of fun and camaraderie that came with them. And as we made plans for the snowball fight, I couldn't wait to see what other adventures awaited us at Hogwarts.

Chapter 48


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Chapter Text

Here we are Alexia had somehow made enough hats for the entire student body (and most of the teachers) in her knitting club with Dobby. Dobby and the other house elves set all of the hats on each student's bed with a note to come to the pitch after lunch.

The Quidditch pitch was transformed into a battleground. Students clad in their house colors gathered eagerly, excitement crackling in the air as they prepared for the epic snowball fight orchestrated by Alexia.

Gryffindors donned their red and gold scarves, Slytherins draped themselves in green and silver, Hufflepuffs proudly wore their yellow and black, and Ravenclaws sported blue and bronze attire. Each team huddled together, strategizing and forming alliances in preparation for the friendly yet competitive skirmish ahead.

Alexia stood at the center of the field, a gleeful grin adorning her face as she surveyed the assembled students. "Welcome, everyone, to the House Battle Royal Snowball Fight!" she announced, her voice carrying across the pitch. "May the best house emerge victorious!"

With a wave of her wand, she conjured a large pile of snowballs at each team's designated area, ensuring an ample supply for the impending showdown. As the signal was given, the teams erupted into action, launching snowballs with precision and skill.

The air was filled with laughter and shouts as students dodged, ducked, and retaliated with expert aim. Gryffindors charged forward with courage and determination, while Slytherins employed cunning tactics to outmaneuver their opponents. Hufflepuffs showcased their loyalty and teamwork, while Ravenclaws relied on intellect and strategy to gain the upper hand.

Snowballs flew through the air in a flurry of activity, creating a chaotic yet exhilarating atmosphere. Laughter mingled with the sound of impacts as the teams battled fiercely, each determined to claim victory for their respective house.

Amidst the excitement, friendships were strengthened and rivalries were forgotten as students embraced the spirit of camaraderie and fun. Even the professors couldn't resist joining in the festivities, casting spells to create shields and obstacles to enhance the challenge.

As the sun began to set and the snowball supply dwindled, Alexia called for a temporary ceasefire, declaring a truce to allow everyone to catch their breath and regroup. Students from all houses gathered together, exchanging laughter and stories as they shared in the joy of the moment.

In the end, there were no winners or losers (other than Dumbledore who was not given a hat), only memories made and bonds forged. As the students made their way back to the castle, cheeks flushed with exertion and smiles lighting up their faces, they knew that this impromptu snowball fight would be a cherished memory for years to come—a testament to the magic of friendship and the spirit of Hogwarts.

As our group started to make its way back inside we were all laughing Remus and Sirius were walking with Remus’s arm around Sirius. Dorcus and Marleen were walking while Marleen was trying to help get some of the snow out of Dorcus’s hair. Barty and Evan kept throwing snowballs as we walked back from either side of the group occasionally hitting someone in the middle. Peter was talking to Barty as well. Mary, Pandora, and Alexia were talking about their favorite parts of the battle. James, Lily, and Regulus were talking together and seemed happy.

This is what I want. I want to be able to just stay in this happy moment. We all need more stupid fun moments for us. They all deserve actual childhoods, not the war we are dealing with outside of Hogwarts. They also deserve to grow up. My mind continues to spiral into these dark thoughts and memories of what their fates are.

Chapter 49


Do I have to work in less than 12 hours? Yes. Did I have to write this before I fell asleep? Also yes. Also, Alexia and I went to see cool rocks over the weekend and now I have a small carved one of Somul.

Chapter Text

Saturday, April 16th Moon 4%

This is the single worst lesson in the History of Magic. Scratch that for all of the subjects at Hogwarts. I think I would rather have a detention with the pink toad instead of doing this paper. The Werewolf Code of Conduct is not only boring but also extremely barbaric. Granted I am definitely biased because of the boy sitting across from me in the library as we hide from the other Marauders. “Moony do you have any idea how to make this longer?”

Remus looks over from his own work. “Quote the actual text and sight each part of the text you quote,” Remus says.

I started listing the parts that I could say were reasons no one was willing to sign this.

We both continue to work for a few more minutes until James, Peter, and Sirius come to lunch. The group of us walk by the art room and find Alexia working on another painting. “Alexia you coming to lunch?” I called out. She immediately put down her paintbrush and pallet.

“I will never say no to lunch. The weather is nice out can we go eat out in the courtyard? You don’t get enough sun, Ella.” Alexia says taking my arm as the 6 of us start to head down to the Great Hall.

“Hey it’s not my fault I am basically a vampire.” I joke.

“Are you really a vampire love?” Sirius asks looking at me confused.

“No I just have sensory issues and before I was 5 if the sunlight touched my skin I would scream and cry until I was in the shade,” I say. “I still have days where I hate the feeling but I obviously don’t scream now.” I look over at the reactions of the others. I hate having to explain this since some people look at me weirdly. “It doesn’t just apply to sunlight though. Some fabrics and noise can irritate me too. Normally it’s just a mild headache if I have to deal with it for too long.”

“Oh, that makes sense no wonder you are always so touchy when you get new clothes,” James says as we reach the Great Hall. As we walk in the girls are all sitting down and the boys head over to them. Alexia and I head to our respective tables and once the food is placed the group of us head outside to grab some sandwiches and other things as we leave for the courtyard.

As we settled into the courtyard, the warmth of the sun embracing us, I couldn't help but feel a sense of relief. The open sky above and the gentle breeze provided a welcome respite from the confines of the castle walls.

Alexia and I found a comfortable spot under a sprawling oak tree, its branches casting dappled shadows on the ground. We unpacked our lunches, eager to enjoy the fresh air and the company of friends.

"So, what's everyone been up to?" Alexia asked, her eyes sparkling with curiosity as she nibbled on a sandwich.

James launched into a lively recounting of their latest mischief-making escapades, while Peter chimed in with anecdotes of their failed attempts at Transfiguration. Sirius, ever the entertainer, regaled us with tales of his encounters with the castle's resident poltergeist, Peeves.

As they bantered and laughed, I couldn't help but marvel at the bond we shared. Despite our differences and occasional disagreements, we were a tight-knit group, united by our shared experiences and enduring friendship.

Conversation flowed freely as we enjoyed our meal, the laughter and camaraderie filling the air. Partway through our enjoying our afternoon Remus pulled out a box of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans and handed it to James. Without thinking James opened it and took a few out before handing the box to Sirius who immediately passed it to Peter. Peter took a few and handed it to Alexia who just stared at it.

James and Peter each ate one and immediately spit them out. “You both get gross ones?” I asked.

"Yes, I think mine was dirty socks!" James exclaimed, his face twisted in disgust as he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

Peter nodded, his expression equally disgusted. "Yeah, mine tasted like... like rotten eggs," he grimaced.

I exchanged a knowing glance with Alexia, who still held the box in her hands, a look of hesitation crossing her features. She hesitantly picked out a bean, holding it up to examine it closely.

"Go on, Alexia, give it a try," Sirius urged, a mischievous glint in his eyes.

With a mixture of curiosity and apprehension, Alexia popped the bean into her mouth, chewing tentatively as she waited for the flavor to reveal itself. A moment later, her eyes widened in surprise, and then...

"Oh Merlin's beard, what is that?!" she exclaimed, her face contorting in disgust as she hastily spit out the bean.

"What was it?" James asked, leaning in with curiosity.

Alexia grimaced. "I... I think it was supposed to be... earwax," she replied, shuddering at the memory. “I knew it wasn’t going to be good I don’t even really like normal Jelly beans.”

I look over at Remus and Sirius. “Okay spill why are they all bad?”

“We might have sniffed out all the bad ones from a few boxes until we had a whole box full,” Sirius said lying down and looking up at the sky.

As the afternoon sun began to dip toward the horizon, casting a warm golden glow over the courtyard, I felt a sense of contentment wash over me. Surrounded by friends (and Peter), bathed in sunlight, and filled with laughter, I couldn't imagine a better way to spend my Saturday.

As we lingered in the courtyard, savoring the last moments of sunlight, I knew that these were the moments I would treasure long after our time at Hogwarts had come to an end. As we made our way back to the castle, hearts full and spirits lifted, I couldn't help but get lost in enjoying the mundane.

Chapter 50


Angst with fluff. You have been warned.

(See the end of the chapter for more notes.)

Chapter Text

Sunday, April 17th

Moon 1%

This is a weird day. Normally, I spend Sundays baking and making sure Alexia has her homework done. But today, she is in the hospital wing with the flu. She can’t keep a potion down long enough to feel better.

I find myself awkwardly hanging out in the Slytherin Common Room, an unusual place for me to be alone. Barty and Evan are off together, Dorcus is off with Marleen, and Pandora and Regulus have also disappeared somewhere.

So here I sit, bored out of my mind on one of the couches. I've already read through all the books I have, and I don’t feel like walking to the library for more. Snape and his friends have been glaring at me from across the room for hours.

I roll my eyes and decide to go exploring the castle for a bit. The hallways in the dungeons are dark, damp, and dimly lit, a typical ambiance for these parts. I don’t think anything of it when I hear wet footsteps and the sound of a heavy necklace repeatedly falling from someone's hand and then immediately getting pulled back up to their hand, like a fidget toy, heading towards me. That is until an icy wet hand grabs my shoulder.

Turning to face the person, I instantly regret it. My hand flies to cover my mouth as I choke back a sob. My gaze passes up and down their form several times, each time my brain conjuring more questions and fewer answers.

Regulus is standing before me, soaking wet. The chain of Salazar Slytherin's locket is wrapped around the fingers of his left hand. His clothes are torn in several places. His sleeves are rolled up to his elbows, revealing the Dark Mark, stark and inky black against his pale skin. His fair skin is paler than usual, covered in red claw marks. Some are superficial as if a cat had swatted at him, while others are deep, with blood dripping from them and staining his white shirt. His eyes are the most noticeable. They look sunken and hollow. They aren’t his normal gray—they are solid white. As though he had been bewitched.

"Reggie?" I ask, my voice cracking as I try to think of any explanation for this.

"What gives you the right?" Regulus asks, and as he does so, water spills from his mouth, over his chin, and down his throat.

"What do you mean?" I ask, taking a shaky step backward my mind reeling and not knowing what is going on. Regulus is supposed to be with Pandora he isn't supposed to have the mark yet. He’s too young for the mark.

"What gives you the right to mess with the timeline? What if you make everything worse? What if your presence here makes my death worse?" Regulus asks his words echoing in my mind as he continues to come towards me. “What if you’re the reason I go after the Locket?”

I freeze, my hands shaking slightly. His words take me aback, making me question everything. What gives me the right to try and change things? What if our meddling makes things worse? What makes me think I can save anyone? "I have to at least try and help," I whisper.

Regulus laughs, but it's not his normal laugh. It’s colder and unfeeling.


The features around him start to shift. His skin tans, he grows taller, his hair shrinks and gets messier, his clothes shift into a pair of blue jeans and a red jumper, and he dries instantly. It’s no longer Regulus in front of me. James is standing there with those same white eyes.

"What makes you think we want your help?" he asks.

My brain finally clicks that I am looking at a Boggart. My hand fumbles for where my wand normally is, but I feel nothing. I left my wand in my dorm...

This is so stupid of me. I should have known better. My mind races, and I freeze as James’s body suddenly drops as though he has been a puppet whose strings have been cut.

I let out a muffled sob covering my mouth. My brother’s body is lying there before me lifeless.

Panic wells up in my chest, but I force myself to think. I need to get out of here. Without my wand, I am vulnerable, and facing a Boggart alone is a terrifying prospect. My eyes dart around, searching for an escape route.

Suddenly, the Boggart shifts again. James’s body contorts and morphs into a different form—this time, it’s Remus. He slowly stands before me, pale and sickly, resembling how he tends to look after the full moons but much worse. Almost as if he was left alone with the wolf. His eyes, too, are hollow and white, and his face is twisted in agony as though breathing is hurting him. My gaze continues to look at him. Blood is dripping down his side from fresh scratches, his clothes are torn and blood-soaked.

"What can’t even stop a monster students learn how to fight in the third year?" he whispers, his voice echoing with a mocking tone but still in pain. “Oh that’s right, you are nothing more than a weak girl who only can make it through this world by lying and manipulating everyone around you. You say you hate Dumbledore for manipulating everyone, but here you are doing the exact same thing to those you call your friends and family. You are a hypocrite and a horrible person.” Remus says.

My heart aches at the sight, but I know it’s not real. I have to remember it’s just a Boggart. But without my wand, I can't cast the Riddikulus spell to banish it. I need to get away.

Summoning all my courage, I back away slowly, keeping my eyes on the Boggart as it begins to shift again. I turn and run down the corridor, my footsteps echoing off the stone walls. The Boggart's taunts follow me, morphing into different people I care about, each voice cutting deep into my fears.

"You're going to get us all killed," it hisses in Sirius's voice, the sounds of chains scraping the floors following me. "You're a danger to everyone."

I grit my teeth, trying to block out the words. I reach the end of the corridor and burst into the brighter, busier halls of the castle. Students mill about, chatting and walking around. I keep running until I am in the Astronomy tower. I hide under the floor in that hidden area and curl up tightly on myself as I think and sob. My fear caused me to have a panic attack.

I can’t breathe. I can’t move. I can’t open my eyes. I just keep sobbing as I rock back and forth. My hands shake as I thread my fingers through my hair, trying to give myself a feeling to focus on but it doesn’t work and so here I sit for hours. Every time I think about moving fear fills me again and I keep shaking.

The next time I open my eyes, I have stopped shaking and sobbing. I have no more tears to shed. The sky is dark. I have no idea of the time. My lungs and throat are burning from hyperventilating.

I slowly stand up on wobbly legs as I start to head out towards the railing so I can catch my breath and try to finish calming down. I stare out at the stars and hum a tune from a song trying to find comfort in the song.

The door to the astronomy tower opens and I turn to find Remus.

“Hey, Regulus came looking for you and said that you disappeared for a few hours and no one knew where you were,” Remus says as he folds up the map and puts it in his pocket. “They were worried when you didn't come to dinner.”

“I’m fine Moony,” I say, leaning against the railing hoping to not be questioned about it.

“That’s bullsh*t and you know it,” Remus says, walking over next to me and looking up at the stars. “So are you going to tell me or do I need to go get James and Alexia to help me force it out of you?”

“Hey, that’s not fair. James doesn’t let things go.” I let out a slight groan of frustration. “Remus, can I ask you a serious question?”

“I don’t know if I can answer a Sirius question. My name is Remus.” He jokes before I glare at him and he gives me an apologetic smile. “Sorry, you walked right into that one. But of course you can.” He says, looking at me, concern and worry flashing across his face.

“Do you think that I am a horrible person?” I ask bluntly, needing this reassurance that I am a good person in his eyes.

“Of course not. Why? Did Snape say something to you? What happened?” He asks, his grip tightening on the railing as I can hear the anger in his voice.

“No, nothing like that,” I say quickly, turning to face him. “I found a Boggart in the dungeon and didn’t have my wand with me.”

Remus's expression softens with understanding. "Ah, that explains it. Boggarts can be nasty when they catch you off guard."

I nod, still feeling a bit shaky. "It took the form of a lot of those I care about. It said... awful things."

He places a comforting hand on my shoulder. "Boggarts feed on fear. They take the form of what you fear the most in the world.”

I look down, my voice barely a whisper. "I know, but it felt so real. It made me question everything."

Remus tilts my chin up gently, forcing me to meet his gaze. "Ella, listen to me. You are not a horrible person. You're one of the strongest, most courageous people I know. We all have doubts and fears, but they don’t define us. What defines us is how we overcome them."

I take a deep breath, his words sinking in yet feeling like a punch to the gut. He says this now but if any of them knew how much I try to manipulate the world then he wouldn’t be saying something like this. "Thank you, Remus. I needed to hear that." I say hoping he doesn’t notice that I still feel horrible.

He smiles, his eyes filled with warmth and reassurance. "Anytime. Now, how about we go find the others? They’ve been worried about you." Remus also reaches into his pocket and hands me a piece of chocolate to eat.

We head back down from the Astronomy Tower, Remus keeping a comforting arm around my shoulders. I think he could tell I was thinking about running to hide away again.

We find James, Sirius, and Peter outside of the Great Hall, their faces lighting up with relief when they see us.

“Ella! There you are!" James exclaims, rushing over to hug me. "We were so worried!"

"Are you okay?" Sirius asks, his usual playful demeanor replaced by genuine concern.

"I think I’ll be okay. I just needed a reminder from Remus," I say, looking over at the werewolf, who gives me a reassuring smile.

As we gather in the Great Hall, the familiar noise and warmth of the place start to soothe my nerves. The comforting presence of my friends helps too.

I chase away the lingering fears from my encounter with the Boggart. We sit down at one of the long tables, and the boys immediately start filling me in on everything I've missed while I was hiding away. Their chatter and laughter are infectious, and I find myself slowly relaxing.

"Hey, Ella," Sirius says, nudging me with his elbow. "You should have seen the look on Reggie's face when he saw you were missing. He stormed over to us and looked ready to hex the whole castle just to find you."

I laugh, shaking my head. "I doubt he cares that much, Sirius."

James grins. "Maybe not, but it was still funny to see him all worked up."

We spend the rest of the evening in the Great Hall, eating and talking. The incident with the Boggart feels like a distant memory now, though I know it's something I won't forget easily. The words it had spoken still echo in my mind, but they no longer hold the same power over me. I know who I am, and I know that I have people who care about me. That gives me the strength to face whatever comes next.

Later, as we make our way back to the dormitories the boys walk me to the stairwell closest to the Slytherin common room, I walk a little slower, lagging behind the others. Remus notices and falls into step beside me.

"You okay?" he asks quietly.

I nod, giving him a small smile. "Yeah, I think so. Thanks for earlier, Remus. It really helped."

"Anytime," he says, returning my smile. "Remember, you're not alone in this massive castle. If you need anything just ask one of us. We both know your brother would burn the school down for his two sisters."

I give a small giggle and smile at Remus knowing he’s right. James does have a real kind of pure love for others.

As we reach the stairs I give James, Sirius, and Remus a hug and give Peter a half-hearted wave before heading back to the Slytherin dorms. Barty immediately wrapped an arm around my shoulders and dragged me over to settle a debate between him and Regulus. (Obviously, Regulus was right and Barty decided to pout for an hour until Evan decided to distract him.)

I spend the rest of the night sitting with my friends in Slytherin until Slughorn comes in and sends us back to our actual dorms.

Monday, April 18th

New Moon

The next day dawns dim and rainy, and I wake up feeling more tired than when I had gone to bed. The events of yesterday keep repeating in my mind. The words repeating over and over again like a broken record. I get ready for the day, determined to at least try and get through the required classes.

In the hallway outside of the Great Hall, I find Alexia looking much better, though still a bit pale. She smiles when she sees me, and I hug her.

"Feeling better?" I ask.

She nods. "Yeah, the potions finally worked. I missed you yesterday."

"I missed you too," I say, ruffling her hair. "Let's get this day going.”

As we head to breakfast, I feel on edge more than I should. As though someone is watching me and waiting for me to mess up. I brush it off as paranoia from the boggart yesterday.

“The freaking cup,” Alexia says next to me glaring at the cup in her hands.

“What?” I ask getting pulled out of my thoughts for a brief moment to turn to face her.

“We are missing the freaking cup.” She says annoyed as she continues to stare down her cup. I half expect the metal cup to start melting under her glare.

“You’re holding the cup weirdo,” Barty says as he looks at us like we are weird.

“This is A cup, not THE cup,” Alexia says as she takes a sip of her chocolate milk.

“Do you know where the cup is I only remember that one way to get it and that is going to take a minute to get to,” I say.

“No, I only remember that one spot too.” She says looking at me.

“We’ll think of something eventually,” I say as the clock chimes reminding everyone to go to class.

The rest of the week passes in a blur. Alexia slowly recovers, and life in the castle resumes its usual rhythm. However, I can't shake the encounter with the Boggart from my mind. It lingers like a shadow, a constant reminder of the doubts that plague me. I find myself withdrawing, spending more time alone as I ponder my place in this world and the impact of my actions.

I feel like I'm spiraling…

Tuesday, April 19th


It has been two days since the Boggart, and I have been stuck in my thoughts. I have received countless warnings and two detentions for not paying attention. I have ruined a potion and am now sitting in the hospital wing while the burns on my knuckles are treated. I have to do better than this, but I just can’t focus. I feel as though I’m going through the motions. Last night, I locked myself in my dorm instead of going to band practice, which was a mistake as I didn’t get any sleep. I feel as though I have been replaced with a robot.

After I am cleared to leave, there are only a few minutes until class is over and lunch starts. I decide to sneak into the one-eyed witch passageway and sit there, trying to wait out lunch and my free period.

I listen for the sound of the clock tower. Lunch has come and gone, and now it is the next part of the schedule. I have a free period until Divination, which I honestly might skip and stay in the passageway.

I don’t know what it is; I just don’t want to be around anyone or do much of anything.

Eventually, I think it’ll be safe for me to sneak back to my dorm, so I slip out of the passageway only to find an owl with a small bag in its beak sitting on the floor outside.

The owl hoots at me and flaps its wings. I bend down and see the package is for me. I look at the bag and slowly open it to find a collection of assorted chocolates. Based on the owl, my guess is Alexia sent it to me.

I sigh, feeling a mixture of relief and guilt. I’ve been avoiding Alexia too. She's always been so understanding and supportive, but lately, I just can’t bring myself to talk to her or anyone else. I take a piece of chocolate and let it melt in my mouth, savoring the sweetness. It’s a small comfort in this overwhelming haze.

As I sit there, I start to think about the Boggart again. The way it transformed into my deepest fear in front of me still haunts me. It’s as if it exposed a part of me I wasn’t ready to face, a vulnerability that I’ve been trying to hide. I shudder, pushing the thought away, but it lingers at the back of my mind like a shadow.

I hear footsteps approaching and quickly hide the bag of chocolates under my cloak. A group of students passes by, laughing and chatting, oblivious to my presence. I envy their carefree attitude, wishing I could join them and forget about everything that’s been weighing me down. But the thought of interacting with anyone right now feels exhausting.

I lean back against the cold stone wall and close my eyes, trying to calm my racing thoughts. The sound of the clock tower echoes in the distance, marking the passage of time. I know I can’t stay hidden here forever, but the idea of going to Divination and pretending everything is fine seems impossible.

My mind drifts to the upcoming exams. How am I supposed to study and prepare when I can’t even bring myself to go to class or focus on a single task? The pressure is building, and I feel like I’m on the verge of breaking. I’ve always prided myself on being resilient, but right now, I feel anything but strong.

Another piece of chocolate finds its way into my mouth, and I take a deep breath. Maybe I can find a way to push through this. Maybe I can talk to Alexia and let her know what’s been going on. The thought scares me, but it also brings a glimmer of hope. I don’t have to go through this alone.

The owl hoots softly as if encouraging me. I give it a small smile and stroke its feathers. “Thank you,” I whisper, feeling a bit silly talking to an owl, but grateful nonetheless. The chocolates were a thoughtful gesture, and they remind me that there are people who care about me, even when I’m struggling.

As the free period comes to an end, I gather my courage and decide to head to Divination after all. Skipping classes isn’t going to help me in the long run. I need to face my fears and take things one step at a time. With the owl watching me, I stand up and make my way out of the passageway, determined to try and make it through the rest of the day.

Thursday, April 21st

I am currently sitting in a double lesson for History of Magic and I hate this so much. As I am sitting down I keep sketching random doodles on a piece of scrap parchment. I have sketched a moon, some stars, the sun, a rose, a dagger, a book, and a lily flower. I am currently sketching a crow in a tree and this is honestly the most entertaining thing in this room. I glance up to make sure I look like I’m just taking notes. When I do I see a cup of chocolate milk and a chocolate frog box on the desk in front of me.

My heart skips a beat at the sight of the chocolate milk and chocolate frog box. The familiar treats are Alexia's way of reminding me she's here, supporting me even when I'm struggling. I glance around the classroom, making sure no one is paying too much attention to me, and then I carefully open the chocolate frog box.

Inside, along with the usual chocolate frog, is a folded piece of parchment. My heart races as I unfold it, revealing Alexia's neat handwriting.


I know you've been having a hard time lately. Just remember you're not alone. If you need to talk or just want some company, I'm here for you. Take care of yourself.

- Somul"

I can't help but smile, feeling a surge of warmth and gratitude. Alexia always knows how to lift my spirits. I take a deep breath, feeling a bit more grounded, and decide to tackle the rest of the day with renewed determination.

As the lesson drones on, I sip the chocolate milk, savoring the sweetness and allowing it to chase away the lingering shadows of doubt. I return to my doodles, adding a small snake next to the crow, feeling a bit more like myself.

The week continues to pass, and though the Boggart encounter still weighs on my mind, I'm finding it easier to focus. Alexia's note and the support of my friends help to remind me of my purpose. I'm determined to prove to myself that I can handle whatever challenges come my way.

Saturday, April 23rd

By the weekend, I'm feeling more like myself. The support of my friends and the simple pleasures of life at Hogwarts have helped to steady me. Even if some of the help was poorly thought out. I shudder every time I think about the chocolate bunnies Alexia had enchanted for me. She had charmed the bunnies to follow me around wanting to be eaten.

Alexia is almost fully recovered, and we spend the day together, catching up and planning our next steps.

We sit by the Black Lake, enjoying the spring sunshine. The water sparkles in the light, and the gentle breeze carries the scent of blooming flowers.

"So, what's the plan?" Alexia asks, her eyes bright with curiosity.

I take a deep breath, feeling more confident than I have in weeks. "We need to figure out a way to get the cup. We know where it will be, but we need to find a way to access it without drawing too much attention."

Alexia nods thoughtfully. "We need a way to find the cup's current location."

I smile, feeling a sense of determination. "Exactly. And I think I have an idea."

We spend the rest of the afternoon brainstorming, coming up with a plan that involves a carefully timed diversion and a bit of clever magic. It's risky, but we both agree it's worth the effort.

Monday, April 25th

The following Monday, I woke up feeling a renewed sense of purpose. The encounter with the Boggart is still a part of me, but it's no longer a shadow that haunts my every step. Instead, it's a reminder of my strength and resilience.

As I make my way through the halls of Hogwarts, I can't help but feel a sense of optimism. The challenges ahead are daunting, but I know I'm not alone. With the support of my friends and my determination, I'm ready to face whatever comes next.

Monday, May 9th

Moon 22%

Today marks the beginning of exams, and the castle is abuzz with nervous energy. Students scurry through the hallways, clutching textbooks and muttering spells under their breath. I join the throng, feeling the familiar mix of anxiety and determination that accompanies exam season. Of course, as this is my fifth year I am having to take my OWLs. Alexia is in her seventh year and is taking her NEWTS. We have spent so many nights in the library until the moment we were kicked out studying over the last two weeks.

The first exam is Transfiguration, one of my favorite subjects. Professor McGonagall is strict but fair, and I feel confident in my abilities seeing as how I am an illegal animagus. As I sit in the Great Hall, surrounded by my classmates, I focus on the task at hand, letting the familiar rhythm of casting spells and answering questions calm my nerves.

The rest of the week is a whirlwind of exams and late-night study sessions, caffeine consumption to the point of worrying (Barty has decided my blood is made of at least 50% coffee at this point), and any free moments not studying spent trying to figure out the plans for collecting the rest of the Horcrux. Despite the stress, the Marauders have been doing more and more simple pranks trying to keep people happy.

Friday, May 13th

Moon 40%

Exams are finally over, and the castle is filled with a sense of relief and celebration. Students gather in the Great Hall for a feast, and the atmosphere is jubilant. I join my friends at the Slytherin table. As the night goes on I feel a pair of arms wrap around my shoulders and a chin resting on my head.

“Hey, so Ella and Alexia. James wanted me to remind you that he expects you two at the Gryffindor Common Room Party tonight.” Sirius says leaning his weight on me.

I push Sirius off of me and give him a playful glare. “Do we want to spend time with you stupid Gryffindors though?” I tease sticking my tongue out at him.

Sirius places his hands over his heart and gasps as though I said the meanest thing to him. “You wound me, princess.” Sirius teases back.

I laugh, shaking my head at Sirius's antics. "Alright, alright. We'll be there. But if it's boring, we're blaming you," I say with a smirk.

"Deal," Sirius grins, ruffling my hair before heading back to the Gryffindor table.

Alexia nudges me with her elbow. "You know he's going to make sure it's anything but boring."

"True," I admit, already looking forward to the evening.

As the feast continues, I catch glimpses of other students celebrating, and the weight of exams finally lifted. It's a rare sight to see everyone so relaxed and carefree. The joy is infectious, and I find myself laughing and chatting more freely than I have in weeks.

After the feast, Alexia and I make our way back to the Slytherin common room to freshen up before the party. The dungeons feel cooler compared to the warm, bustling Great Hall, and the quietness is a welcome change. I take a moment to change into a slightly more party-friendly outfit. I picked out a shirt with lace bell sleeves and pulled my hair up so it was not on my neck knowing that the Gryffindor common room would be hot with everyone dancing around.

"Ready to party with the Gryffindors?" Alexia asks as she adjusts her hair in the mirror.

"Ready as I'll ever be," I reply, giving myself one last look in the mirror wiping a smudged spot of my lipstick with my thumb. "Let's go."

We head towards the Gryffindor common room, the castle corridors feeling more like home than ever before. When we arrive at the entrance, the Fat Lady gives us a knowing smile and swings open, revealing a room full of lively chatter, music, and laughter.

James is the first to spot us. "Ella! Alexia! You made it!" he exclaims, pulling us into a hug.

"We wouldn't miss it for the world," Alexia replies with a grin.

The party is in full swing. The Gryffindor common room is decorated with fairy lights and enchanted balloons, and a table in the corner is laden with snacks and drinks. The Marauders are in their element, making everyone laugh with their antics and ensuring that the mood stays high.

Remus approaches us with a warm smile. "Glad you could make it."

"Wouldn't miss it," I say, feeling a pang of gratitude for my friends' support over the past few weeks as well as a duller pang still for not being 100% honest with them all.

As the night goes on, I find myself relaxing more and more. The music, the laughter, and the presence of friends all combine to create an atmosphere of pure joy. I dance with Alexia, Sirius, and James, letting the rhythm and the camaraderie wash away any lingering stress. After a while, I get pulled into dancing with the other girls. Remus was not given control of the record player this time around so the music was danceable.

At one point, I find myself outside on the balcony, needing a moment to catch my breath a cup of vodka and cranberry juice. The cool night air is refreshing, and I gaze up at the stars, feeling a sense of peace.

"Hey," a voice says softly, and I turn to see Remus standing beside me as he pulls out a cigarette lighting it up and taking a drag.

"Hey," I reply with a smile. "You do know those are bad for your health right?" I gesture to his cigarette with a teasing smile.

"I’m a werewolf Voo," he chuckles. "I’m bad for my health."

"Fair enough," I agree, looking back at the stars. "I'm really glad we came." I steal his cigarette and take a drag before I pull a face giving him back his cigarette. “How do you smoke that tastes awful.”

"Says the girl whose drink of choice is Vodka.” He laughs taking another drag slowly letting it out. “But I am glad you came too," Remus says, his voice sincere. "You seem... lighter tonight."

"I feel lighter," I admit. "It's been a rough few weeks, but I think I'm finally starting to feel like myself again."

Remus nods, his gaze thoughtful. "You've been through a lot, Voo. It's okay to take your time to heal."

"I know," I say, feeling a warmth spread through me at his words. "Thanks, Remus. For everything."

"Anytime," he replies, his smile gentle.

We stand there for a while, enjoying the peacefulness of the night. The sounds of the party drift out to us, a reminder that we're surrounded by friends who care.

Eventually, we head back inside, joining the others as the party continues late into the night. The sense of relief and celebration is palpable, and for the first time in a long time, I allow myself to fully embrace the moment. I don’t think about what my next goal is. I don’t think about what could happen if we mess this up. I don’t think about anything past tonight.

As the party winds down and we start to say our goodbyes, I feel a deep sense of contentment. The challenges ahead may be daunting, but I know that with friends like these, I can face anything.

Since it is well past curfew James pulls me and Alexia up to the boy's dorm for a sleepover, I can't help but feel grateful for the journey so far. The support of my friends, the lessons learned, and the strength gained all give me the courage to keep moving forward.

"Tonight was amazing," Alexia says, a sleepy smile on her face as we are changing in the bathroom and washing our faces.

"It was," I agree, feeling a smile spread across my face. "And it's just the beginning."

As we prepare to head to bed, I feel a sense of optimism for the future. Whatever comes next, I know I'm ready to face it, surrounded by friends who have become family. And for now, that's more than enough.

As we leave the bathroom we find that James and Sirius have decided to share James’s bed so Alexia and I can share Sirius’s bed. I look over at the boys and laugh. They had built a pillow wall. It was like something straight out of a one-bed trope story.

I woke up the next morning to the sound of a body hitting the floor and Sirius cursing. James had pushed Sirius out of the bed since he was latched onto James like a koala.

Sunday, May 22nd

Moon 64%

The end of the school year is approaching, and with it, the realization that our time at Hogwarts is limited. The seventh years (and Alexia) are preparing to graduate, and the rest of us are acutely aware that the world outside these walls is becoming increasingly dangerous.

I spend my free time researching ways to fight against the dark forces that threaten our world. I pore over old texts in the library, looking for spells and strategies that might help us in the battles to come. The library has become my refuge, a place where I can lose myself in the pages of ancient tomes and momentarily forget about the looming threats.

On this particular Sunday, the library is almost empty. Most students are outside enjoying the sunny weather, but I’m at a table covered with books, and notes scattered around me. My fingers trace the faded ink of a centuries-old manuscript, my mind trying to decipher the complex spell described within.

Suddenly, a shadow falls over my table. I look up to see Regulus standing there, his expression serious.

“Mind if I join you?” he asks, gesturing to the empty chair across from me.

“Not at all,” I reply, moving a stack of books to make room for him.

He sits down, glancing at the open book in front of me. “Researching again?”

“Always,” I say with a small smile. “There’s so much we don’t know, so many ways we could be better prepared.”

Regulus nods, his gaze thoughtful. “I’ve been thinking a lot about the future too. About what we’re going to do once we leave Hogwarts.”

I close the book, giving him my full attention. “And what have you decided?”

“I don’t know yet,” he admits, running a hand through his hair. “But I do know that I can’t just stand by and watch as things get worse. I want to make a difference.”

His words resonate with me. It’s something I’ve been feeling too, a burning desire to take action. “We’ll figure it out together,” I say. “We have to.”

Regulus gives me a grateful look. “I’m glad I’m not alone in this.”

We spend the next few hours studying together, sharing ideas, and discussing potential strategies. It’s comforting to know that Regulus is on the same page and that we’re both committed to fighting back against the darkness.

As the day turns to evening, the library slowly empties. The sunlight streaming through the windows cast long shadows across the floor, and the quiet is broken only by the occasional rustle of pages.

“Do you ever think about what it’ll be like after we leave here?” Regulus asks, breaking the silence.

“All the time,” I admit. “It’s hard to imagine not being at Hogwarts, but I know we can’t stay here forever. We have to face what’s out there.”

He nods, a determined look in his eyes. “We’ll be ready. We have to be.”

There’s a pause, and then he reaches across the table to take my hand. “Thank you, Ella. For everything. I don’t think I’d be able to do this without you.”

I squeeze his hand, feeling a surge of affection for my friend. “We’re in this together, Reg. No matter what.”

The moment is interrupted by the arrival of Alexia, her face flushed from running. “There you are! I’ve been looking for you everywhere.”

“What’s wrong?” I ask, immediately alert.

“It’s the Marauders,” she says, catching her breath. “They’re planning something big. And I think it involves the professors.”

Regulus and I exchange a glance. “We’d better go see what they’re up to,” he says, standing up.

We gather our things and follow Alexia out of the library, our earlier conversation lingering in my mind. The future is uncertain, but I know one thing for sure: we won’t face it alone. With friends like these, I’m ready for whatever comes next.

Never mind, I was not ready for this. We had entered the Gryffindor common room to find Sirius ranting in French, James glaring at the wall like he is ready to punch something, and Remus also looking angry as he flips through a notebook. “Pour qui Dumbledore se prend-il ? Ne pas être ami avec Ella ? C'est une de nos meilleures amies ! Et si elle avait été éteinte récemment ? Elle affronta seule un épouvantard et dut alors immédiatement se présenter aux examens de fin d'année. Bien sûr, elle s'en irait ! Mais ce n'est pas une mangemort !” Sirius is yelling, and I turn to Regulus hoping for an explanation.

“Qu'a fait Dumbledore ?” Regulus asks as he looks at Sirius and the other Marauders.

“Il a traité Ella de Mangemort !” Sirius yells.

Regulus immediately starts to get angry as well, yelling with Sirius so fast in French that I can’t tell what they are saying.

“What happened?” I ask the boys, getting sick of waiting for an answer.

“Dumbledore said that in watching your mood switch the last few weeks, he has reason to believe you are a Death Eater,” Remus says, not looking up. “So we are getting revenge for you.” He hands James a scrap piece of paper. “How’s this one?”

“Not harsh enough,” James says as he looks at the paper before handing it back.

Remus just nods and goes back to flipping through pages.

“Wait, wait, wait. He called me a Death Eater?” I ask, looking at the boys around me as my hands ball into fists.

“Not fully. He said that he has reason to believe you are on a path to becoming a Death Eater and he wanted us to keep an eye on you over the summer,” James says as he walks over and puts his hands on my shoulders. “You’re our family; we aren’t going to let him get away with questioning your loyalty.”

I start talking before I can think. “Stop. Just stop!” I yell, my hands going to rest over my eyes.

I step away from James. “I’m not a damn Death Eater. And you all are not getting revenge for me,” I say.

“What do you mean we can’t protect you?” Sirius yells.

“I am going to get to the bottom of this myself. I don’t need you all protecting me all the time!” I yell. “I know I f*cked up with the Boggart, but that doesn’t mean I can’t take care of myself! If I were a Death Eater, I’m pretty sure I would be spending my time with Snape, Avery, and Mulciber!” I yell, frustrated and annoyed. I start pacing in front of the fireplace.

“Like the hell you are,” James says as he walks over to stand in front of me.

“You don’t have to do anything to protect me. I can handle this myself. I’m just going to talk to Dumbledore and figure out what makes him think I am a Death Eater,” I say, walking back to the portrait hole. My hands are shaking slightly.

James reaches out to stop me, his eyes full of concern. "Ella, wait. Just let us help you."

I turn back to him, my anger simmering just below the surface. "I appreciate that you all care, but this is something I need to do on my own. Trust me, okay?"

James reluctantly nods, his hand dropping to his side. "Be careful, Ella."

With a final glance at the Marauders, I step out of the common room, my mind racing with a mix of fear and determination. This wasn’t how I imagined spending my last weeks at Hogwarts, but I knew I had to face this head-on.

As I make my way through the castle, the familiar corridors feeling strangely ominous, I steel myself for the conversation ahead. Dumbledore’s office looms before me, the gargoyle standing guard. Taking a deep breath, I give the password and ascend the spiral staircase, ready to confront the headmaster and clear my name.

Dumbledore is sitting at his desk filling out paperwork. “You called me a Death Eater to my family!” I yell walking in not caring about being polite.

“Ahh Miss Barnes.” He said in a calm voice looking up and setting down his quill. “What can I do for you, my dear?”

“You told James and the others that you thought I was a Death Eater!” I yell. As I'm yelling I can feel my magic start to surge.

“I didn't say that. I had just asked them to keep an eye on you this summer as your personality seemed to change over the last few weeks. I can assure you that I had your best interest in mind.” He says with a smile that just puts me more on edge.

“Oh don't give me that crap. I don't need you manipulating my family into being your spies.” I say with clear disgust in my voice.

“I can assure you Miss Barnes that I don't intend to ask anything more than what you or your family wouldn't be willing to do. These are just difficult times and I merely was trying to make sure that a student under my charge was going down the correct path and not doing anything reckless.” He says with a knowing look and it finally hits me.

He knows…

He knows that we're not from this timeline and he knows what I was planning. My mind starts racing.

I tear my eyes away from his. Sparks of magic come out of my fingers as I try and think.

“Get out of my mind!” I yell as I feel him in my mind. I try to close off my mind and push him out. As I push him out of my mind my magic surges and physically launches Dumbledore back his wand clattering to the floor a few feet away from him.

The surge in my magic leaves me weak and I fall onto my knees I bearly catch myself from face-planting. I struggle to catch my breath. My lungs are burning as if all the air in my lungs had been ripped away.

My magic has never been this powerful. The waves of magic rushing off of me start to slow as I try to catch my breath. Shifting my weight back I sit on my ankles my hand wiping my nose as I feel liquid on my face.

Pulling my hand back I see crimson sparkling on my fingers. My nose was bleeding. Wiping the blood on my pants I move to stand my gaze going back to Dumbledor. He has been staring at me as he stands up picking up his wand but he merely puts it back into his robes.

“You seem to have a lot of power in you, Miss Barnes. You need to get that temper of yours under control but otherwise, I expect great things from you, my dear.” He says walking over towards me.

I look away from his gaze not willing to let him have access to my mind any longer tonight.

Dumbledore's words ring in my ears, his calm demeanor in stark contrast to the turmoil inside me. The realization that he knows so much about me, about us, is overwhelming. But his acknowledgment of my power, his expectation of "great things," doesn't comfort me—it only adds to the pressure.

"I don't need your expectations," I say quietly, standing up on shaky legs. "I need you to trust me, to trust us. We're doing our best to fight against the darkness, but we need to do it our way."

He nods thoughtfully, his eyes never leaving mine. "Trust is a fragile thing, Miss Barnes. But you have my word that I will not interfere further. Just remember that my door is always open if you need guidance."

I take a deep breath, nodding. "Thank you, Professor."

As I turn to leave, Dumbledore calls out again. "One more thing, Ella. Be cautious with your power. It is both a gift and a burden and how you choose to wield it will determine much."

I pause, his words sinking in. "I understand," I say, and with that, I leave his office, the heavy oak door closing behind me with a sense of finality.

The walk back to the Gryffindor common room feels like a blur. My mind is racing with thoughts of what just happened, of Dumbledore's knowledge and his warnings. When I finally reach the common room, the Marauders and Alexia are waiting anxiously.

"What happened?" Alexia asks, her voice filled with concern as she pulls me into a hug.

Hugging her back I take a moment to gather my thoughts before I whisper to her. "He knows. He knows about us, about our plans. But he said he won't interfere. He just... he wants us to be careful."

As I pull away from Alexia the others can see my face Sirius frowns, his hands clenched into fists. "Did he hurt you? What did he do?"

"No, he didn't hurt me," I assure them, though my voice is still shaky. "But he... he got into my mind. I had to push him out. It was... intense and accidental magic." I admit trying to keep my voice steady.

James steps forward, his eyes filled with determination. "We're going to keep an eye on him. If he tries anything else, we'll be ready."

"Agreed," Regulus says, his expression mirroring James's. "We can't let him control us."

I nod, feeling a surge of gratitude for my friends. "Thank you. But we need to focus on what comes next. We need to be ready for whatever happens."

The rest of the evening is spent in intense discussion, planning our summers and futures as though the war doesn’t exist. Despite the lingering tension, there's a sense of unity and determination that binds us together.

As the night deepens, the common room slowly empties, leaving just a few of us by the fireplace. James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter are discussing potential career ideas, while Alexia and Regulus sit quietly, their expressions thoughtful.

I lean back in my chair, feeling the weight of the day finally settling on me. "We can do this," I say softly, more to myself than anyone else. "We have to."

Regulus looks over at me, his eyes filled with resolve. "We will, Ella. Together."

The words echo in the quiet room, a promise and a reminder of the strength we find in each other. As I close my eyes, letting the warmth of the fire wash over me, I know that no matter what challenges lie ahead, we will face them head-on. Together.

Wednesday, May 25th

I am sitting on top of one of the desks in the empty classroom we are using for band practice. As per usual, Barty and Evan are running late. “This is the last time we are practicing before summer, and they are running late,” I say, laying back so my legs are dangling over the edge of the desk.

Looking over at Dorcas, I smile at her. “So, you and McKinnon going on any cute dates this summer?” I tease slightly.

“Yeah, you finally going to go out on a date this summer?” she teases back from where she is sitting on a different desk, Marlene next to her.

“Probably not. I don’t get asked out. I think the last time Alexia or I got asked out, it didn’t go well. Alexia didn’t realize she was asked out on a date,” I say, giggling.

“I don’t think you’ve told us this story,” Marlene says.

“Okay, so Peter had tried to ask her to Hogsmeade one weekend. Alexia didn’t realize he meant it as a date and thought it was just friendly since he’s best friends with our brother. She asked who else was coming with us.” I say, giggling. “I had to pull her aside and get her to realize it was a date and not just a friend thing.”

The girls start giggling too. “That must have sucked for Peter,” Marlene says. We continue to idle chat, waiting for the others to show up. Since this is our last practice, we decided to make it open to our friends to come watch. James had dragged a bunch of people to do a bit of Quidditch practice, so they were all finishing up changing and coming back inside.

As we're chatting, the door finally swings open, and Barty and Evan stroll in, looking slightly sheepish. "About time!" I call out, sitting up.

"Sorry, sorry," Barty says, waving his hand dismissively. "Lost track of time."

Evan just shrugs, giving us a grin. "Ready to get started?"

"Absolutely," Dorcas says, hopping off her desk. "We've been waiting."

The room starts to fill with more students as our friends trickle in from Quidditch practice. James, Sirius, and the rest of the Marauders enter, still slightly damp from the showers, but buzzing with energy.

James claps his hands together, drawing everyone's attention. "Alright, everyone! Let’s make this last practice count. Show us what you've got!"

We arrange ourselves into our usual positions, picking up our instruments. The atmosphere in the room is a mix of excitement and a bit of sadness, knowing this is our last practice session before the summer break. We start with a few warm-up songs, getting into the groove.

After a couple of upbeat numbers, I suggest we play our newest song, "Once Upon a Time." We gather around, instruments ready, and begin to play.

“How come my hero never gets the girl? He doesn’t save the world in my story,” I sing, my voice filling the room. “Sometimes life's not like a fairytale, my heart's a lot more frail than all those heroines. Watch the story unfold as the princess strays from the path, would it be so bad to fall in love with a villain’s laugh?”

Dorcas joins in seamlessly with her guitar, setting the mood with haunting chords. We continue with the song, pouring our emotions into each note and lyric.

“I’ll rewrite this story’s ending, I’ll repair the things worth mending. Fairytales, such beautiful lies, you won’t pull the wool over my eyes. Why is it that bad guys always lose the girl, and won’t get the chance to prove who’s the hero? Why is it that the girl who has a choice always ends up in the arms of the good guy? Take the time to think, you'll see, that bad guys are much more fun, where does the hero go once the battles have all been won?”

We reach the climax of the song, our voices intertwining in harmony, echoing the sentiment of defiance against traditional fairytales.

“I’ll rewrite this story’s ending, I’ll repair the things worth mending. Fairytales, such beautiful lies, you won’t pull the wool over my eyes. You won’t pull the wool over my eyes, you won’t pull the wool over my eyes.”

As we finish the song, there’s a moment of silence before the room erupts into applause and cheers. We exchange smiles and high-fives, proud of our performance.

After about an hour of intense practice, we take a break, collapsing onto the desks and chairs, breathing heavily but smiling. "That was intense," I say, wiping sweat from my brow. "But good. Really good."

"Yeah," Marlene agrees, stretching her arms above her head. "You lot keep getting better every time."

James walks over, handing out bottles of water. "You lot were brilliant. Even Dumbledore would be impressed."

"Let’s hope you can get to perform this summer," Remus says quietly, a shadow passing over his face.

We all nod in agreement, the reality of the outside world creeping back into our thoughts. The light-heartedness of the practice fades slightly, replaced by a more somber mood.

"Whatever comes, we'll face it together," Sirius says firmly, looking around at all of us. "We've got each other's backs."

"Always," I echo, feeling a surge of gratitude and affection for my friends. As the evening wears on, we fall into more relaxed conversation, talking about summer plans, hopes, and fears. The bonds we've forged over the years at Hogwarts feel stronger than ever, and despite the uncertainty of the future, I know we'll face it as we always have—together.

Friday, May 27th, 1977

We had gathered our whole group into two different compartments on the train ride back. Alexia and I have been jumping back and forth between the groups.

Compartment one had James, Lily, Sirius, Remus, Mary, and Peter. Compartment two is Pandora, Marlene, Dorcas, Regulus, Barty, and Evan.

Looking at the time until we are supposed to reach the station, I notice that it’s time to head back to the compartment with James so we can go home.

I look around at the Slytherins, a sense of fear filling me, so I decide to ask once more.

“Are you sure you don’t want to take a card out of Sirius’s book and come run off to the Potters’?” I ask Regulus as I grab my small bag. “I know Monty and Effie wouldn’t mind.”

Regulus looks at me with a thoughtful expression, then shakes his head slightly. “I appreciate the offer, Ella, but I think I’ll stick with my family for now. Things are… complicated.”

I nod understandingly, though a pang of disappointment flickers briefly in my chest. Regulus and I had become closer over the past months, sharing a bond over our concerns and aspirations. Yet, his loyalty to his family, especially given the current climate, isn’t something I can easily dismiss.

“Well, if you ever need a break from it all, you know where to find us,” I say with a smile, trying to lighten the mood. “We’ll always make room for you.”

Regulus returns a faint smile. “Thank you, Ella. That means a lot.”

With a final nod, I leave Compartment Two and make my way back to where James and the others are. The train ride back feels a bit quieter than usual, the air heavy with unspoken worries about the future. Despite the camaraderie and laughter, there’s an underlying tension that we can’t quite shake off.

As we near the station, I gather my things and prepare to disembark. The platform is bustling with students and families, the familiar sight bringing a mix of relief and melancholy. Another year at Hogwarts has ended, and with it comes the uncertainty of what lies ahead.

Alexia, James, Sirius, and I say our goodbyes to Lily, Remus, and the rest of our friends before we Approach back to the Potter Manor. I hold onto Alexia’s arm as a ride-along since I am the only one under 17. The familiar feeling of Apparition takes over, and as we land out front, I look up, seeing Monty and Effie.

“Welcome back, you four,” Monty says with a smile, his eyes twinkling behind his glasses.

“Thanks, Dad,” James replies, slinging an arm around my shoulders. “It’s good to be home.”

Effie ushers us inside, where the familiar warmth and coziness of home envelop us. Despite the comfortable atmosphere, I can’t get out of my thoughts. I grab a notebook and pen, go out to the sunroom, and sit there writing down song lyrics, trying to avoid thinking for more than thirty seconds about the future. This is the year that Regulus is getting the Dark Mark. He chose to go home for the summer. The fear is swirling through my thoughts again. I can’t stop it.

As I sit in the sunroom, the gentle hum of summer insects outside providing a soothing backdrop, my mind wanders back to the train ride. I remember the conversations and the laughter, but also the silent, worried glances exchanged between friends. The war is becoming more real every day, and the decisions we make now could change everything.

Alexia finds me in the sunroom, her eyes filled with concern. She sits down next to me, glancing at the notebook in my hands. “You okay?” she asks softly.

I shrug, not trusting myself to speak without letting the fear show too much. Instead, I hand her the notebook, letting her read the half-finished lyrics I’ve been scribbling. They’re raw and emotional, capturing the turmoil I feel inside.

Alexia reads them carefully, then looks up at me. “Ella, you’re not alone in this. We’re all here for you, no matter what happens. And Regulus… he knows we care about him, even if he’s not ready to leave his family.”

I nod, her words offering some comfort. “I just wish there was more we could do. It feels like everything is spiraling out of control and heading full speed for the canon timeline..”

“We’ll figure it out together,” Alexia says firmly. “One step at a time. And remember, we have each other. That’s more powerful than any dark magic.”

We sit there in silence for a while, the weight of the future pressing down on us. But knowing I’m not facing it alone makes it a little more bearable. Eventually, Monty and Effie call us for dinner, and we join James and Sirius at the table, the familiar banter and jokes helping to lift my spirits.

As the evening wears on, I find myself relaxing a bit, the warmth of the Potter Manor and the presence of my family creating a haven amidst the chaos. We talk about our plans for the summer, and for a while, it almost feels like things are normal again.

But as I lay in bed that night, staring at the ceiling, the thoughts crept back in. I think about Regulus, and what the coming months will mean for him. I think about the choices we all have to make and the uncertain path ahead. But Alexia’s words echo in my mind, a reminder that we’re not alone in this fight. And with that thought, I finally drift off to sleep, hoping that tomorrow will bring a bit more clarity and strength.

June 1st, 1977

Alexia has dragged me out of the house with barely a moment’s notice to get dressed. She has a surprise for me.

“Hey, Alexia, chill. I think whatever you are going to show me is probably not going to walk away,” I joke as she pulls me through the Leaky Cauldron and out to the streets of Muggle London.

“I’m just excited. I have a surprise for you,” she says, continuing to pull me along.

We continue our walk, and I laugh at her excitement. We eventually reach the shopping district, and we walk up to an empty store where the windows are covered in newspaper. I look through a small opening in the paper, but the room is too dark to see much of anything. “We found a potential store?” I ask, turning to her and finding her unlocking the door and holding it open for me.

“Go on, look around,” she says.

I step in, and the light from the open door lets me see the counter, long enough that you could add some coffee and pastries to it. I turn and see some empty tables throughout the room, and as I continue to walk through, I find a small room with a bakery kitchen. There is a door on the far end of the room, and as I open it, it leads to a staircase. The stairs lead up to a small apartment. Looking around the apartment, it is a two-bedroom, one-bath with a kitchen. I head back downstairs.

“So, is this the one you’re wanting to put an offer on?” I ask Alexia.

“Nope, I already paid for it all. We just have to start moving things in and getting set up. I’m thinking before the end of summer, we should be able to open,” she says, pulling out the lease contract.

I smile, reading over the lease. “We own this shop now?” I ask, looking up at her with a smile.

“Yep. I also have some more shelves and coffee makers on their way. They’re set to be delivered next week. This week is for painting and replacing the carpets,” she says with a smile.

“So, we need to go to the hardware store?” I ask as I look around the room once more.

Alexia nods eagerly. “Yes, but first, I thought we could grab some lunch. There’s a great little café just around the corner that I’ve been wanting to try. Then we can start making a list of everything we need for the shop.”

I agree, and we head out into the bustling streets of London. The café is cozy and inviting, with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and baked goods wafting through the air. We find a table near the window and settle in, ordering sandwiches and drinks.

As we wait for our food, Alexia pulls out a notebook and starts jotting down ideas. “I was thinking we could paint the walls a soft pastel color, maybe mint green or light blue. What do you think?”

I nod, imagining the cozy atmosphere she’s describing. “That sounds perfect. We could also add some plants to give it a fresh, lively feel.”

Alexia’s eyes light up. “Yes, and we could have a little reading nook with comfy chairs and a bookshelf. People could come in, grab a coffee, and relax with a good book.”

Our food arrives, and we eat while discussing more ideas for the shop. It feels exciting and surreal to be planning our own business, something we’ve both dreamed about for so long.

After lunch, we head to the hardware store, armed with our list. We spend the afternoon picking out paint, brushes, new carpets, and other supplies. It’s exhausting but exhilarating work, and by the time we return to the shop, we’re both buzzing with energy and anticipation.

“We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us,” Alexia says as we unload the supplies.

“Yeah, but it’s going to be worth it,” I reply, looking around the space that will soon be transformed into our dream café.

As we start prepping the walls for painting, I can’t help but feel a sense of pride and excitement. This is the beginning of a new chapter for both of us, and I can’t wait to see where it leads.


Is this as many words as I wanted to have for chapter 50? No. Is this later than I wanted to post this chapter? Yes, I kinda hit writer's block for most of my fics. Was I listening to Conan Grey while editing this chapter? Yes.

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